LG G3 specs fully revealed in preview briefing leak

If you've been hankering for more details on the LG G3 and not just stolen glances of live devices, a pre-launch event in Korea seems to outline all of the technical specifications one could be interested in. The quad-HD 2560 x 1440 display is no surprise, and has been shown off by LG already. The most interesting things here are relating to the camera, which will apparently include a selfie option for the camera which triggers when you simply make a fist. There's also some kind of laser on the back to assist with autofocus and improve low-light performance.

Here are the rest of the specs according these slides.

  • Dimensions: 146.3 mm x 74.6 mm x 8.9 mm
  • OS: Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Network: LTE, LTE-A
  • Processor: Snapdragon 801
  • Storage: 32 GB, 3 GB LPDDR3 RAM
  • Display: 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 IPS
  • Camera: 13 megapixel with optical image stabilization, 2.1 megapixel front-facing camera
  • Battery: 3,000 mAh
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, NFC
  • Audio: 1W speaker

Everything about the LG G3 should be made public and official in a few short days. Given this new info, how interested are you guys in the LG G3? Do you think it can swing with the big boys like the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), and (to a lesser extent) the Sony Z2?

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LG G3 specs fully revealed in preview briefing leak


Sticking with my G2 until 2015!
This is the main reason why I waited before upgrading my GS3 to yhe GS4, and I ended up getting the G2 instead.

Meanwhile, us on the EDGE plan with our G2s will be upgrading to the G3 in no time.

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Same here. I passed on the G2 for the Moto X. This time I may be going with the G3. I wish the battery would have been slightly bigger 3500 perhaps.

people were worried about the Nexus 7 2013 having a SMALLER battery than the 2012 model....but it got quite a bit better battery life.

its all in the processor...I wouldn't worry too much about it. It should be on par or better than the G2's

Yes cause my wife's Htc m8 with the 801 lasts longer with a 2600 mah battery then my G2 with the snapdragon 800 and a 3000 mah battery the 801 processor is extremely efficient. Also with the removable battery on the G3 if your a power user that needs it you can purchase extra battery's.

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I don't think that the main reason is processor on your wife's phone. It's rather the great optimization work that HTC did on it.

VZW Moto X

Even with the 801 processor, that screen might be super thirsty, no? Gonna want to keep the 2k display brightness at least up to 60% to see how awesome it is. Can't wait to see it, but I did here of a potential "M8 Prime." If that's true and they put a REAL camera on it, we might have quite a beast of a phone there!

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Yep , more pixels and more light (.3 in) are gonna be pushed. I also assume that more dense pixels get, it requires more nits to break through, so brightness by default should be higher
VZW Moto X

The Adreno 420 as opposed to the Adreno 330 is the bigger issue.. from gaming to HD vids.. They all would load faster and play smoother with the 420 GPu.. and possibly make the device a little more energy efficient with it's newer technology.. the same MAY be said about the device not having the 805.. there has to be some improvement somewhere in the 805's architecture for it to exist over the just released 801.

This! I'm not really understanding all of the hype around this device. It's not much of an upgrade to a G2/N5. Guess we'll see when it lands in the wild. IMO they should've waited until Aug/Sept to release this with the 805. If they were going to change their launch cycle they should've competed directly with Sammy/HTC. Q4 devices will be where it's at after those devices have launched. Pretty much the way it's been in the Android world.

"...there has to be some improvement somewhere in the 805's architecture for it to exist over the just released 801."

You answered your question before you asked it. The upgraded 805 exists to support and distribute the load of the bigger/faster Adreno.

Better motor- better transmission.

Where did you pull that one from... distribute the load.. Like 2.5Ghz can distribute a "load" better than 2.3Ghz can..
It's not as "simplistic" as that.

It really is tbh... Considering 808 and 810 were recently announced to be coming before the end of the year, and the 805 is gonna come out before that, the 801 is gonna get pretty old very fast. Also with the QHD display I'd want a faster processor to ensure smooth performance.

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Why? Its competing with the S5, Z2 and M8 and they are also using the 801. The 805 is just going into mass production now and won't be ready for phones until H2 2014. I don't think LG could afford to push the launch back any further. As it is, they are going to be the first of the major brands to launch a phone with a QHD display, isn't that enough to differentiate if from other flagships?

