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Bell and Rogers customers reporting update pushing out

A quick heads up for our LG G2 owning friends in Canada that a KitKat flavored update looks to be pushing out now. Reported by MobileSyrup, Bell and Rogers customers are starting to see a 635.99MB update to Android 4.4 arriving on their devices.

You can check for yourselves whether or not your G2 is ready by heading into Settings>About Phone>Update Center>Software Update or by jumping into the Update Center app in your app drawer if you have it. KitKat for the G2 adds a number of under-the-hood improvements as well as support for Google Cloud Printing.

Source: MobileSyrup


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LG G2 Android 4.4 KitKat update pushing out in Canada


And Verizon is still busily attempting to figure out how to get more VZ logos into Kit Kat. Sources inside Mordor say a name change to Vit Zat is immanent. NEW and IMPROVED bloat is being designed with careful precision and should be clogging phones by June. Of which year, only to dark one knows...

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Yeah... A lot of good that Spark update did... I get a squirly spinning icon, but the network is still slower than a herd of turtles in a sea of peanut butter.

Expect the Sprint OTA to start rolling out either today or tomorrow. The source code for Sprint's update was posted to LG's open source site last night.

im in malaysia and kitkat already come. but i dont want to update because i want to use the sd card as usual. can i block the update somehow? now i only can keep postpone the update for every 3 hours.

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haha sorry forgot to mention i use S4. just asking here as we are discussing kitkat. sorry if i ask in wrong place.

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I've read that they will possibly be releasing the ota with the knockcode firmware which is coming out in the middle of april

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KnockCode is the a 2x2 grid (4 square) where you can knock a pattern to unlock the phone. Today, you would have to use the power button, or knock knock, to turn the screen on, and then enter a passcode or pattern... KnockCode simply combines the two, into a knock pattern, based on the 4 regions. There is an update coming to many LG phones in april, G2 included, where the knock knock will be upgraded to support knock code. I will absolutely use this feature... Can't wait!