Two new battery technologies to power a future lineup of devices from LG

Following up on statements that it has already begun producing 6-inch curved displays, LG is also announcing that it is ready to produce curved batteries. Building up on previous advancements in battery technology that yielded the "stepped battery" in the LG G2, the LG Chem division of the company is now making the move to produce both curved and what it calls "cable batteries."

According to LG, the company has a patent on a "Stack & Folding" technology that lets it build a battery with several steps in it, producing the end result of a curved battery for devices in that form factor. Beyond the logical step of a curved phone, LG says that the batteries could be applied to watches and glasses as well. The curved batteries have already entered mass production, and will power the next set of phones from LG.

Looking farther into the future is the cable battery, which is physically bendable and malleable. The battery takes the shape of any other electronic cable, can be tied into a knot or turned in any way and still work and is even waterproof. LG sees the cable battery being used in wearable gadgets of all kinds that require being flexible rather than rigid.

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LG introducing curved and cable batteries for future products


I read the press release, and it sounds like LG really needs to hire a copywriter for its PR team that can write naturally in English. That was almost as bad as a computer translation.

Just relax. Its OK, the internet will not collapse based on how this article was written.

**pats deegan's head. whispers gently: "it's OK boy. Who's a good boy?"**

Sounds like LG is really trying to step up their game, all very interesting. I love my G2 and can't wait to see what they will be selling in another 2 years.

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The mobile battery life is the thing that's the farthest behind in technology... and they want to focus on curving them?

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Well the move to its "stepped" batteries fit more capacity into the same (or less) space, so the new technology doesn't just mean that you can make phones shaped like bananas. This tech can be used to fit more battery into different places that don't normally get to have a battery in it.

Exactly. Kind of like using a corner cabinet instead of a regular cabinet in the corner. The former is made to use up all that space but the latter will have a big triangle of room behind it, missing out on precious storage capacity.

The next step will be liquid or "injection molded" batteries...filling all the voids as though it were a hot glue gun.

Amen to that. How about make them 10X more powerful so they can be 10X smaller then you don't need to curve them.

This isn't a breakthrough.

You're a f*cking genius! Surely you should be an electrical engineer. Why haven't "they" thought of this yet...


Can't help but feel resources would be better spent increasing battery capacity rather than shape......

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What? No it isn't. Materials, technology and efficiency are functions of capacity. Shape has nothing to do with it.

I guess a nuclear plant, a coal plan and a wind farm all have the same capacity as long as they're the same shape.

By changing the shape of the battery, allowing more of a battery to fit within the phone while taking up nearly the same, if not less, amount of space within the device, you are able to increase the capacity of said battery.... this isn't exactly rocket science people...

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Damn LG, way to kick it up a notch. Now just take your rom down a notch and we'll see something we'll gladly throw money at

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Even with all these new technologies with LED/LCD, quad core CPU with 2gb ram and many other innovations, these smartphone are still equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries, which was used on my first cellphone 10 years ago. what is the point of using flexible screen when 60 percent of the phone volume must be taken up by heavy, ugly battery compartment?

This is speculation on my part, but I expect the displays are not as ridged as glass displays and thus flex. Curving them makes them more ridged and they flex less.

Design flexibility is a good thing but we'll have to wait and see how it actually works out.

People once wondered whether or how putting a combustion engine on wheels was a good thing.

If the curve design is following suit to the first tinkering ideas from years ago, the idea to improve ergonomics. As you scroll, be it up and down or side to side, your thumbs naturally wants to curve and contour. Similarl to holding a baseball. At least this was the idea that was thrown round when I worked at LG.