And here we have what probably is our first real look at what's believed to be the hardware for the upcoming LG G3, as seen in a leak to GSM Arena. Unsurprisingly, the volume and power buttons remain on the back, just below the camera lens. (Hey, LG wasn't named "most innovative device manufacturer of the year" for nothing.) Interesting, though, is the sensor to the left of the lens. Possible that it's some sort of secondary camera, much like what HTC is doing in the HTC One M8? Or is it a speaker? We'll see.

The notes to the side don't show anything overly surprising, either. You see listed 16- and 32-gigabyte storage models, and what probably is RAM count. Plus, there's mention of optical image stabilization, which LG's long been a fan of.

Previous rumored for the G3 is a ridiculously high-resolution 2560x1440 display, and we've gotten a look at what appears to be a flatter user interface.

Source: GSM Arena


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LG G3 looks to keep rear (but redesigned) buttons


Went to the Sprint store to pay my bill today. A grandma walked up next to me playing with my G2 while I was looking at a Galaxy S5. She asked me which one was better. I got a headache instantly...!

Then she surprised me. She started spitting out all of the Galaxy S5 specs off the top of her head and then asked what kind of specs my phone had.
I started by telling her my G2 is 9 months older than the S5, my CPU is the SD800, and right now the G2's price is about $150 cheaper than the S5.
She smiled and said, "So the GS5 I'm buying is better than that phone?"
I smiled and put my G2 in her hand while she was hold the GS5 her husband was buying her.

She smiled again then walked over to her husband and the rep with both our phones. She came back with my G2 and her new White G2.

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So exactly how old do you think this woman you are calling a grandma was?
Seems like the old folks can know about technology too huh

I am guessing that is an ir remote blaster as it is located on the back of the gflex in nearly the same location


Maybe it's a little "stronger"... The IR blaster in the G2 works well for most situations, but could use a little more range/distance.

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Yeah, I hope it's a more powerful IR transmitter, and I would love to see it in THAT location so you could hold your phone up normally and still have the transmitter aiming at the TV.


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Never got used to those back buttons. Not saying they are bad, just tougher to get used to than I thought

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I like the back buttons a lot from an ergonomics standpoint, but anything that keeps a phone from lying completely flat on its back always drives me a little crazy.

Start in the middle and slide up like I do.

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Wouldn't turning the buttons so that they are horizontal fix a lot of issues like that? I feel like LG should've considered that it's fairly easy to smudge the camera trying to turn the volume up

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Am I the only person that lies their phone face down in most instances (the Platinum case I got from Best Buy keeps the glass from touching the surface)?

I never got used to the back buttons until I put a case on my g2. The plastic casing just feels to slippery for me to hold in the desired way. Now that the case adds much more grip, I've been using the back power button much more often during one handed use.

Posted from VZW G2

The case makes all the difference. Most phones get a bit slippery, especially if hands are slippery. I wouldn't get the G3 without the buttons on the back. I think it's the best design, especially for big hands!

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Note sure why anyone ever used the buttons other than to take a screen shot. knock knock on and off makes the buttons nearly useless. Love the G2. I am totally skipping the S5 and M8 (not that it was ever an option with that camera) and waiting for the LG G3.

Good because the button placement on the G2 is fantastic. With knock on/off I rarely use the physical buttons anyway.

With my Quick View case I don't use my back buttons, except for reboots and quick launching the camera.

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Since last years G2 was released in September, is it normal for leaks to come out this early? It seems to me like they may be pushing for a earlier launch date?

Had my G2 for three weeks now and the 'rear buttons are just so natural now. Perfect placement for my paws

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I've had mine for about the same amount of time. I have the Verizon variant but I'm still loving the placement. It really does feel natural to me.

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I agree. However I wish the buttons were a tad lower to help people with smaller hands (like me). But of course doing so would get in the way of the large battery right under it :)

Posted from VZW G2

Yeah i had to look it up, forgotten that it was one of the only normal size phones that hit 3k

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I have no doubt that this phone will be better than any offering from HTC or Samsung, just like last year. I also have no doubt that it won't sell for shit compared to them either.

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I hope LG can make a few more runs of it in the mobile space because nobody else is currently providing a similar experience to the G2. First phone I can own for two years without wanting the next gen.

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I know what ypu are saying. I was in Sprint store last week and they told me most all the phones they are selling are G5 and some Note3. Almost no G2, HTC, and even said iPhone sales are way down. They attribute that to advertising. And that is just in this one store. People ask me, "What phone is that?" When I say LG G2 they just look at me.

Agreed. Much better looking. Hopefully Verizon doesn't change them up again, the design on the Verizon G2 is so ugly.

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Oh man, I can't wait for the G4 with a 3840x2160 resolution.

Posted via my Moto X (Sorry Nexus 5, too many issues)

Someone's a bit too excited

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

I was skeptical about the buttons on back before I bought mine but since then it's become very natural & I really appreciate not worrying about accidentally hitting side buttons when I grab my phone

SD cards suck.....but having the option wouldn't suck I guess.

