These are supposedly screenshots from the upcoming LG G3, showing a flat and bright user interface. Procured by Digital Trends, we also can see a new element they're calling LG's "concierge" that suggests things like an umbrella when rain is in the forecast. The images themselves were originally 2,560 x 1,440, which would seem to also confirm the QHD display rumored to be coming with the G3.

While we won't know for sure until we see something official, this feels like a good look for LG. Like you, we're waiting to have an official look at the G3 sometime this summer.

Source: Digital Trends


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LG G3 UI reportedly leaks - flatten all the things


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So if I give some "context" it's not racist anymore? HAHAHA. Wow, you have some messed up views.

Context provides clues to suggest whether it's satire, social commentary, or a wide variety of other things that can dispel the inherent racism. Some of the greatest comedians of all time have said things that, if separated from context, were intensely racist, but when heard within the context of their routine were, in fact, empowering and vital to progress. Hell, just look at the Stephen Colbert debacle when his quote was tweeted without context. Context matters, and while it's hardly GUARANTEED to make something not racist, it sure has a better chance of it than no context at all.

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Uummmm yyeeaaa... You're not Chris Rock, might wanna leave the jokes to actual comedians bruh; you're not very funny.

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Agreed, but only if the person who cracks the statement mentions it to be so, which in this case he did. So no offense needs to be felt

A clear example is - Russell Peters - A globally recognized stand up comedian of Indian Origin ho has made a name for himself making fun of Human Races and culture in various parts of the world
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A tired excuse. "It was just a joke" does not get you out of a complete non sequitur racist comment. Perhaps with some context or perspective we could see it as satirical OF racism. But by itself? Nope.

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I don't see "Okay Google" in the search bar!

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Did you go from the Note 2 to the Note 3? I couldn't justify spending the money. There is honestly not one phone out I would replace this phone with even if I got it for free (well maybe the Note 3 :P). I would be surprised if the G3 could tempt me...but if it's better, it's better.

I went from the GS3, actually. I tried almost every phone out there, but the Note 3 just felt right.

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Yeah... honestly, i think i may take back my s5 (still in my 14 days) and wait for this. I was SUPER impressed by the g2 hardware when i checked it out but couldnt STAND the os. This looks like touchwiz and sene got together and had a baby! I like it.

Hahaha nice notification toggles. They're a complete rip of Sammy its so sad.

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LG has been a complete rip off of samsung for a LONG time. However, i am liking this better than the new touchwiz (which i dont mind at all)

Personally, I think that LG does rip Samsung off, but they also improve on it and implement it better. I feel like Samsung has mostly features that don't make sense or have no sense of purpose, whereas LG at least tries to make it work while also using their own innovative ideas.

I didn't know sammy adopted flat round notification toggles as their patent. If that is true then i could say that they copied those round toggles from IOS 7. .-.

LG G2 > other phones

In that case, mission accomplished. :-)

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These toggles fill the circle. They're distinct from both Samsung toggles and iOS7 toggles, both of which modify the icon color/intensity/opacity and do not fill the circle.

You really didn't give this much thought beyond some bandwagon trashing.

Why is it sad? If you're talking about the aesthetic style, they look more like iOS than anything... If you're talking about the functionality, I'd sooner applaud them for copying a useful feature than mock them. Apple and Google have been cribbing off each other for years, MS and Apple for decades, heck, tons of features that are now part of stock Android originally showed up on Sense, TouchWiz, or custom ROMs. It's a natural process.

So... someone copies and gets taken to court, eveyone cries how lawsuits slow innovation down, or someone copies and eveyone calls it a rip off. Just can't win, catch 22

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Korean companies take ideas from each other all the time. It's a two way street and very common. They generally don't give a crap about patents or anything between home-turf companies as long as it isn't specifically theft because, well, they have better things to do. Obviously they will defend themselves if need be but they also understand the utter pointlessness and stupidity of attempting to patent software user interface (actually every company in the consumer tech industry other than Apple understands this).

It's hardly specific to Korean companies, the underpinnings of the modern GUI were ripped off lock stock and barrel from Xerox PARC by the earliest incarnations of Apple and MS... Jobs himself was quoted while quoting Pablo Picasso (good artists copy, great ones steal). Somehow along the way he made it personal tho (with Gates), and that lead to the kind of ridiculous quotes we later got (declaring thermonuclear war on Android, etc).

