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LG has announced that its latest flagship smartphone, the LG G3, will be coming to the Great White North of Canada. The expected launch date for the smartphone in that territory is August 1.

The 5.5-inch phone will be available via a number of wireless carriers, including Bell, MTS, Rogers, Sasktel and Videotron, along with retailers such as Tbooth wireless, The Source, WIRELESSWAVE, WIRELESS etc…, and WOW mobile. Unfortunately, the company did not announce pricing for the LG G3 in Canada, nor when pre-orders will begin in that country.

Just a reminder: The U.S. will be able to get the phone later this month, with T-Mobile launching the device on July 16 and Sprint following on July 18.

If you live in Canada, do you plan to jump in and get LG's latest smartphone on August 1?

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LG G3 officially coming to Canada starting August 1


it's the first time in a while a manufacteurer has release a device weeks after the US... maybe LG doesn't feel it has the market in Canada yet to release it at the same time...

At least we are getting the 32GB/3GB model.. and is there any word on Colours? I really want the GOLD one.. but i also hope that they pull the CRAP they did with the M8 and release is 2 months later... it won't be a smart move as the M8 had no other devices release to compete (maybe the S5).. but with the LG G3 launching so close to fall it will have to compete with the Note 4, iphone 6, possibly a Nexus 6 if it does ever get announced... so having all the colours might help them sell more..

I know i am now considering waiting for the Note 4 since it'll be only another month or so away..

August 1st?
60 days.. Just 60 days to the "Jack of All Trades" Samsung * Guaranteed* redesigned Note 4.. with at least the proper Snapdragon 805 and maybe the 64-bit Exynos Quad as the Engine.. Let's not forget the $350.00 Nexus 6 in October as well... it's your money.. but it's way to early to commit to a device now.. The G3 would have been great 2 months ago.. but we're halfway to Fall now.

It is only like 30 days from this release to the Note 4 announcement (September 5) so yeah this thing is coming way late to the party. I think that LG should have just stuck to its original announce/release schedule.

Don't hold your breath on a new Nexus phone.

totally agree.. but i am using a pre prod device and it's buggy as hell... i've been using it for a month now since i sold my note 3 to buy the G3... didn't think it was gonna take this long to come out.. never bought an LG phone before so i wasnt sure on the timelines when annouced.. but after reading how long the G2 took i should have known..

can i tough it out for the note 4?? bahh.. maybe i'll buy the G3 and then sell it for the Note 4...

on the bright side... i was gonna buy a G watch or Gear Live.. but now that i don't have android phone till Aug i am hoping the Moto 360 will be out by then ...

I went G2 over Nexus 5 last year so I'm sure I'd do the same again. I don't care Samsungs.

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Gonna pass on this, while it had lots of pixels , all I've read is the display is dim and yellowish, can't compare to the s5 or m8 in clarify and color reproduction

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No Telus not good, & poor form from LG on the late release to Canada as well gives me too much time to think should I wait for the Nexus 6 or ... . Was the delay the cell companies or LG though?

From what I found, the guy at Telus buying the phones is sold to Samsung. So if anyone wants anything other than the S or Note series, they should not be on Telus.

I personally think it's LG who delayed. To this day, the GPad is nowhere in stores. You can only buy it online from the best buy website. I had to order mine from Hong Kong to get it. I don't regret it cause they make great devices, but I'm starting to think they hate Canada...

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I had my S3 for three years now and my contract is due in september.... Battle between S5 and the new LGG3! I do like the 5.5 2k Screen....

Was thinking about picking this up but been reading the phones having some ugly problems with cameras and overheating

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I'm a big fan of battery life. Reviews on this device say the big hi rez screen is a "battery hog".
For this reason I will stick with the g2,
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The G2 looks like a great deal as it still holds up well against the S5 and M8 - smaller than both of them with bigger screen (5.2") and better battery life and still top notch camera @ 13 MP and OIS (neither S5 or M8 has OIS). Really hard to beat @ $499 off contract in USA, and free with 2 year contract. For a 10 month old phone it is still an excellent value. AND, don't forget about wireless charging (at least on Verizon).

Does anyone know if there will be an unlocked version for Canada? I'm interested in the G3 but will most likely wait for the Galaxy F.