I'm not totally convinced about a Snapdragon 801 and Adreno 330 to run my QHD gaming experience, will need to see serious reviews before buying this.
Also I'm a sucker for new technology and I know the Snapdragon 805 devices with Adreno 420 are very VERY close around the corner ( HTC M8 Prime rumoured for September, Moto X+1 coming soon )

Depending on graphics performance on the G3 I might just hold out until another QHD device pops up but with a Snapdragon 805 onboard.

LOL nice. Well you could argue that happened years ago. I rarely use my home PC/laptop outside of work/projects. It's been that way for a while.

BTW Kat...pretty sure the Oppo Find 7 is QHD with the 801/330. See what gamers have to say about that device.

Same here, I rarely use my home computer or laptop outside of work.
All of my home computing is done on my tablet or smartphone.

As you can see Kat,
These guys are not going to let you say ANYTHING to burst their bubbles!
But I agree with you.. I just knew the 805 / 420 was going to be in the G3.
This "For Me" like you changes everything.

Well.. we know the S5 Prime has the 805 / 420 combo.. and I'm (somewhat) sure the M8 Prime will as well.. If not, LG AND HTC would be conceding a good portion of 2014 to Samsung as being the most powerful platform you can buy..
LG's only alternative is to release an updated "PRIME" version of the G3 in the fall with the 805 / 420. But this just gives Samsung more ammo in there advertising whenever they do release their Prime..

They might just save the 805/420 for a G3 Pro version. Although I would love to see the 420 in the G3. One of the earlier rumors was that LG would be using its own ARM chip in the G3. Maybe it will be a 801 architecture with a beefed up 330 (335, 330x, etc) or with a 420 on it. Who knows. It's all wishful thinking and speculation at this point. The leaks have been for the Korean version so I'm hoping the US version is at least the same spec wise or better.
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My thoughts exactly. Going to wait for the G3 Pro, I'm sure it's comming and will have the Snapdragon 805!

If it's more comfortable to hold than the Z2, it should be a winner. The M8 camera is what lets an otherwise superb phone down. 13mpx vs 20.7mpx isn't such a huge difference especially with OIS.

With Sony announcing the Z3 already, I've kind of lost the urge to buy Sony. Seems like they're only interested in bringing out phones faster and faster in the hope that people will jump from one to the other with increasing rapidity.

Think the US version shall have micro SD card? I personally would really like it. Everything else about the phone sounds great!

i'm thinking i'm going to carry on with my original razr maxx. Works fine. Battery life still at 50% after 16 hrs each day.. Perfection

So... everybody with a G3 will be taking selfies where they're triumphantly fist-pumping? Or perhaps shaking their fist in supervillain-esque rage?

After reading every comment above yours...I declare this the best one. :-D

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If it's metal body, this will be my next phone.. If it's not metal body, this still will be my next phone :-))))) Only deal breaker will be if the camera is not as good as GS 5 :-)

What do you mean 'to a lesser extent the z2'? A lot more of those will be sold than the m8

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Had the G2 and moved on to the M8. Both are great devices and I'm looking forward to seeing the G3. I've never owned a device above 5.2" screen so hopefully it isn't the norm since the G2 was really easy to maneuver with one hand.

Being that I returned my gs5 and m8 for another g2 and have no regrets I think the g3 week perform just fine against it. Can't wait

Well.. The Good,
I got out a ruler and the 7mm increase in length and 4mm in width over the G2 is not that much.
But...The Bad,
Only having the 801 / 330 instead of the 805 / 420 the other Prime's are going to have.
The Plus,
(Or minus if you're a Sammy / HTC fan) Since the G3 is simply a *Yearly Update* , they can hold the price @ $599.99 - $649.99 no problem.. But, the step up to the 805 / 420 gives Sammy / HTC the right to charge a $50.00 - $100.00 premium over the G3.
And they will do just that.

This phone is not a prime and those prime phones are still rumors right now so you can't compare this to the primes this should be compared to the S5 , M8, and Z2,... all of the primes can go back to cybertron until they materialize for real and not in render and rumors.

