LG G2Fast-tracked release in Korea and a launch on the big four in the U.S., according to Korean press reports

We're gearing up for tomorrow's big LG G2 unveiling in New York City, but it seems the first country to see a retail release for the phone could be South Korea. According to reports from Korea's MK News, the device will launch in the Korean market this Thursday, Aug. 8, the day after the NYC launch event.

In the United States, the publication adds, the G2 will launch on all four major carriers — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint — while Japan's NTT Docomo will also get the new LG flagship.

Fortunately we won't have to wait too long to learn whether these reports pan out, as we'll be live from NYC tomorrow to bring you full coverage of the LG G2 launch.

Source: MK News (Korean); via: UnwiredView

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Linebarrel86 says:

Honest question:

How good is LG about updating their devices?

NoNexus says:

Still really an unknown

kalo88 says:

Based on previous devices, very poor.

the1m.polo says:

To be honest thats a trick question. ..just like samsung u have/had before they did thw nexus and after they did the nexus... before both companies were slow at updates after samsung got waaay better the verdict is still out on LG the optimus g was udated to 4.1.2 on March 27thish ... my girl has the optimus g.. I have the note2. .. I love my note2 to death but her optimus g has me me on edge about getting the g2 now that its coming to verizon. ..updates is one issue I'm concerned about. .and I'm done with rooting and flashing .. but the optimus g is one the best phones I've held.. hands down .. to add htc one max in the mix ...aw man this is a fun time of the year. ..

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Amir47 says:

Better question. Doesn't everything that runs on the Nexus 4 run on the optimus G? Or very easily ported?

Cokerf1 says:

Can't wait I'm willing to take the risk!! Maybe an Google version.. Who knows lol...

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ChazzMatt says:

yeah, the Google version is going to be called the Nexus 5.

Don't believe the immediately refuted story that LG is not producing this year's Nexus. All year long, LG sources have leaked to South Korean newspaper Daum developments. In May, when Google CEO Larry Page visited South Korea, LG CEO showed him prototype of Nexus 5. More recently, specs to G2 leaked along with confirmation of G2/Nexus 5 co-developement.

Copy and paste this word string into your browser and hit enter: Daum LG G2 Nexus 5

TurboFool says:

You're stating a ton of rumors as fact. Back off a little. All of that is likely, but not remotely confirmed. Name isn't confirmed, those events aren't confirmed to happen the way they've been stated. Taking rumors as fact at this stage is very risky.

marko358 says:

What time is the event? I'm very intrigued with this device after the Moto X letdown.

kcsween74 says:

Tomorrow at 11am EDT.

Gekko says:

i'll take the Nexus version. and the hot Asian model.

kcsween74 says:

The hot Asian model is a guy, just fyi.

That's even hotter.

philly says:

Why doesn't this phone have a forum section yet.

Alex Dobie says:


the1m.polo says:

Thanks Alex!

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Khang Dang says:

Show me the nexus 5 already

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And so... there will also be a Google Edition of this device as well. *nods**

ChazzMatt says:

Yeah, called the Nexus 5. :)

alphacc82 says:

September :(

the1m.polo says:

This is the phone that most people are sleeping on ..... but shouldn't be

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NovaWiz says:

I chose to sleep on this phone the moment I found out about the power and volume button are on the back, completely unusable on a car mount.

the1m.polo says:

I can understand. ..but I dont use car mounts sooo... but again I understand ur usability concerns

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mcgowan398 says:

What? No USCellular!



If it hit Verizon, bye bye to my rooted DNA I got a few months. But I may wait till I try the new NOS Google ROM 1st.

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muddy13 says:

Is there going to be a Livestrean of the LG Event?

tx_tuff says:

This looks like my next phone!