LG G2 Mini

The LG G2 Mini was first launched back in February as Mobile World Congress was getting underway and one UK retailer today drops word that it will begin shipping it from April 30. The folks at Clove Technology will have them ready to send you from this Wednesday priced at £250 inclusive of VAT.

The G2 Mini keeps the same familiar design of the regular G2, including keeping the buttons round the back. It's a slimmed down – both internally and externally – version of its big brother with a 960x540 resolution display at 4.7-inches, a Snapdragon 400 or Tegra 4i CPU depending on the market, 8GB of onboard storage with a microSD card slot, 1GB of RAM and a less feature packed 13MP rear camera.

If you're interested, hit the source link below to get your order on.

Source: Clove

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Screen resolution ruins it

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Dissident26 says:

Why anyone in their right mind wanted to pay £250 for this?

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5

Jack33 says:

More and more, I think you need at least 2GB RAM to run a phone these days without running into lags. I don't know how these lower RAM phones stand up.

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Devara Gian says:

I have to agree!
Im curious about the pricing of smartphone RAM

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NoNexus says:

Love how 4.7 is a mini

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wezi427 says:


"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Amir47 says:

If only it 720p res it would be worthwhile

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Pistols says:

I think LG have messed up with this one.
The G2 was a fantastic phone, but with companies like Sony doing the Z1 Compact with the same high specs as it's big brother, they need to step it up.
Admittedly the 250 price tag is a bit more friendly, but it puts it in the firing line of too many other better specced phones.
For an extra £50 you can have a Nexus 5. Made by, oh, LG.
And with so many people getting phones on contract, I can't see it being a great seller.

Dan DC says:

I agree with you, and you could actually get a G2 for just £29 more, sim-free, free shipping, which is what I did.

wezi427 says:

Why even call it the LG G2 Mini? I could understand calling it a mini if it was the exact same phone, but smaller.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"


totally useless. who wants this crap???!!!! Why OEMs are still coming with this kind of device where no one is interested. Sony did the correct thing with z1compact. LG is yet to learn from them.

NoNexus says:

Everyone has yet to learn

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ronnypoo says:

Specs aren't THAT bad but I agree

Posted from VZW G2

Taz89 says:

Lol £250? Your better off getting the real g2 which isn't much more. Considering the spec difference between the 2 the g2 mini should be a quarter of the price of the g2

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