Oh yeah, absolutely. I completely agree. Pretty much all UI's are nothing more than imitations of another. With each ones' roots being ultimately traced back to what Xerox PARC was doing. Hec, look at the PARCpad. It's, in my opinion, a perfect example of that. It's not a bad thing either. It's simply a pursuit of effective and intuitive UI. It isn't theft or necessarily an attempt to copy simply for the sake of sales. If someone has a good idea, naturally it makes sense to use it. Tweak it to your preferences, but use it nonetheless. Everyone does this on a daily basis for nearly everything in life so I just don't understand the whole "copycat" mantra. I said what I said about Korean companies because their case is still a tad unique in comparison to other countries' tech companies. As a whole, their approach is to piggyback off of each others' successes. They compete with each other while simultaneously, they share the wealth with each other(but only with each of their own, no other countries' companies get a pass, screw those guys). They often have a "me too" approach to products as if one company does well in one area, the other is able to do something similar and do well too. Honestly, to me, their approach is so much better than the "screw over everyone ever that isn't me/my company because I am entitled to everything because I say I have worked harder than anyone else" that is so common in the US(Kind of a baby boomer issue tbh even though generally they would never admit it especially considering, currently, they are the ones who hold the highest positions as a whole.)

If the mere outline shape of an icon constitutes a rip off, then your view of design isn't terribly nuanced.

Look again, closely, and you'll notice these toggles have white on black icon and circle border and toggling fills the circle.

Samsung toggles are still Holo inspired lighter grayish icon on darker circular background. Toggling only illuminates the icon, just as it did in the S2, and does not fill the circle. Totally unimaginative.

Really like this. I am very interested. Weather and time widget looks fantastic. Not sure how I feel about the bluish green color in the pull down menu toggles, but I could get used to it.

I'm with you but maybe it will be customizable with themes like the m8, if not I'm sure xposed would be the answer to change it to whatever color you like.

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I own a g2 and I think lg is great and all. I'm sorry but that's just a blatant copy of the new touchwiz. They probably were working on it before the s5 was unveiled but they could always tweak it to look more different.

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The LG is Touchwiz lite in the first place but more useful and no lag.

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Yes! This is exactly what I wanted to say in my earlier post. My post was like TouchWiz, your post is like LG's UI lol

Its pretty ridiculous that for the past 5 years computer monitors have topped out at 1080p for resolution yet on phones the pixel count keeps increasing! It's madness!

Costs much more to produce a high PPI monitor display compared to producing a higher PPI phone display.

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An average 1080p monitor costs around $100-$120 on the market. Bump it up to 4k and it will usually cost up to a grand, sometimes a couple. Probably not a valid point, but just wanted to put it into perspective
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That's only a little part of it, for years consumers settled for laptops with bad 1336x768 displays, so software wasn't optimized for other resolutions, so OEMs had little reason to innovate. Even now that we have relatively inexpensive laptops with ultra high res displays (e.g. $950 Yoga 2 Pro), and an OS that can support it (Win 8 & 8.1 particularly), software still lags behind.

You'd think a company like Adobe that caters to enthusiasts and professionals with powerful machines and a NEED for more virtual workspace would be at the forefront of something like this yet Adobe CS is one of the worst behaving applications on high res displays.

Chrome for Windows isn't too hot either... Android OTOH was engineered pretty early on to deal with a variety of resolutions and scale appropriately. Unlike Windows which took years, or iOS which just decided to double res and scale everything, compatibility be damned.

Desktop displays are lagging even more, tho those are larger an more expensive, and the desktop market is shrinking... Dell has a QHD 24" out now tho, costs more than my 3x 24" 1920x1200 IPS Dell displays put together tho... Maybe in a year or two it'll be within my budget!

TV's maybe but there are more than plenty of computer monitors that go past 1080p. Most computer monitors don't conform to the "High Definition" standard when it comes to resolution.

Maybe they added a Google Now page, like the Nexus 5 has. That would be awesome.

I just had a thought. The G2 was marketed alongside the G Pad 8.3 with things like Q pair and Q slide. What if this is an extension of that integration? Notifications monitoring? maybe battery stats? Perhaps some sort of screen mirroring? Has Google even put out hooks for Google now launcher esq placement of Google now? I'm having trouble seeing LG go the route of blinkfeed/my magazine especially if HTC releases the apk as they are rumored to.

Almost looks like the G3 will be launched alongside the G Watch for further integration of software

Not bad! The only thing, my G2 is running great with no real issues. I don't know if I could justify purchasing a G3. I haven't tired of this phone yet, unlike the Galaxy S3 from last year.

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My G1 is still going strong even.. wife's G2 rocks also. I'll stick with both until I have to get something else probably.

Looks like Android combined with iOS 7 and I actually like it. Soft colors and a flag design go really well together.

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lg bites everything Samsung...this is sad and Round menu icons?! Seriously! I can't take it...I dislike lg and have no respect for them, at least HTC is making android their own and not biting icons or styles.

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Apple had round toggles before Samsung, just saying... Also, who the heck cares whether they're round, rectangular, or oh oblongs... Comments like that are the very worst of fanboi culture, I bet Samsung's PR loves customers like you.

