LG just officially announced the LG G2 Mini, and we'll get a good look at it next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Now we've got a very brief teaser video to go along with it. Nothing particularly stands out, other than apparently it turns you into a shredderiffic skater boy.

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NickA says:

To all "mini" phone makers: we don't want lower specs just because the phone is smaller.

NoNexus says:

This even fails there since it is not really mini at 4.7"

Amir47 says:

The specs aren't even bad though. that resolution is the only downside to the phone.

LeroyRJR says:

2013, 4.3 is 'mini', 2014 4.7,, 2015, 5.5????

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2016 7" :D

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paul-c says:

So disappointed that LG didn't take the Sony route with their smaller phone.