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We've seen that the LG G3 is likely to have a cover that leaves a stylish circular gap through which you can glance at the upcoming smartphone's screen, but what goes in there? A few leaked screenshots show clocks, pedometer information, incoming text messages and calls, and a way to hop between all of them.

Clearly circular interfaces are on the upswing what with Android Wear inching towards primetime. Though it's great to see what is reportedly coming from LG, I'm just as eager to see if third parties will be able to build their own quick window widgets. As is, HTC still isn't yet working with developers to make their own Dot View screens (at least officially), but there's a whole realm of possibility here that builds beyond simple lock screen widgets.

What would you guys like to be able to access through the LG G3's swanky circular cover?

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LG G3's lockscreen apps are round widgets for a round hole


Who's calling, text messages, time and date are good for me.

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It would be neat to use the camera from there. But they would need a hardware button for that.

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That's what the rear mounted volume buttons are for.

Edit--the next to last sample on bottom row looks to have the camera icon at the three o'clock position. Seems like they already made it a reality.
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There are some zooper widgets on the play store that look very much like this. They are of course styled after Android wear.

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Did they add like Google Wear round interface with their circle cover case?!?! That would be awesome!!

LG do make OLED display too, especially their TV, there is some rumor that it could be possible with the G3. I think it make sense with the design being seen here, because with AMOLED they can display all these lockscreen widgets while saving battery and have a nice look with the deep black at the sametime, similar to the Moto X active display.

I am using the quickwindow case on my G2. I previously hated portfolio cases, but this case has converted me. Looks like even more functionality coming to the G3 in terms of how we use quickwindow, excited.

I had my G2 for less than a month with the portfolio case. I wish there were more widgets to it. The square dust left behind is annoying. Still trying to get used to it.

I'm wondering if we've just gotten an inadvertent preview of how the Moto 360 will look / function...

Scratches. Let's get some of those even though I've spent money on a case that's specifically intended to cover the screen and prevent scratches.

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Lock screen widgets... Must be nice

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One of the most exciting things to me is the idea of having a portfolio case that doesn't cover the camera when it is folded around the back.

Not feeling it.
This device is so nice, I would want to see as much of it as I can at all times..
It would be like having your Fine Women wrapped in a potato sack.. No Thank You.

That hot air balloon picture is the same picture as one of the default backgrounds from my LG flip phone from 2004.

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