There have been many murmurs about the LG G3 lately, and a launch is creeping closer to reality with a leaked image of the retail packaging revealed by The Verge. Apparently the gold color on the front is going to match the device itself. There aren’t any new pictures of the G3, but a leaked LG handset due for Japan may give you an idea of what to expect. When reached for comment, LG would only confirm that their next handset would have the 1440 x 2560 display that we had glimpsed earlier, thought not the exact size.

LG G3 gold box

Lately, most of the debate has been between the HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5, but things are going to get a lot more complicated once this LG G3 hits the streets, not to mention the Sony Z2.

Obviously the insane screen is a good start, but what would you like to see from the LG G3 to properly compete with all of these other handsets?

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LG G3 to come in gold, have insane 2560x1440 screen


They need to have a summer release to stay relevant and to get in before everyone settles for an HTC M8 or G5.

My main concern is "app pixel density".
Games especially.
Ex: Smaller controls.
Remember people, these are still phones. They just have big tablet densities now.
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Overkill. You want that crisp of a screen buy a nice ass TV. Just my opinion though I never watch videos on my phone though

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I watch a LOT on my phone... travel for work, and dont want to mess with a tablet or laptop on an hour long flight. A quick ep of The Walking Dead or the like on my Note 3 is spectacular.

And it's honestly hilarious how often that (specifically) the screen is complimented by iPhone/iPad users at the airport.

They said the same about 1080p two years ago... Now every phone has to have it in order to be relevant.

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Ehh. If there's a 2k display on a good device, might as well get it right? If not, cool.

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So sick of seeing it called 2K when all the current phones are 2K. This is also 2K, but we should be more specific and call it QHD...

I hope that's attached to a 5,000 mah battery. That resolution is a waste of resources on such a small screen.

I think you and many others will be surprised to notice a difference in the resolution, even on a 5" device. Everyone thought 1080 was pointless when we had 720, but we know they look quite different. When I use a 720 phone its good, but not the best. Same will be said about 1080 after 1440 is out.

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No human can tell the difference between 1080 and 1440 on a phone. A 70" TV? That's a different story. Its just a selling point.

I may depend on how close you are and how big the screen is, also at larger phablet sizes it may be more noticable
They said the same thing when 1080p phones came out, Time will tell.

Don't people get it yet? NO you can't see the difference in the pixel sizes. But because of the density and size of the pixels it will still look better because it will more accurately represent the true colors and edges of pictures, text, etc.

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I still can't see the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 5" screen. This is just overkill.

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-1,000!!! It's called technological advancements, there's a name for it, and that's it! Did you really think in the year 2020 we were still going to have 1080p on our smartphones, really?

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Seriously, there are other things that could be better and should be upgraded,not a screen resolution. I understand a technological advencement that leads to standarize 720p or even 1080p resolutions not only in high-end phones, but above that on a 5'' screen? it is in not a technological advancement but a really pointless move, only usefull on sales. Trust me, human eye wouldn't see a difference in resolution and as someone said - you will really need a 5 mAh battery attached to it.

And here we see Jay Holm in his natural comment habitat, contributing absolutely nothing to the discourse here

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+1000. They should focus on battery. But LG has always been a big player in screen technologies so you can't really blame them.

LG G2 already has a bigger and better battery then the S5 and M8, do you not think they will improve even more with the G3?

I didn't say that. Of course they will. I was just implying that they (OEMs in general) should develop a new battery technology.. Smartphones have more and more features, yet the battery technology hasn't really evolved.

You're forgetting that all of the other hardware...including the panel/display...will be MORE power efficient despite being MORE powerful. How do you not notice that trend in technology? Does it surprise you that a 2014 Mustang GT gets twice the MPG as a 1990 despite making twice the horsepower? Lastly, I understand the limitations of the human eye, but people (esp Iphone crowd) have been saying that for ages and I assure you I can see a huge difference between 720p and 1080p on a 4.7-5" screen. 720p looks great...until you put a 1080p next to it. 1080p might be the limit but I doubt it...guess we'll find out.

Sort of wish I grabbed a G2 instead of my Note 3. Using a button to wake the screen feels so archaic now!

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Well the leak of of the lg Asai has a 5.5” display but has almost no bezels and the form factor is about the same maybe a couple mm wider and taller . Also the One plus one says their phone will be 5.5” with the form factor of a 5”.

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Jay, how about you at least put forth SOME effort into not being a jackass for a change... come on cool guy, you can do it!

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The growing trend toward ever higher density displays, when it's well known that the eye can't see the difference, is just specmanship. Features for the sake of advertising copy, not actual benefit.

+1! C'mon LG, Samsung has some of us for customers for certain reasons. . .c'mon LG, get with it, learn from your competitors.

