LG G3 backside

The LG G3 has been leaked to the point where we're wondering if LG will have anything left to surprise us when the finally and formally unveil it. So imagine our surprise when the LG G3 slipped through the FCC with a confidentiality letter hiding any photos of the device undergoing testing. What, not more photos? Nope, just radios and FCC labels.

The LG G3 has indeed stopped by the FCC, masquerading under the model number of LG-D850. What's the FCC have to tell us about the G3 that we haven't learned already? Nothing terribly surprising, it would seem.

  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850Mhz, 1900Mhz
  • UMTS 850Mhz, 1750Mhz, 1900Mhz
  • LTE Band 2 (PCS), 4 (AWS), 5, 7, 17

LG G3 label

The LG G3 also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, in case you weren't expecting that either. And a battery.

We've seen the front, top, bottom, front, and back, up close with the buttons, and more. Surely there's more the the LG G3 than what we've seen, but for now… that's all we've got. What are you looking forward to for the LG G3?

Source: FCC; Thanks to The Tick077 for the tip!


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LG G3 stops by the FCC for some poking and prodding


And then when the 808 and 810 are about to be out the 812/820 will be right around the corner. And then the 840. Then the 900. I guess I just won't buy any phones.

Hoping for removable but if G3 battery life is similar to that of G2 I will be good. G2 battery life was tremendous in my experience.

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So no laser I mean wouldn't that have to go through for approval we still don't know what that other deal is on the back of the phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Does the FCC ever stop anything? We always hear of phones going through the FCC, but we never hear about phones that are held up there.

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Ip67 should be a standard for flag ships. I don't want to sorry about my phone getting ruined by water because it rains so often here. I will gladly get the g3 if it is and if it will offer 64bit. If not I'll just wait for the note 4.

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Either 801 or 805. I think 805 cuz lg g2 was a beast phone when it came out to murder the s4 and HTC one. So it may do it again to murder the prime version of s5 and m8

I wonder what people will say when they see that the phone has a plastic faux metal appearance. I'm waiting to see that M8 prime and the Moto X+1. I'm sick of LG locked bootloader.

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I hope g3 doesn't have heating issues like g2, sd card is a must for me and hope still is the same size as the g2

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WILL NOT HAVE A REMOVABLE BATTERY. Hope its not too much bigger than the G2.

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