UK mobile phone retailer Clove has confirmed it will begin selling the two versions of the QuickCircle case for the LG G3 on July 21, with one of them (hopefully) capable of supporting wireless charging for the smartphone.

Clove says that the version of the case that simply snaps onto the back of the LG G3 will be priced at £24.99. The other model fully replaces the phone's backplate and will be priced at £29.99. Both versions will come in Metallic Black, Silk White and Champagne Gold colors.

Clove stated they are "confident" the QuickCircle replacement backplate they will get will also have pin contacts so it can be used with Qi compatible wireless charging plates. There are apparently two versions of the replacement cover in Asia, and one of them cannot use wireless charging. However, Clove believes the product they will receive will have Qi support.

What do you think of this optional QuickCircle case for the LG G3 becoming more available in other parts of the world.

Source: Clove


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LG G3 QuickCircle case coming to the UK via Clove July 21


Man its gone be a hard decision on this and the Note 4. Can't wait for both to drop!

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The note 4 will no doubt have a 2k display and have an 805 chip so I think it will be a tough match up

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I'm from the UK and got my G3 and a quick cover last week, so the non wireless charging variant of the cover is already in the uk!

Slightly off topic...but what do you make of the g3? I love my g2 but can't resist new things. But the fact we get the 2gb ram version bothers me.

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I hate cases that have to be flipped open even if functional, I don't understand why we didn't get Qi charging in the US included cover, T-Mobile is 3GB RAM and 32GB storage with Micro SD support... Get rid of the G2 and get the G3... Although holding out for the 805 chipset not a bad idea either but as an early adopter you won't resist.

When Santy Claus bring the 805 Prime version of this device to T-Mobile later this year it's going to be tough to resist.
But so is the Note 4 with it's 64-Bit Exynos SoC and YOUM display..

The Quick Circle Case has wireless charging while the Circle Quick Viewer Case does not.

The WCD-100 is the new Wireless Charging Pad from LG.

In Korea the Quick Circle Case w/wireless charging is $32 while the Viewer Case without wireless charging is $22

The WCD-100 is $34