The LG G2 event in NYC is only just getting started, but already Three has become the first UK network to announce that it'll range LG's next big thing. The carrier's preview video confirms what we've already learned from pre-release reports — a 5.2-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 800 CPU and 4G LTE support.

No word on release dates or pricing just yet — Three says it'll launch "soon."

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LG G2 coming to Three UK


If Samsung want to keep my money back they better bring it with the note 3.. Cause this thang looks goooood... Aww dayuum!

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Looks like LG did a great job with this.

If they'd have brought the Optimus G Pro to the UK I would have bought that, but seems they did me a favour by making me wait - cause this seems far superior.

Only issue I have now is whether I wait and see if the Nexus 5, based on the G2, is just around the corner. But maybe I've had enough waiting.....

The Nexus 4 BUTCHERED sales of the Optimus G, I don't think they'll do the same again.

This phone has generated a lot of attention on it's own, why water it down.