LG G3 Stylus

Could this stylus-equipped G3 be LG's Galaxy Note 4 competitor?

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 due to arrive within the next month, it appears LG is preparing its own stylus-equipped handset to challenge its local rival. The image above is taken from an official LG promotional video for the LG G3 Beat; at the end of that trailer there's an unfamiliar pen-toting handset shown alongside the two devices we already know.

As the name suggests, the G3 Stylus features its own built-in stylus, which docks into the device like Samsung's S Pen; besides that it's a spitting image of the G3 we've been getting to know for a couple of months now. Eagle-eyed readers may notice a couple of changes to the back of the device, though. The video shows the G3 Stylus without laser autofocus and with only a single LED flash, suggesting its camera capabilities might not be quite as advanced. As for the stylus itself, it has the look of a traditional capacitive pen as opposed to the Wacom-based pointers used by Samsung.

There's no indication as to when the G3 Stylus will be officially unveiled, nor which markets it's headed to. However LG will surely be aware of Samsung's expected timetable for the Galaxy Note 4.

Source: LG Global Mobile on YouTube via: Techorz; Thanks, Alfred!


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'LG G3 Stylus' outed in official promo video


Pretty typical it's not bad enough to enter the phablet category made prominent by Samsung and copy every feature implementation and software solution of the Galaxy Note products but now this too.

I can't help but laugh the pretenders trying to copy their way to relevance it won't work that's for sure.

Trust Galaxy Note owners already know after four years what's the real proven product and who's the fake knockoff.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

If I want a phablet with a stylus I am probably going with the Note series. If I want a large phone 5+ inches I am going to go with the LG G3. Screw brand loyalty, I am just going with the better product.
Note 3 (or 4) > G3 Stylus (most likely)
LG G3>S5

Loyalty to a proven brand is exactly what this is about truly. The Galaxy Note product line is the GOLD standard of technology today that's why everyone needs to copy after four years.

At the end of the day real Note owners know a common fake and pretender. It'd pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period they are Android nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

My $3.00 stylus and my G2 do a lot of what the Note 3 does already.

Via QMemo, (available on most high/mid-range LG Devices).

Posted via the LG G2 Android Central App

I find it laughable that people are upset about someone copying Samsung. I mean, Samsung is the a great company and all, but they don't give a flying ___ about intellectual property rights when it comes to them copying other people.

As for which phone I would prefer, I'm torn. I hate the physical buttons on the Note 3 and I preferred the stylus from the note 2. On top of that I don't particularly like touchwiz. However, the Note 4 will probably have an even more improved stylus and no telling how good the screen will be. Hard call really.

Samsung get bashed for copying so wouldn't you say it's only right others get bashed too. It's not the 1st time LG has followed Samsung. End of the day everyone copies everyone so I don't know why people make a big deal when it is done. If something is a good idea and it works of course people will copy. What I find funny is that people defend others when they borrow an idea but if Samsung do it, it's wrong and no one should defend them and If you do then your wrong.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

How are they copying Samsung? Why cause they added a stylus? If that's the case then Samsung copied palm cause my old treo had a stylus.

People don't forget, if Samsung put a QHD screen on the Galaxy Note 4 they are officially copying LG.

I had to say this for all the LG copying remarks that are coming.

Posted via the LG G2 Android Central App

Its' funny, when someone really makes a great point you don't respond. But when its something that my 4 year old can answer your the first one to answer. Thanks for giving me a great laugh!

Brand loyalty is stupid. They aren't your friend. They are trying to milk as much money from you as possible.

Sure the Note series is pretty good but it seems as though Samsung is copying LG when it comes to the Note 4. They must have gotten wind of this G3 Stylus and cherry picked the best features. Big screen, stylus, high end specs, they didn't even try to hide it. I guess I can't blame them, after all LG made the last two Nexuses, that makes them the face of Android. But I'm sure there's enough room for Samsung to ride on LG's coattails.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah it did because the Samsung hate is a living, breathing organism around here. I honestly would not be surprised to see someone write that exact post if the LG Stylus comes out before the Note 4 does.

