LG flagship slated for June 28 launch; gold and black versions listed on Amazon

With the LG G3 rapidly approaching release in the UK, Amazon is the latest retailer to step into the fray with an attractive pre-order price for LG's new Quad HD flagship. The retail giant is taking G3 pre-orders for £479 in gold and black colors (the white version being a Carphone Warehouse exclusive in the UK), priced at £470. That's well below the £530-550 mark at which new flagship phones usually arrive, and a smidgen below the £490-500 price points listed elsewhere.

Amazon says the G3 is due to arrive June 28, which is slightly ahead of the July 1 release date listed by some other retailers. Both models have 16GB of storage, and as such should also have 2GB of RAM. There's also a 3GB/32GB G3 variant, however there's been no mention of any UK release plans for this version of the phone.

Tempted by an LG G3 at this price? Let us know what you think down in the comments, or check out our G3 review for more info.

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LG G3 up for pre-order for £479 in the UK


I really want this phone but the fact I won't be able to get the 3gb version is irritating to me. I know it probably doesn't make any difference but I'll know I haven't got the best that lg has to offer. I hope this doesn't start a trend of speccing phones like cars. You want ios? That'll be an extra £40


I'm tempted to pay a bit more and get it from Clove as you get the official wireless charger "free" with it there for £492.

That the £492 is including vat is worth pointing out. Got to say that I'm very tempted, since that's better value than Amazon and from past experience I know that Clove are okay to deal with. Only thing that's putting me off is that the "G Prime" will turn up for a mere £100 more, and the current G3 gets a price cut. I'm also having a hard time believing the amount of positive press about the G3, can it REALLY be that good? I'm using an old Samsung S3 so I'm well used to unexpected UI lags here and there, and that seems to be the only real criticism. The LG site claims that you can even remove unwanted apps, if true then that sounds closer to ideal than anything other than a Nexus.
Thanks for the Clove tip, I'm so tempted (especially if they can deliver before 3rd July!)

Dammit I'm so weak - just put my pre-order for a gold G3, wife's going to give me hell for spending £500. There's too many glowing reviews of the G3 out there to think it'll be a dud, at worst it looks no better than the current leaders, S5, M8, and Z2. So if it does turn out to be a dog then I'm blaming Mr Dobie! <grin>
£40 discount on the wireless charger was a clincher - just hope they can get it to me before I go on vacation!

Hopefully the USA will have the 32 GB model. Too bad the carriers prevent LG from providing wireless charging built in so that the carriers can sell their cases for wireless charging.

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I wonder if it's going to be as simple as buying a new back of the international version to get wireless charging for the us models

32Gb / 3 Gigs of Ram... That's $100.00 extra.
16Gb / 2 Gigs of Ram " 805 Chipset Prime Edition".... That's $100.00 extra.
32Gb / 3 Gigs of Ram "805 Chipset Prime Premium Edition".... Well, that is $150.00 extra.

LG is going to take a page out of Samsung and Apple's book.. and make you pay a fee for the fully optioned models.
Reports are all over the web that LG is already hard at work on their own *Prime* to properly power this monster resolution display since it's showing lag and benchmarking slower than a G2 in it's current form.

Its £410+VAT on Clove and it comes with a free wireless charger
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