Ok, so a simple two part solution to your problem is:
a) Don't look at anything LG, much less comment about it.
b) Buy only HTC.

There, I fixed you.

They all copy from each other seriously, my magazine on the s5 is a copy of blinkfeed on the m8, the m8 copied the double tap to wake that was on the G2, the s5 now has a quick reply pop-up that was first on the G2 and so on who cares as long as they are improving on it. The screen shots look nice people where complaining that LG's ui was cartoony so they flattened it it seem they are listening.

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Looks really good - second only to HTC Sense in terms of the aesthetics of 3rd party skins IMO. Still prefer stock though.

I like it. BIG improvement from G2, IMO. Sadly, this won't be my next as the size is too big. Wherefore art thou Moto X 2 ?

How is the size too big when the dimensions aren't even known? You can fit a 5.5" screen in a small frame if you know how to control bezels the way LG does.

I swear b4 I even opened the article I knew they would have copied Samsung lmaooooo its sad...damn well I guess u look up to the top dog

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You're right .. but Samsung copied the top dog! Apple! That's how Samsung came up right .. and Apple copied Xerox... And they came up ... They all copy ...the greatest ideas and people in in life are copies .. but u gotta put your spin on it and bam success!!! Now go copy someone my brotha !! LG is smart they're doing Samsung better than Samsung(minus the sales) ... Like Samsung tried to do Apple better than Apple... LG has the brand outside of the mobile space to give Samsung a problem ... Samsung better make some separation because LG is doing things right .... But ima keep my m8....lol
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Looks pretty cool although I wish OEM skins/launchers can be as customizable as Nova or Apex.

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Actually the LG UI on the G2 is very customizable, you can change the transitions of the home page, change the size/icon pic of the icons and even change the complete icon pack with many diffrent icon packs from the play store just type LG home packs and you get a bunch of icon packs that work with the stock lg launcher.

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I dunno, looks cleaner and simpler than iOS7 and TW. If it doesn't lag then maybe it'll give Samsung lemmings one less thing to whine about lol

I really hope this also comes on the G2. The current one is insanely hideous.

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Being a g2 owner I'm disappointed with LG, even with this. Definitely kicking myself for not waiting on the latest HTC One. Definitely going back to HTC when my contract is up.

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I'll go back to HTC when they improve the camera. I love sense I just updated my m7 to sense 6. it's the closest to stock. LG and Samsung is doing too much and everything is just a clutter.

Do updates to these proprietary Android UI's typically come to older devices? I've got a G2, and wouldn't mind getting this.

Release it to the Play store and let the G2 update to it also.

Edit: Although, this would be difficult or impossible depending on how they coded it up.

I find the color scheme and icons dull and boring. Maybe seeing the G3 in person when it comes out will change my mind.

Very nice. I like it. Yeah, the Optimus UI has basically been a copy of TouchWiz for a while now. The difference is that this UI is optimized for a nice experience, unlike LagWiz.

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Notification screen is for notifications. I hate that half the notification screen is taken up by unremovable stuff. Why can't they implement it like stock or HTC sense. They should be empty for notifications.

Looking more closely, they have made available an option missing from the G2 UI. Having your dock icons label free. On the current G2 you have to use 7 icons to lose the labels. These screen shots shots no labels with 5.

The regular recent apps button is a plus in place of menu.

Assuming the qslide apps can be hidden like the current UI the new notification area looks nice, I would rather it be the Google style / HTC style to get to the quick settings. Now as long as T-Mobile doesn't add permanent sliders for brightness and volume again I would be very happy.

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was this ripped right off of the s5?

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I prefer the look of the G2, but this looks really nice too. Soon as the G3 is out, it's good bye Note 3. Of all the minor things I'll miss about the Note, lag wont be one of them.

This, along with the fact that the G3 will probably be a spec monster with a 5.2" or higher display, might be my next phone

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The buttons are in the correct order. Getting closer to being usable.
I'll be reading the reviews when it is finally out with interest.

I think its ugly as hell.... I was so excited for the G3 until I saw THIS^^
The G2 interface looks better. The colors suck on the new interface.

Better looking interface. Looks more like vanilla android. I'm really excited that the pics show a multi tasking icon. Looking forward to this awesome phone.

LG G2 (4.4.2) T-Mobile

Damn they beat Samsung in fixing the cartoon image...now that looks nice!!!!!

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Just wondering the name Iris as a favorite... Maybe that's the voice assistant service iris found in the play store .... Idk.. just an observation

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This looks nice, but I don't like the circle that takes you to all the apps. That lowers the effect of the whole modern look because it looks so outdated. It would be great if they used the circle that's present in stock android 4.4 that's transparent and maintains the modern look.