Ok, that's scary. I really don't get how someone can be that polarized when it comes to a brand.

Posted via Android Central App

Yep, I do not get it either, but it is there. I have hate for the Nexus phone line up, but that is a bit different. It is more of a hate for the phones not the Nexus brand (I love my Nexus 7 even though I do not use it much anymore)

I agree with about half your points on the Nexuses, but your not rabid about it. This Richard guy sounds like he's cutting and pasting his posts without reading any others. Why does he bother. It's just sad.

Posted via Android Central App

He does and has been for years around here and quite a few other websites. Some speculate that he is a paid shill...

I have just learned to ignore him but love reading all the hate posts that people leave for him. It is kinda funny after awhile.

Both the LG Stylus and Samsung Note 4 will be a copycat of the 5.5" iPhone 6 ;-)

Posted via the Android Central App

I am extremely happy to be part of the Samsung decline in sales. I have completely sworn off buying any Samsung phones because they are ugly and use an extremely tired and uninspired design. Pretenders? Have you seen the leaks of the latest Samsung phone with a very similar look to the iPhone 5 and chamfered edges? Why do Samsung phones have a single center button with two hidden from a distance capacitive buttons unless they are lit up? There is no reason for it given the Android system unless, in its ORIGINAL design they wanted to give an "iPhone" feel.

Oh. And I needed a phone for a while but waited until LG G3 came out because there is no way I was getting another Galaxy phone.

Knock off ???WTF are you spewing about, you biased "Smugsung" opinion is just and Only that. I am LOVING. MY LG G3 AND ANXIOUS TO SEE WHAT ELSE THEY HAVE IN STORE FOR THE FUTURE!! Haters will always. hate. Bye.

Richard, someone needs to teach you English, man. You can't just throw words around and think they'll make sense. Adding "truly" at the end of your sentence in this context makes no sense. Your first sentence "It's not bad enough" doesn't make sense because you meant it IS bad enough, since you're using a "it's bad enough _blank_blank, but to _blank_blank, too?!" implying they're doing two things. You can't help but laugh AT "the pretenders", Richard--at them. At the end, you can't use "what's" with "who's"; be consistent in your writing.

I really can't decide if your writing is more like a livejournal post from an eleven year-old, or a faulty marketing buzzword machine which has jammed and is simply spitting out buzzword after buzzword after buzzword. "Truly" "GOLD" "Proven" "software solution" "feature implementation" "standard" "best" "period".

I'm a Samsung Note fan...recently obtained LG G3. I like a phone with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage that also reads 128 GB SD slot!!!! On top of that it is THIN!!! My only regret is no stylus, then I saw the G3-stylus!! COOL!...NOT 8/16 GB???? What's that about? Note users buy the note for the Geeky reasons of having lotsa storage, and cool features, like stylus. I was ready to get a G3-stylus, but, it's too weak for me!! I absolutely LOVE my G3 still. I also like its implementation of the whiz features that I usually turn off on my Samsungs after a week. REAL tools, that are REALLY useable, like handwriting input make G3 exciting to use. LG, put the stylus on an a phone with piles of memory, storage and an added SD slot!! Then the geek in me will buy, until then, I'm content with my G3, while my Note gathers dust. Maybe I'll sell it.

Is the handset really named G3 Stylus? Wish it was named something more classy, not just Stylus just because it features a stylus.

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The G3 Beat (aka G3 S and G3 Mini) are LG's 5 inch version of the G3 with an S400.

Posted via the 64 GB OnePlus One

While the G3 is a great phone, it is only slightly better than the S5. Samsung has had 4 years to get the Note series right (and they most certainly have done it right) so I am going to hazard a guess that this first gen Stylus phone will be decent, but not in the same class as the Note.

