LG G3 leaks for Sprint with Spark LTE and minimal branding

In case you were wondering if there was anything else left to leak about the LG G3, here's one more: what it might look like on Sprint. The latest renders from evleaks reveal that the phone will come in at least the dark brushed metallic "titanium" finish and golden brushed metallic finish on Sprint (similar to the launch colors of the HTC One M8.

But it's coming with minimal branding of the Sprint type. In face, there's nary a Sprint logo visible in these renders, though that could very much change (just see Verizon's LG G3 renders). In fact, the only thing tipping it as being Sprint is the little spinny asterisk icon in the notification bar that belongs to Sprint Spark enhanced LTE.

It won't be long before all there is to know about the LG G3 is finally revealed, but in the meantime we've got the specs, the Quick Circle case, and more high resolution renders than you can shake a stick at.

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LG G3 leaks for Sprint with Spark LTE and minimal branding


And what would be wrong with that, lighter, less prone to damage when dropped, removable battery, and since the majority of the population puts a cover on their $600 plus phone, it does not matter.

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Not everyone uses a cover. I don't spend $600+ to cover up my phone. I'm so tired of the "everyone uses a cover" excuse. Just make a metal phone. It's not hard, see Apple and HTC.

And see them dent and break when they get dropped as I have countless times. The majority of people most of whom are not on this site need a case on their $600 phones because they are careless with them and don't have a clue that these things really cost $600+ because they've been paying a $0-$200 subsidy for years and didn't know they were being charged for the rest of the phone being built into the pricing.

I'm tired of hearing that metal is better for smartphones. It's not, HTC is losing ground and Apple put out the 5C that has plastic and is a hell of a lot more durable than the glass & metal ones. Samsung, for all the things we complain about that we hate is selling a ton of phones made out of plastic with removable batteries and SD slots for storage. If LG followed suit with the G3 I say good for them, because that's what's selling and if I was the other manufacturers I'd do the same thing.

The main reason I've continued to buy Samsung phones is because they are durable and they give me options. The other manufacturers don't, but if LG does with the G3 I'll be all over it.

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Yeah I just sold my m8 because I absolutely hated it. It was heavy, slippery, scuffed, and awkward. Two drops and the metal was dented and scratched. Additionally just about every iPhone user i know has likely cracked their screen or backplate at some point. I felt one of the most solid phones I've owned was a moto x, it was a durable hard poly but still felt soft and grippy but maintained a great weight. That's what I want in a phone. Plastic FTW.

I'm sorry I've had iphones and a HTC one m7 and I prefer my nexus 5 way above both. And its 100 percent plastic outside.. Feels way way better.

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No, it's polycarbonate. What Apple Zealots fail to realize is that polycarbonates out preform aluminum in most test. Your "all metal" iPhone is just Aluminium. Not Steel. This is why Apple calls it metal and not Aluminium.

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Verizon's service is good. I had them for a while and enjoyed it. But now I'm on Sprint and where I live and travel, the service has been the same. And at least at home, my speeds are faster because Sprint has less users bogging down the network.

As for the logo...let's be honest: the way Verizon shoehorned the logo in the corner is just stupid. And its distracts from the look of the device.


And in some areas, where I live/work/travel Sprint beats Verizon. I was in a state park yesterday and the Verizon phone I had was at 1X while my Sprint phone was at LTE

French creek state park, near Hopewell lake. Usually around here Verizon/att/Sprint run neck and neck (Sorry, this is a very bad area for T Mobile) but in this instance (and most of the Park which is huge) Verizon was crap.The only other time I saw it that bad was on the PA/MD border, and that was only for about a mile.

I hadnt been there in about 20 years until yesterday (grew up right around the corner so I used to go all the time) and I was surprised at how little had changed. It is still gorgeous...

Get used to it. Where I live...Lake County, Florida...I have LTE right here in the living room. My wife's friend who is on VZW is burping to get any usable signal.

" That's something I've never heard before "

I'm sure it's uncommon but I don't see why you'd act shocked, getting decent coverage is hard, the sheer logistics of dealing with all the local bs to get your towers properly situated is mind boggling. There's way more extreme examples anyway, Puerto Rico has 0 Verizon signal because they left the island years ago (whereas AT&T and Sprint have always had a presence and T-Mo started moving in a few years ago). :p

Sprint's LTE expansion here has actually been rather impressive, in a year they pretty much blanketed the whole metro area and that was actually the last part of the island to get LTE (they started everywhere else first). Speeds could still be better, but that's largely a function of weak building penetration in many places. No news for Spark here unfortunately...

so I guess places you have been is places everyone has been? Sprint ' network is comical at best....

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so I guess places you have been is places everyone has been? Sprint ' network is comical at best....

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Defensive much?I did not state unequivocally that Sprint was better than Verizon (because in reality it isn't, no one is) I said where I go (and specifically where I was yesterday) it rivals Verizon.

Sprint has a better network than what may believe around here.

I carry a Sprint and a Verizon phone. I work all over Colorado. Where one is weak, the other is strong and vice versa. I can't say Verizon is hands down the best.

On the east coast, with the rare exceptions, it seems that Verizon is king

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Is the back metal or plastic? I am glad I have att, verizon always wants to put their stupid logo everywhere on the phone.

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Nice observation but don't think they will announce tomorrow and say the phone will be available in 2 months. That will be really stupid of them.