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The G2 kicks the shit out of every Samsung device I've ever had... your point of view is a pile of horse shit

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I love the G2, and this would be the only phone I can see me upgrading to... I'm just hoping they make all models Qi compatible. It was a real let down finding out my Tmo model didn't have it and that Verizon had the exclusive version. Great screen, great battery, great camera... I don't understand why the G2 phone isn't bigger than it is, hopefully the G3 will fix that.

I love my g2 but if the g3 has an unlocked bootloader that would be enough for me.

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Lmfaoooooo ^ y'all are ridiculous. See how it feels, Jay?

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Getting more excited everyday for this phone. This will hurt Samsung and HTC for sure. LG rocks!!!

LG G2 (4.4.2) T-Mobile

I don't understand needing this high of resolution on a screen so small, and as such the screen is at our very near the bottom of what excites me about this phone... But I'm still trying to decide if my first jump with tmo would be better served waiting for this phone or jumping on the g2...from my xperia z

The only way they are going to keep you nerds spending $650.00 + Tax + Case + Screen Protectors.. Is to bump the specs yearly.. They don't care if you rent the telephone monthly or pay the approx. $700.00 outright... as long as you continue to pay the pimps to have their sexy phones in your horny little hands.. Hopefully, they give you 6 hours screen time with your new $700.00 hooker..

Please. Any modern day cell phone is better than a $700 hooker.

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Sorry BOY... I don't get Suckered into being a "John" for the pimps.. and handing over $700.00 bucks for a Telephone.. Not $600, $500, $400, $300, or $200.00... It's just a telephone.. that plays movies, games and gives you access to the Internet and allows you to txt.. sub-$200.00 devices do the same thing just as well.. The pimps love to build these "John Phones" for Nerds like you to suck up and line there pockets.. Every 6 to 12 months.. Suckers..

Only thing you know how to illustrate is what a DUMASS you are...
You've proven that all through this thread... just shut the hell up... And don't read anything I post or comment on it ever again.. I mean that.

Listen here BOY. I will continue to comment where I see fit. And now that I know you don't want me to reply to your comments, that is going to make me even more likely to do so, get ready for that. Maybe try being less of a dick all the time.


There is a difference between a 200 dollar phone and a 700 dollar phone u get better performance better looks probably more durability its like buying a Suzuki car and it breaks often but it only cost 2 grand but if u would of paid 20 grand for a Toyota or Honda you will have a better buy back value way less breaking down and people will think your car looks nice so that the difference between prices most of the times if u pay more u get more if u pay less u get crap

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Believe it or not, some people like to spend a bit of extra money to buy things they enjoy, even when a less expensive version of the same thing would also work. It's the reason I'm not typing this on a $50 Polaroid tablet, and the reason that not everybody drives a mid-90s Geo Metro. Unless your wardrobe is comprised entirely of sweatpants and free promotional t-shirts, you're just as guilty.

Sounds nice being a 2560x1440 screen, but why? on such a small screen why do we need such resolution. all this does is keep the cost high, taxes the battery, and speed of a device

Intelligent comment, i can assure you im more of a tech head than yourself having owend 34 phones since june last year and 22 tablets.

Think of that before your next attempt at a crappy stereotyping

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Yep! It is stereotyping alright (FYI, I am from the West Ends) . But good for you mate for owning 34 phones and 22 tablets. This only means that you sells them or you're an idiot who has to buy 34 phones and 22 tablets to find a good one!! #Nockoff

I would have graced you with a response, but I'm afraid I won't debase myself to your level ."You are irrelevant". Now be a good boy and roll over, then go sit in a corner and quickly fade away. Evidently you don't have mirrors,
I guarrantee the jackass would be starring back at you!

I'm going to assume you're responding to Elisha... it's hard to tell in the app these days once it gets to a certain point.

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I hope they fix the display on the g3 the g2 has a nice display but the color was wayyyy off. Check out some benchmarks. They tried copying the colors of amoled on an LCD and it makes it look way off.

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Really.. I came from a Note 2 and a Nexus 4 to the G2. I thought the color accuracy was best on the G2. Maybe it is just my eyes.

I think people get too hung up on whether or not the eye can resolve individual pixels at a given resolution and distance.
Even if you can't resolve individual pixels, the pixels will still be giving off light and that light will influence the light of neighboring pixels. This should affect the way your brain interprets the images it is seeing.
So, even if a little bit of trig says that you can't see the pixels at 2560x1440, there's still a lot more information that your brain is gathering about the image at that resolution vs lower resolutions.

Since your brain discards most of the information the eyes send it and will fill in any gaps in the information it receives (e.g. the blindspot caused by the optic nerve), I think that any effect this higher resolution has on how the image appears will be insignificant.

