The LG G3 is the upcoming flagship Android smartphone expected to be announced later this month. We've previously looked at renders and images of the LG G3 showing off its rear buttons and the like, but today two high quality photos of the device have been leaked. While the mobile device looks similar to its predecessor, the LG G2, there are notable differences between the two LG handsets.

We say leaked as this stage of the hype train is still prior to any formal announcement from the manufacturer. We'll be eagerly awaiting the upcoming media event on May 27 where we expect LG to announce the phone. Whether or not the G3 will come with the reported 2560x1440 display is yet to be seen, but judging by these new photos, we're looking at a substantial screen.


Are you getting stoked to see the device be officially unveiled?

Source: Seeko, via: Droid Life


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LG G3 struts its stuff in new leaked photos


That's what it looks like.
The back is fairly boring looking. Was hoping for something more than glossy-looking plastic.
Whatever, I just got my Z2 so I shouldn't even be thinking about other phones. Lol

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I don't understand these people. If you're going to take photos to leak take proper ones. All these funny angles and little zoomed in pictures of the buttons make it very apparent that these 'leaks' are planned marketing to get the hype machine rolling.

Personally I think they should run a competition asking people to smash their Oneplus Ones to receive a G3

Or maybe they're trying to take a photo sneaky beaky without anyone in the office seeing them.

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That's what I was thinking. lol... Looks like a pair of girl hands too, which limits the possibility of who it could be.

Agreed. If this guy has the time to take pictures of the device, why not BETTER ones? Why not videos of the UI? Screenshots maybe? These "leaks" are always planned so I'm not surprised.

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I want a G3...But I think I'll keep my M8. I went from an M7 to the G2 and missed the M7 more than I thought I would...

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The cleaner interface. LG has hands down the worst skin. No I don't want to put a launcher or root it and add CM whatever. HTC has always had the best skin of the bunch to me.

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I agree that HTC has the best skin but I have to disagree that LG has the worst. I love the LG skin on my G Pad. I run Nova Prime on all my devices but that is only for the additional customizations. The menu system on LG devices looks great, IMO.

I am running CM on my galaxy s4 because touchwiz is the most horrendous user interface imaginable and the sole reason I will not even consider the s5.

Personally, I'll take LG's skin of Samsung's TouchWiz any day of the week. As far as skinning goes in general, I like Sony's very non-intrusive offering, or at least what they put on the Xperia Tablet Z.

I would have to put sense first (IMO its the best android you can get.. even better than stock) but LG so far for me has the 2nd spot as far as OEM skins go. I honestly used to think LG was a Samsung knock off... until i got my g2. I think the LG skin is pretty awesome! really enjoy using it. Touchwiz cant touch the LG UI (dont even know if it has a name)

if that is the original device and not fake i can see a screen edge to edge if im right!!! can you see it???

Don't understand the logo hate. All products are branded, and rightly so. Look at computers, TVs, cameras, cars!

I do hate carrier logos on the front of phones, but the actual phone maker is fine by me.

No, I'm not stoked. I'm not a dog that run every time a blogger yells squirrel! I made my choice for the next couple of years. I'm happy with that choice. If you are going to confuse me with facts. Make sure they are facts and not just hype.

Wow, someone should move to tmobile. I made my choice too... and in 5 months from now i will be JUMP'ing to this, and 6 motnhs after that something else and so on and so on. Phones dont have to be so permanent

You probably should quit frequenting websites such as Android Central then jackass...I mean this is their job.

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Recently bought the G2 few months ago arguably the one of finest purchases. Will give this until Christmas then I may buy it as love my G2.

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That line running through the middle of the bottom of the phone, in both pictures, has me thinking removable back. This would make moving the speaker to the rear understandable.

Looking forward to the release of this phone, just hope it is not released in gloss plastic -- I don't want to hide my $600 phone behind a $2 cover. I understand that LG has increased the screen size without increasing the phone size by the near elimination of bezels. I suggest we should nickname this "God's Phone" in recognition of the crucifix shaped opening that all the covers will have due to that rear button arrangement. :)

Ohhhh dammit. Why do they make the back white but the front black. That is highly disappointing for me. Why not make both white like before?

