£399.99 on PAYG or £49 and up on contract

Data-friendly UK network Three has announced its launch of the LG G2, the Korean company's latest high-end smartphone with buttons on the back. Three is offering the G2 for £49 up-front on 24-month contracts starting at £29 per month. Alternative if you're after a Three-branded G2 without a monthly commitment, the carrier's selling it for £399.99 on Pay As You Go.

The device is available online and from Three stores today. For more info on the LG G2, check out our reviews of the U.S. versions.

Source: Three


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LG G2 now available on Three UK


£400 seems relatively cheap. It's £480 on clove. Guessing it's not unlocked though.

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u won't get it no where in the UK yet I checked every where and all the so called UK sites that's selling they get the phone from Japan so I opt for the 16gb I will just use USB on the go

In Spain Vodafone have got an exclusive on the 32gb version. Might have to switch to them as not sure the 16gb cuts it.

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Same here, I currently own the HTC One and have recently removed a lot of cruft leaving 18gb spare on the G2 that would leave me with under 3gb which is too close for comfort. Going to wait for the 32GB version from a UK seller.

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