Oh I'd Say,
2560 x 1440P Quad HD is VERY REAL... and heading to a carrier near you...
It's only a matter of time before the QHD competition is in your face.. Believe That.

Can it hang with the s5 and m8? Of course it can. The prime versions of the s5 and m8 are of more concern.
Anyway, while I wont be picking one up, i have alot of respect for this device. Mostly just eager to see the display in person.
Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

look at all that screen! I'm glad LG hates bezels as much as I do.

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Loved my G2 and was really looking forward to the G3 but decided to move to the One M8. Nothing in the specs are making me regret my choice and considering the vastly superior construction of the One M8, nothing short of the M8 Prime will make me move from my current phone.

Wth? Camera man. M8 is weak. I didn't care for it as it was worse than the G2. If m8 had an elite camera (Optical stabilization is legit) it'd be THE device to have

No USB 3.0 or water resistant. Ah I was hoping it would have every feature available in the market

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the G2 has a USB 3.0 port. If the G3 comes with USB 2.0, I'm going to skip the upgrade from G2 to G3.

I need to know the processor it has if it's the 801 I'm not getting it

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It's the same size as my G2 with a case and that's comfortable to hold...

I might just get this phone.

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Too bad, I really would have loved an 805 and IPX7 :( I'll have to wait and see what the Moto X+1 offers to compare...

moto x is not about specs you should know that by now look at the current one and its little babies they are all about maximizing not fighting spec wars see this is what happens everyone thinks that the 801 can't do the job but when phones didn't have it they were like if it didn't have the 801 i am not getting it. and it continues just 3 months later geesh i have the m8 , nexus 5 and iPhone 5s and i plan on getting this LG3 but as much as folks like to say android is not about spec wars threads like this proves those folks wrong everyday all folks are talking about is 805 806 702 901 10001 2000 chip blah blah blah... come on for all we know they might have invested in maximizing the 801to run just fine folks said the same thing about the moto x and boom it worked fine even out performed some of these super specked phones. wheeew okay done....

He has a point though, like you said your eagerly anticipating the "primes" but you forget shortly after the 805 drops the 810 is right around the corner then the people who bought those will be stressed lol the cycle will continue.

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Not Really,
808's / 810's are not going to be seen until 2015 (That's from the horses mouth)
So.. depending on how often you "Jump" devices you'll have at least a 6 month cycle before anything packing a 64 bit chipset is available for sale... 2015 is the target for 64 bit CPu's that has already been stated by Qualcomm...

So.. No... He's stressing.
Nice of you to try to defend him though but he is wrong in his assessment.

There was a reason why Motorola went w 720 p on Adreno 320,not 1080. They could have optimized it all they wanted but the phone wouldn't be as smooth and battery would die faster.
From this perspective, moving to a larger screen that comes w 40% more pixels , while keeping the same battery size , definitely should raise some questions - like the frame rate and screen on time.
Android OEMs always tend to participate in spec wars, partly because they need to "stick out" and partly to meet demands of people , but sometimes they don't make sure that 1 piece of hardware (latest) is absolutely compatible w another. So, instead of prioritizing on overall performance, they choose to bump just any number to get a consumer's attention. Technologies are not progressing equally fast and there is always supply issue too and seems like no one is patient to put the things right when it's time.

VZW Moto X

Why is it still running a 801? That killed the phone for me. If I wanted a 801 in my next phone why would I bother upgrading from my note 3? The 2k qhd screen is nice but the weaker GPU ams CPU will kill the phones performance. That is why it should have a adreno 420 with snapdragon 805 SOC.

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Toooooooooooooooo Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggg.
It's now in Note 3 territory.

I have an S4 and all the new phones are bigger than my S4 with a case.

What??? This is really disappointing. I was thinking of getting rid of my Xperia Z2 to get the LG G3, expecting the G3 to have a slimmer profile, bigger battery, and something more than the Snapdragon 801, even if it happens to be the 2.5Ghz version! The only thing about this phone that appeals to me is the Optical Image Stabilization for the camera. A camera can have all the best specs in the world, but that doesn't mean anything if you don't have hardware stabilization... is it worth it for me to switch from the Xperia Z2 to this??? What do you guys think? I'm torn.