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I've not used the S4, but I switched from an S3 to a G2. The built in speaker on the G2 sounds a bit tinnier, It does, however, seem louder, but that may be due to the speaker being on the bottom of the phone instead of the back. I've not yet tested the G2 with a decent pair of headphones, so I can't attest to that yet. Audio over bluetooth in the car seems to be about the same.

Looks like this will be a great phone, iv been brain washed by apple phones for past 4 years and switched to note 3 and cant be any happier, these high end smart phones have great specs and tbh higher pixle and ppi is not a major deal breaker for me as long as its hd im happy, these phones arnt pokemon cards and if you buying them just for the purpose to out do another person phone is kind of a joke, stick to what makes you happy and suits your needs stop trying to preach your phone, im just glad iv got away from apple feels like iv just got out a abusive realationship, ps I know my grammer and spelling is not up to the standards of all the teacher online now dsys but f it I dont care :)

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AndroidCentral is very hypocritical sometimes....
wasn't it only a few weeks ago when they tried
to defend Samsung for not having 2k screen on
the new Galaxy S5? Now they are helping LG
promote upcomign phones with 2k screens?

This IS my next phone. 1080p would be fine with me but I'll take the higher resolution... Sick of Samsung and the stupid physical home button!

How is a physical home button a issue? This is not a attack just a question. Iv never found a it a problem so far.

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It's a button press vs. a tap. Physical home button is a press and on screen or capacitive is a tap. It's purely a personal preference but I don't like physical home buttons because its different than everything else you do to navigate the phone's UI...everything else is a tap or a swipe and now you have to change your flow to depress a physical button. Takes more time and is not natural for me. Plus it just feels archaic and like a hold over from Samsung's old "let's copy Apple" design direction.

I was unaware that apple created the idea of a physical home button...and is pressing a button really time comsuming? Does you phone have volume rockers? Or power button? Im not a bias person I have a samsung and use other phones on regular basis and find that phones with physical home buttons are just the same as those with out, like you said its personal preferences... the only downside to no physical buttons I have is when im in an app and the app completly freezes and renders my whole phone useless for few seconds, the home button does not respond as well as the home button on the samsung or iphone in that matter.... but tbh I have issuse with physical buttons too so im in no position to say which one is best.
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Haha Did you feel your volume rockers/power button argument was more compelling than the "I wasn't aware Apple invented the physical button" remark? I'm just playing but I had to call you out on that.

Volume rockers and power buttons are not used to navigate the phone's UI so that doesn't factor into the equation for me..but I would love to see more of the knock on type gestures to remove reliability on the power button. I haven't experienced any difference in response between physical and on screen buttons. It's probably more of a mental perception than actual better response because if the software on the phone is not responding then having a physical button shouldn't make a difference. I'm not saying one is better than the other I'm just stating my preference and reasons why some might not like physical home buttons.

Lol I actually had to check online if apple had the idea first, and with a smug smile I was happy to see they wasnt lol but seriously it is down to personal preferences

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I can tell your probably a very, very difficult person to get along with! Just based on how you analyze and critique things.

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...and I can tell you're an ignorant douchebag and a sad pathetic man from all the idiotic comments you post. I was answering another poster's actual question not just throwing my uninformed and unwanted opinions around or making inferences about someone I don't know.

Your analyzing a frinkin button! There are practical things to make issue about other than a button!

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I ask qeustion to see others opinions, which I respect. I love to learn as much as possible about devices and dont follow suit just because others follow.. samsung just like other great phone companies have had a physical home buttun proir to june 2007 and even could go as far to say "apple copied" these designs. But where would the world be today if we didnt copy/alter/improve past technology? I dont understand how you could judge how i would be a hard person to get along with, by me trying to debate certain topics, I see so many knowledgeable people being bias and ruin forums.

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I think that douche was actually calling me difficult and he was on your side...

I didn't mean to start the old who copied who argument. Apple certainly didn't invent the home button. I was just trying to say that to me if feels old and unnecessary on an android device. Not that there is anything wrong with it intrinsically. I just feel that physical home buttons are better left for Apple devices and that samsung is better than that.

Thats a point well put. Its good to get honest feedback with out it getting turned into a which hunt, should be more people like you on forums

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I hope it has the snapdragon 805, it might lag with S801 with that resolution.

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A stripped down UI would be nice.. It's really the only thing that holds me back. Camera, battery and screen will likely be great.

"What would you like to see from the LG G3 to properly compete with all of these other handsets?"
Don't copy Samsung's TW now....

When you really run shit, you don't have to talk about it....

Yes the hell it could. As a matter of fact, even the G2 could butt heads with the M8 and still hold it's own, I'd bet.

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I NEED A 128 GB-COMPATIBLE MICROSD CARD SLOT. I DON'T CARE ABOUT MUCH ELSE. THIS PHONE IS SEMI-PERFECT AS IS. Do it for me, LG. Oh, and I would LOVE some apt-x compatibility as well.

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