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Yeah, I have never been pro SD card or removable battery. I understand why people like them, but for me they are just fluff. I have never been in a circumstance where I just had to change my battery right that instant and not had a charger. And I have no problem fitting everything i need on 32gb internal. Plus I like not having to mess with my data being in more than one place.

Can't wait for sd cards and removable batteries to be resigned to history. They seem so quaint.

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Agreed. An SD card slot is just one more possible point of mechanical failure. I got burned by my TF201, and now I'd always just rather have more internal storage and forget about expandable storage. And while I suppose I'd prefer a removable battery, I just carry an Anker power pack in my travel bag. I've never found myself in a situation where I was kicking myself for not having a swappable battery, and I travel a *lot*.

The battery I find too convenient at this point to want to give up (it is easier to just swap than to charge from a battery pack) but I suppose I could give up the SD card slot now, as long as 32gb internal keeps trending up. I use my SD card as more of a flash drive now...

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If you have a battery that last as long as the G2 you don't have to carry an extra battery. Who wants to have to carry an extra battery around?

I have a Note 3 that has a bigger battery, and the life on it is phenomenal. I still need to swith the battery out once and a great while.

I am not a typical user by any means. I can honestly say my phone is on for one reason or another most of the day. I really should stop testing stuff on my personal phone..

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It looks like it would be more difficult to use these buttons compared to the G2's because they don't stick out as much so getting on them looks harder than before.

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Nice hopefully they have GPE edition this time, since their skin is one of the worst along with touchwiz. And we all know how slow lg updates its phones compared to other OEMs.

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I think the skin is fantastic. You can put 6 items in the tray, change any app icon to whatever you want, while still keeping a user interface closer to bare Android than Samsung or HTC or anything else except the Nexus. Not to mention I've had the newest version of Kit Kat for a while now.

I agree. Some of the detailed icons are ugly, but you can change then with the stock ui. I don't think any other let you do that. Plus the new leaked g3 ui looks super clean IMO. Also love the clipping tray for copy and paste and screenshots. There are some gimmicky features that I don't use, but the features I use, I use all the time and I wouldn't trade those for stock android.


It seems like this comment is from 2011, back when LG never updated their phones and released some fairly crappy handsets. I don't know where you've been, but, that stuff stopped a couple years back man. Get with the times.

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Come out of your lg bubble. They are almost always last in updates even now. Go check.

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I love my G2, but they need to move the charger port and the headphone jack from the bottom to the top or side. I can't be the only person that rests their phone on their chest while browsing the internet, and you can't exactly do that if you're plugged in charging or have headphones in.

I don't mind them where they are, but I hate side charging phones. I think it makes more sense to have the headphone jack at the top, but when it is and the charger is at the bottom when both are plugged in it is super awkward to use the phone.


Ooooohh. Didn't know they put the port on the bottom. This is a massive plus for me. I do loads of driving and having all the wires coming from the bottom is great. I miss my gnex for that very reason

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+1. I love this at the gym when I have headphones plugged in because my phone goes in and out of my pocket for track my routine and a rest timer

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Have had my G2 since release day and still love it. Best device I've ever owned and I have owned quite a few. Considering the G2 was released 8 months ago and still goes head to head with any android phone to date is very impressive. The G3 will be the successor to my G2 when it's released. the G3 should be a spec monster!

I like the G2's button placement except I'd really prefer the power button on the side. The recently shown new LG Isai phone had it perfect with button placement. Still looking forward to seeing the G3.

LG G2 (4.4.2) T-Mobile

Kinda odd. Yeah it does.
16 gb with 2gb ram and 32 gb with 3gb ram. I assume. Obviously nothing is certain but they would be interesting.


LG should put a textured or more premium backside on the G3 - as GREAT as the G2 is, it's also a tad bit too slippery to hold at times. Otherwise, I have no complaints. #G3ftw

Posted via Android Central App on my T-Mobile LG G2

That thing looks FULGY just like the G2. I'd rather have side buttons than have ugly looking buttons in the back.

Button looks much better, I just hope it isn't a phablet size screen and has a sd card slot.. This is on my list of possible purchased. If it is phablet size then I would rather go for the note 4

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My favorite devices are moto x droid maxx and g2 and g3. LG is doing great things as of late.

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I had the G2 for about four months and loved but than sold it because I wanted to try the Note 3, I do miss it and will be getting the G3 if it comes out with 3GB ram and 2k screen.

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I just switched from the Nexus 4 to the G2. This was a big change from stock to LG's skin, but I like it!. The most impressive aspect is the incredible battery life I get on this device. I watch a lot of content and stream tons of music. I can go 2 days without charging. I think that is the bigger advantage to LG's devices

I'm so interested in this next LG phone. I was tempted to get the HTC ONE M8, but am waiting. Does anyone know if the G3 will have a micro or a nano sim card? I'm hoping it's the nano sim.