Wait until the G3 comes out, but generally speaking I'd say no way other than to lose the huge bezels on your Z2. I hear you regarding OIS. After having it (N5) I don't think I'd buy a device without it. It really makes that much of a difference in everyday use cases (esp w/ pets/kids).

The G2 already has OIS on its 13 MP shooter. The G3 is supposed to have something called OIS+.

And yet the G2 ended up coming with neither. ;) I'm not going to assume until I see a spec sheet listing it, and/or it has it on May 27th.

Nope! G2 had both. Just the non-Korean versions got no SD and a slightly bigger non-removable battery. LG could never sell that garbage in Korea. It wouldn't sell.

Nope! G2 had both. Just the non-Korean versions got no SD and a slightly bigger non-removable battery. LG could never sell that garbage in Korea. It wouldn't sell.

Oh Shit..
You're right.. they would have mentioned an SD Card Slot.
Ouch.. This device is going downhill fast.. and they could've increased the battery by at least 100mah just to make you feel you're receiving an improvement over the G2 as well.

"There's also some kind of laser on the back to assist with autofocus and improve low-light performance."

Hold on while I focus...PEW, PEW, PEW!

im still rocking the 2.5 yo galaxy nexus. so this will be a huge upgrade for me. but there is a lot of chatter about 801 and GPU. i don't do 3d gaming on the phone. so should i still be worried about performance?

I think we have have to wait for the actual device.
I'm using a Nexus 5 which is a snapdragon 800 and same GPU and every game flies on it.
But we won't know how the 330 handles the 2K screen until it's released.
But I have a feeling it will be perfectly fine, and still a huge leap from your galaxy nexus.
I'd be very surprised if anyone other than hardcore gamers, which I guess exist in the smartphone world would notice a difference.
A lot of people around here really stress about specs and benchmarks etc etc, when in reality they mean very little. How quickly people forget what we supposedly learned with the moto x
I've yet to see a device that tempts me away from my nexus 5 that has what is now considered an ancient (on android sites) snapdragon 800 cpu lol.
The Optical image stabilization on the G2, Nexus 5 and now this G3 are amazing btw, I love that feature so I'm tempted by anything LG just for that one feature.

Don't be worried. My sons Nexus 4 still plays games wonderful. My G2 doesn't lag at all.

There's no phones with the 805 even available. We all kind of thought this would be the first.

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Nexus 4.. with only a 720P.. 4.7 inch screen.
G2........with only a 1080P.. 5.2 inch screen..
G3.......1440P Quad-HD 5.5 inch screen... the 801 / 330 may not cut it with the Top End games.. fruit ninja and solitaire will play fine.

Seeing this is now certain a 5.5" device I would likely give the One+1 a shot too.

I'll go check the G3 out but I think it's going to be bigger than I want for my phone. I love the size of the G2. Maybe this won't feel any bigger though.

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The G3 will definitely be more compact compared to the one plus one cause the bezels are much smaller.

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I'm amazed that it's actually smaller than my Optimus G Pro with the same size screen, thinner bezels all around. I'm concerned that it has a smaller battery though. The 801 must be a massive power-saver to be able to run off a smaller battery with twice the resolution. The 1 speaker on the back is a deal breaker though. It's the most annoying design flaw of my G Pro. I refuse to buy another phone with a rear speaker.

I second that about the speaker ... I have a G1, wife has a G2...why they haven't changed that in 2 models is beyond me. It's horrible.

Well i have updated my G2 to kitkat, i tell u right now, no smartphone can beat this, LG3 should world number one smartphone phone.
Any questions?

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yeah, I have one. If it cannot beat my Note 3 in the spec market (most are right in the ball park and not a huge upgrade), and my Note 3 has more functionality than the G3, and LG is months behind on updates, and I already have a Note 3 in my hand, and the Note 4 is going to be announced a month after this is released, Why should I bother with an incremental upgrade?