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Just saw the wireless charger for the G3 with circle cover. No price given but I like the look -- holds phone upright and it doubles as a stand when not charging. Wish I knew how to post a picture here.

you can only post links to the picture/article. You have to be an editor I think to actually post pictures

We all pay too much attention to gadgets around here :-)

Nice find on the Qi charger, I hadnt seen that before. I wonder if it is gonna run around the same price as the Samsung Qi kit. I wonder if people will say the same about this as they did with the Samsung stuff (that it should have been included, not an extra cost).

Personally and I have said this before, I do not get wireless charging at this point. It is too slow and it isnt like it is hard to plug the cord in. I do understand the convenience, but that is about it....

Well, it could be charging on your qi while your sleeping that way in the morning you can just grab and go. For all other charging needs, use the cable especially in those "need a quick freakin' charge right freakin' now!" moments.

I find it much easier to grab n go in the mornings on my way to work than to fiddle with a cable. Sure, it's not hard to unplug....but much, MUCH, more convenient not having to.

Once you get a few chargers you won't understand why everyone isn't all over wireless charging. :p Having the phone upright on my desk is particularly nice (using the Nokia one for that), as are the magnets for easy positioning on the Nexus one I have by the bedside. It seems like a really minor thing, not having to pick up and plug in a cable, but in practice it's very liberating.

Closest thing I can equate it to is car audio, yea the 3.5mm aux in sounds a lil bit better than Bluetooh and it's not a big deal to take the phone out and plug it in, but man... Once I had BT in my car I couldn't imagine taking it out and plugging it in every time I got in the car anymore (and I'm fairly critical of SQ). I actually charge more often because of the wireless chargers I have laying around so it easily offsets the fact that I charge slower.

I still have a USB battery pack I use on long days mind you (the Anker Slim with the built in cable, that built in cable makes a world of difference too), and I'd probably use this over extra batteries even if my phone had a replaceable battery. I had two phones w/replaceable batteries and I rarely swapped them in cause of the hassle of powering down, taking the case off, etc.

A lot of this just boils down to personal preference tho, some people don't see why anyone would drive anything smaller than a Ford Expedition, I can't imagine driving anything larger than a hathback. I wouldn't knock wireless charging until you've lived with it tho.

As someone that's usually rooted, the icon is easier to remove, so I'll take that... In my case I took neither (N5), Sprint has typically been fairly minimal with their branding tho, even on Sprint exclusives like the EVO line. I think only the first EVO had a Sprint logo on the front, don't hold me to that tho.

Feel sad for useless Verizon users since they have to see that ugly Verizon logo stamped back and front. Like Sprint and T-Mobile for not putting logos on the M8, now this. And ATT logo is tolerable since they put mostly on the back and is just some kind of globe shape.
F U useless Verizon.

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To bad the Tmobile G2 has a Tmobile logo on the back at the bottom.
Sprint phones normally have only two logos, one OEM logo on the front and back.

I had to read your comment twice.

Sprint has no logos on the phones, only the original OEM logos that come with every phone. I think that is what you were trying to say.

Yeah that's bad at least you can get around that by getting the original OEM back for cheap from eBay. There is no escaping the Verizon stamp on the front :)

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AT&T puts their branding on your notification bar instead, which is way worse since it takes up valuable space meant for other things... Granted on most phones it disappears when you actually have notifications but still, talk about an eyesore.

Awesome. Another article about branding. Groundbreaking.

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Do NOT upgrade your gs3 or gs4 to this phone. You'll lose simultaneous voice and data, and have huge problems with connecting to 3G/LTE. I literally just let Sprint because I travelled last week, and the HTC One M8 turned into the worst phone experience I've had in years. Also, now I know that it's Sprint's network that makes battery life on all phones shorter. I'm getting double the standby time on my gs5 for AT&T.

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SVLTE is gone with tri-band. Not just on Sprint, either. Verizon is the only carrier still using it, and it'll screw things up for them when they start using carrier aggregation. It'll be back when VoLTE is a thing. But for now, you'll have to stick to either phones from 2012/13 or WiFi if you want both data and calling.
eCSFB is the problem with connecting to LTE on tri-band phones. It was fixed in all but a few cities as of about 3 months ago.
And battery life, especially standby time, should be better on tri-band phones because they only have one antenna.

Yeah, it's a regional thing and they put out a flyer explaining all this months ago (when the first phone of this kind came out, the N5). SVLTE rarely worked for me anyway, on the EVO LTE at 'least, but I haven't had any problems outside the loss of that with my N5. If anything it actually grabs unto an LTE signal much much better than my EVO LTE.

For once I'm actually available for an upgrade when a new phone comes out I want on ATT!!!! This is a great feeling lol. I will be picking this up with that charger and cover case for sure.

Hope the backs are interchangeable cause a lot of the Verizon folks will get one.

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Minimal branding would be a great way for Sprint to get new customers or keep the existing ones. Think of it. Just ONE app (bloat ware as many call it). Just one. Then this app acts like a HUB to all the Sprint Branded apps. So you can decide what services or Apps you use from Sprint, or non at all. This will also help updates come out faster since the only bloat ware app that needs tested would be the hub.

I know Samsung has a hub, but theirs is more like an app store then anything else

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Sprint has minimal branding with most devices. They almost go out of their way to not do it
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Bloat not so much... They do have their crap, like everyone else