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Black should be the only color used in the front. It is less noticeable in dark. The nexus 5 has this design, so lg transfered it to g3.

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Me to and when you have a white phone with the dark display it makes the borders stand out, but when the device front is black the display and bezels become one.

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Speaker on back is kinda meh. But not a deal breaker. The back is very not inspiring but this could be a dummy case. The front looks great. And size doesn't look too big, which is good but hard to be sure.

5.5 inch screen! Unless it is same size as the g2, I might as well sell my s4 and get a oneplus one.

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I just want to know if this is going to be the phone the Nexus 6 is modeled after. I can't believe people buy outside of the Nexus line; I still have the Nexus 4, and it's going strong. That said, I'm ready for a bigger screen, so I'm jumping on the Nexus 6. But the rumor wheel is damn near retarded at this point. I literally see a new article every day, which contradicts the one before it.

Rumors thus far:
Nexus 6 will model after LG3
Nexus 6 will model after HTC M8
Nexus 6 will model after the LG3, but will limit screen size to 5.2"
Nexus will be discontinued, in lieu of the Nexus Silver line
Nexus 6 will be released in June
Nexus 6 will be released in late October/November

My guess is that it will be based off of the LG3, and released in October. I'd be bummed if they limited it to a 5.2" screensize (I really want a 5.5"). The HTC M8 rumors were probably based on the fact that Google is looking to have more "upscale" phones (with the Silver line-up). But who knows....

This could be a dummy unit. The picture in the newer article looks legit with the LG logo on back and the texturing look.

Yes, it could be, that's an interesting detail. This doesn't show the LG logo and looks as if the back was completely flat, like without a texture. The photo of the phone on it's back over the page with the notes does show a logo and a nice horizontally brushed texture. That one looks pretty. Hope that one is the real one. I'd incline to believe that because of the logo and the fact that the invitations have a brushed texture in the background.

Ugggh what is that LG logo at the bottom...could ruin the entire phone for me. I'll wait for the official unveiling tho

Don't most android phones have a brand logo on the front. Nexus doesn't but I'm not sure of any other big branded phone that doesn't.

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Yeah, but they usually put it where there is already something, like capacitive buttons or the speaker grill. If this is what the phone ends up looking like, this and the M8 will both have a black bar at the bottom for no other reason than to put their branding, increasing the size for no reason.

I would venture to say that with this phone, the extra half inch or quarter inch is needed. I'm thinking there are some innards under there.

I guarantee you that black bar is not there "for no other reason than to put their branding". This phone already has no side bezels, the internals have to be somewhere!

More shiny plastic? Why not use the same material as the G Pro 2? That looked much nicer. I am sad they didn't release it in september like last year, and with the Snapdragon 805.

Could be made to look like the G2 on purpose though too.

I do agree make it look like the G Pro rear or use that healing paint like the G Flex. I hope it's not as slippery as the G2 which is like a bar of soap without a case.

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Nice.....but my Note3 is still as good as it gets....for now...and no cheap slippery plastic body to deal with!

I like that the rear buttons appear to be flush but other than that same slick plastic.. I couldn't do rear buttons anyway..

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I'm liking those bezels but that white shiny plastic back needs some kind of texture. Hopefully LG releases a few color options and the UI isn't loaded with all of that cyan seen in a previous leak.

The more I see people complaining about plastic backs, the more I feel like this is an iPhone site comment section.

I think the previous leaks had me more excited. This does not impress me much. That plastic backing looks absolutely horrible. Not even a textured design or anything. Just a simple flat white. Hopefully the release has a little better look to it.

I'm not that worried. If you take a closer look, not just around the bezels, but also around the buttons and camera on the back, you will notice the edge of what seems to be some kind of thin protective case. I'm undressing it with my eyes right now. Gheeeh... Dreeeewl....

I don't see how LG is copying HTC.

I want to see better pictures of the phone with better angles. Hate leaked photos.

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There is some kind of glass screen protector over the entire front side of this phone! You can see a tab sticking out of the top left side

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Just put my G2 back in the box for the VZW HTC One M8. It will serve as a backup or until I get bored with the One. Kinda miss that extra .2 inches. If it were metal I would have never bought the M8. I really like both.