Why would someone who has an LG G2? (of course it can be said going from S4 to S5 and M7 to M8)

Can you please explain to me what makes you say that the S5 and One M8 are better than the Z2. The displays are virtually a wash, but the Z2 has a better camera, more RAM, has stereo speakers (better than the S5, not quite as good as the M8), is waterproof (moreso than the S5 and in a different league than the M8) and has a beautiful metal and glass design (much nicer than the S5 and a matter of taste between the M8). Why do people insist on saying its a notch below the S5 and the M8. Performance wise, it does not lag like the S5 but may not be as snappy as the M8, and its battery is just as good, if not better.

What am I missing? Seriously, explain why you rank it lower, without invoking previous incarnations like the Z and Z1.

Question Nex..
If the Note 4 (which we KNOW will look the same as the Note 3 and all other Sammy's) only major upgrade is moving up to flagship standard 1440P Quad-HD and maybe a bump from 3 to 4 Gigs of Ram.. are you upgrading?

With where I am right now I will do it. I get a month or so with every major device and for some reason I have 2 upgrades on my one account (they were doing some promotion with Sprint. Got an S3, and they gave me an instant upgrade to another device, which I pocketed to save for another time. I get an upgrade on August 1st and another next August 1st, and so on).

If neither of those things were going for me, and that is all the upgrade was, then no I more than likely would not upgrade this time around. Especially if the N3 gets all the goodies that the S5 has (which is gonna happen sooner or later)

Honestly the N4 should have a processor bump, a screen bump, a camera bump and that wrap around display. That is the icing right there. I have to really believe that will be there since it will be almost 2 years since they showed it off almost 2 years ago (at that point).

If there is no SD card slot my current G2 is going to be my first and last LG phone ever. 32GB non expandable is a huge limitation, it is a shame as if it wasn't for this it would be the best smartphone in the world...

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Not happy with the battery size if it has a bigger screen. Also I wish it had expandable memory like the galaxy s5. Some what disappointed on the specs. I'm going to wait and see what the Note 4 will have to offer. I currently have a G2 and don't see huge leap in differences with the G3 to make me want to switch. But it is a great phone for someone switching from a S4 or older device.

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Pretty darn pleased. 13 mp camera with OIS. Should be a great camera. The processors and such I don't care about since I'm already happy with the performance of my Galaxy S III and this should be faster.

Wow, this is nothing but a slightly upgraded G2, I was expecting a lot more. Given that two Prime models (S5 & HTC One M8) with 805's are rumored to be released in next month, this G3 is waste of time. Unless they still have the parts for the shelved Nexus 6 that was rumored to be loaded with goodies.

so you have documentation that states two prime's are being released in June? and didn't these other companies releases non prime phones first which actually exist thats what this should be compared too. Phones released in qtr 1 of 2014 not future phone rumors of these primes from cybertron. for all me know these things might be for japan only not see the light of North America or Europe. geesh Primes.... dang Primes all of this stuff about primes that don't exist outside of a few snapshots. you might as well believe there will be a NFC iPhone 6 with 5'5 screen next month as well will it be the iPhone prime....

You MUST own a standard S5 or standard M8.
I've never seen such hatred towards upcoming devices.
The Prime's exist to have equal competition with LG-G3's 2560 x 1440P Quad-HD resolution screen..
They are coming.. and rightfully so, Samsung and HTC cannot allow LG to have such an advantage.

Not feeling the dimensions, taller than the HTC and wider than the S5. Granted for 5.5" that's not bad but not worth it.

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People upgrading from a G2 or any other phone that came out last year...why!? What can't the G2 do? lol i'm pretty sure the phone is still amazing like the 1st day it came out. your phone isn't going to somehow turn into garbage the second this comes out.

I understand people want the best of the best, but the G2 hasn't been out for a year yet. I personally can't see myself spending 600+ every year on a phone. That's just me lol

Why do they have to make the screen so big? I would rather have a smaller phone with a 5 inch screen. 5.5 inches on a flagship device...

No 805 no sale, I am sure it'll run great but it's not enough of an upgrade over my DNA. Maybe the Note 4 will as awesome as I'd hoped the Note 3 would be.

Man I'm so disappointed about the SoC. I now see no reason to upgrade from my S5. I guess I'll wait for note 4.

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So this is the specs for a phone that everyone said would blow away the S5?

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Wow ... the WAS gonna be my next... 3000mah fail, 801 fail, still might grab one if its a removable battery and IP67 and it MUST have an sd card. Bring forth the note 4!!!

