This was going to start out as a post telling you how to change the LG G3 button shortcuts to work with other apps and features when the phone's sleeping. Only you can't actually do that. The phone is locked to launching the camera by holding volume-down button, or Quick Memo if you hold volume-up.

Thing is, that's all you can do. There are no other options. And that's disappointing.

LG G3 shortcuts

There is, however, the option to shut all that off — just go to Settings>System>Shortcut key and hit the on/off toggle. But that's it.

So, LG, consider this a plea for the ability to add other shortcuts. Because, really, you can't open the Android Central App fast enough.


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The LG G3 shortcut buttons: Desperately seeking options


I can I only say XPOSED!

My G2 has holding vol up linked to use the Torch, and holding vol down linked to Xposed MultiWindow.

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I thought that was dumb but then find it redundant when you can do the same on the lock screen or activate camera through quick view for those who have it. The camera is the only useful shortcut to me. But these are my opinions

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Yup, just another reason I'm very glad we can root the G3 and that we have the awesome G3 TweaksBox app! I used it to change things so that long-pressing on the Volume Up key activates the flash as a torch.

The G3 TweaksBox really has some nice settings in it to enhance/alter the G3. I've even been able to stick with the phone's native launcher, thanks to it (and Unicon).

I second the motion. I have found the camera button handy, and am surprised that LG did not include customization from the start.

Could it be that it's much harder to enforce security if you allow the buttons to launch a wider choice of applications? After all - the existing shortcuts allow you to bring up Quick Memo or Camera without unlocking the phone. There's not much harm in allowing just anyone to take a picture or add a note or screen capture. But other applications may present more risk.

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I agree that not being able to change the apps associated with the buttons suck! But what is even more crazy is that the camera takes awhile to launch. Sure, its faster than entering my knock code and launching the app but its not instantaneous after the buzz/vibrate indicator.

It does suck, but not a deal breaker. To think... Using the shortcut most people would need the camera more or taking notes realistically. I honestly used the shortcut camera once. Not a big deal.

There are a million features/things that the stock ROM doesn't have(and not just LG, any OEM for that matter) and there are two words for people wanting them: Root & Xposed.

Wow... I feel like an idiot now. Didn't realize that G3 tweaksbox could change this. When I saw "long press" the volume up and down, I assumed that they meant for playing music with the screen off.... Thanks comment posters!

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I'm not sure I want my phone opening the AndroidCentral app when it's locked. Sorry but I think LG is doing a good job by keeping control of which apps you can launch with these shortcuts.