Exactly. Owned the G3 for a couple weeks and returned it for the M8 and there is a monstrous difference in phones. Tha G3 was better than my brother's S5 but the M8 smokes it in all areas besides the camera (as far as the OS and feel of the phone go.) The G3 was nice but doesn't hold a candle to the M8

Thing is this will probably be a basic stylus like the LG vue and LG pro lite have had for the past couple years.

Posted via Android Central App

what are they copying?? a big screen phone with a stylus?? what more can they do?? its a phone!!! LOL

did they "copy" Samsung as well with the ability to "make" phone calls??

And what? the stylus option?? Ummmm... remember a company name Palm?????

Knock it off.. get of Samsungs payroll!!

Finally someone tries to pull some of this market from Sammy. Not surprised it's LG. Not loving that name though. I don't have a better suggestion (still on my first cup of coffee) but Note is a great name for the niche and will be hard to top.

Interested to see what answer LG has to the "so, why should I buy this over the Note?" question. Other than the obvious button arrangement and generally lighter software. I don't think either of those are enough to make a real difference.

LG is a fake a$$ Samsung and i will never buy any of their copycat phones...

Posted via My Galaxy S5 and soon to be Galaxy Note 4...

No offense, but your statement about not buying copycat phones sounds odd coming from a Samsung user

Posted via Android Central App

Finally, a comment that adds to the discussion. I completely agree, it's weird that the G Pro 2 didn't feature something like this and instead LG is developing a separate phone to fill this space. I wonder if they're trying to ride the G3 name since it's so big right now.

Not a fan of the name but Samsung is finally getting some competition in the Android market. Competition brings about better product development and possibly better prices for the consumer so this is a win for all android users

Posted via Android Central App

As an ex Note 2 and Note 3 user, I honestly used the pen about 3 times between both phones.

Posted via Android Central App

I had a Note 2. For me the screen is too small to use the stylus to its full potential and I would rather have the Note 10.1 model. It is a novelty that wore off very quickly and then for me the phablet just became an oversized cumbersome large phone.

Amen. The stylus is occasionally nice to have but it takes a backseat to camera capability, battery life, and performance every time. Since we aren't going to see the G Pro 2 here officially, just give me a G3 "Prime" refresh around the holidays with a Snapdragon 805, slightly larger screen (5.8" to 5.9" would be perfect) and, if possible, squeeze in a bit more battery capacity.

The comp is good for these size phone's but if it's just a standard ass stylus then it's already lost my attention. Shame lg are doing good things and I wouldn't mind giving it a try big But tho and it's the stylus gotta work.

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

Still interested in the regular G3 but they can keep the one with the stylus. Wish they would've differentiated these by the size of the screens and not taking away some of the features as mentioned.

Ugh, look at all these Moto and Samsung and HTC and LG phones running Kit Kat. They just ripped that off from my Nexus 5. What a bunch of losers. NO ONE INNOVATES ANYMORE.

Looks like a standard stylus without much added feature. No special buttons or shortcuts maybe on the pen. I hope this is not the official stylus..

i'd be down for a lg note competitor but i want my screen at six inches. it's why i'm a bit miffed at the note 4 rumours that have the size remaining at 5.7"

Not sure if you watched the video Alex, but they mention beat and its laser auto focus capabilities in the video. So I think it's present.

But man that was one of the worst videos I have ever seen. Only Samsung and LG can make these crappy videos.

Posted via Android Central App

I wonder if everyone has forgotten the fact that this would actually be the 3rd phablet LG made? The Opimus G Pro and the LG G2 Pro 2 and this G3 Stylus would be the third.

I hope this is a good competitor for the Note. Choice is good. I love the idea of a stylus phone but would like to see more options. Note owners should welcome it too as having another major player in the market would push innovation. Also if there were more stylus use there, would be a push to improve 3rd party applications that use it.

So right now really it's just a picture, we don't know anything about it. To me it looks a little larger then the G3 but they are not side by side so it's hard to tell.

There could be other factors that make a difference in what somebody wants. Could have a 1080 screen? Could have the same screen with a 805 chip. Really we know nothing yet.