How is the 801 a fail, how do you expect LG to fill the supply chains with enough devices with the 805 chip when Qualcomm just recently started production of the 805 chip. Business wise it would be a complete disaster for LG and it's supply chains, if you know anything about business, no one will take on to sell your product if you lack enough supply.
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No sd card? Looks like I am leaning on oneplus one unless moto x+1 has 64gb or sd card slot.

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People need to realize this is not a phone intended for people " looking to upgrade" with last year's devices, why would LG come out with a phone with the 805 chip, when all other flagship phones from all the other manufacturers also sport the 801 chip, and since Qualcomm has not even gone into full production of the 805 chip, how would LG be able to manufacture a phone in enough supply with a limited supply of chips to fulfill the supply chains, it would be a complete disaster for them, financially and PR wise. I want to know what apps of today or the near future that will not be able to run smoothly with the current chip, there are none, heck my S3 still runs everything just fine, for the people getting caught up in the chip wars need to understand that all that is is marketing for companies to be able to sell you their next device, in real world usage, you will not see any significant difference between a phone from today to a phone that was build two years ago. Software as we all know is still lagging behind, as is battery innovation.
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LG better have their own Prime come this fall.
Samsung & HTC will have 2560 x 1440P Quad-HD screens being pushed by the Snapdragon 805's / Adreno 420's.
LG will still have this pushing their Quad-HD display.. That won't cut it.. and they are going see that soon enough when Samsung & HTC have a field day with this Under Powered (compared to the Prime's) device.

It's fitting that a fist would trigger the camera to take the selfie, cause every time someone says selfie I want to punch them.

Even though my current device is running fine, and after seeing these specs.. I'm considering a D802 to play with until Tax Time 2015.. since upon release of this G3 the prices should dip a little further.. and are @ $400.00 now.. The whole 1+ setup just rubs me the wrong way.. and the D802's have excellent Developer support since that 's my thing anyway.. That would be fun to play with until the new Silver line of products are released.. and I know they'll have top notch specs AND Developer support.

801 in the face of 805 Primes from Samsung and HTC? LG just lost my purchase if that's true. I'll hold off for the others.

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The Korean version of the g2 also had a removable battery and SD card while the US version didn't (in exchange for a larger battery). I'm going to expect the same this time around for the g3. I just hope whatever version that comes to visit vzw has wireless charging like the g2 version.

The LG G2 pro has a microSD...so why wouldn't the LG G3 have one?

Calm down, I think it will have one. LG is not run by idiots. They are building on what they already made.

I do think they should have waited for that 805 chip. But who knows, maybe they will surprise us.

It's an impressive smartphone... The hardware, build quality and specs are really nice. But c'mon, LG Android UI is the worst garbage available! It's is like: LG UI <<<<<<<<<< TouchWiz <<< HTC Sense <<<<<<< Stock Android<Cyanogenmod=Paranoid. The first think you do when it arrives is to download NovaLauncher/Apex/Similar, then you go to XDA and try to find a decent Android based system that works with this beautiful phone.

Oh nooooo no 805/420!!! Yikes I'll never buy anything ahhhhhhh!!! Get the hell out of here. This is the classiest looking phone to come out in a very long time. I had XT912 that would run Dead Space and N.O.V.A 3 glich free and crisp and my G2 blows that away. And really comparing G3 to supposed "prime" phones which is something new this year is ridiculous. It just seems unlikely that HTC and Samsung would snub so many costumers mere months after people spent money on the M8 and S5. Also Qualcomm came out and said first phones with 810 will be early 2015 with 64-bit and the gap between 801 and 805 are narrow. In fact some cases the M8 actually out performs. 805 is a gate way to 4k and the 810. Here's the article take it for what it is. The G3 is a gorgeous phone.


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This device will sell because in every store and on every commercial all you will see and hear is the talk of the 2k screen. People are enamored with screen resolution (and not just on phones) and it's something very tangible that you can demonstrate right on the spot with comparison shots side by side ( at least in store). I can't think of 2 other phones on the market today with a 2k screen, so this will appear "new" and "best" because of it.

_That_ is why this phone will sell.

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