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One-click method detailed for both US carrier models

A simple one click root method has been found for the AT&T and the Verizon models of the new LG G2. Using the method for the Asian version, full instructions have been posted at XDA that will allow you to root the device, and get the tools you need — like the SuperUser utility — up and running in English.

Once rooted, a wide array of utilities and basic OS hacks become available, and we expect developer support for the G2 to be pretty high. It has the power under the hood and a great display, and plenty of tinkerers won't be able to resist this one.

For more information you'll need to refer to the source link. As usual, this sort of thing is something to think about before diving in and all the risk is on your shoulders.

Source: XDA forums


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LG G2 on AT&T and Verizon gets proper root treatment


Supposedly Verizon shows the device 'unroot' in the about phone section if the G2 has been tampered with. Real lame.

Its there so Verizon workers can check to see if you voided your warranty by rooting it so they can refuse giving you replacements if you break it.

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The bootloader is locked though right? Root is nice, but it won't gain the level of developer action that it deserves if the bootloader is locked down like a dolphins butt....water tight....

You act as if non nexus phones don't have bugs and sluggish ui (samsung), keep waiting for your updates like the s3 on 4.1.1 and note 2 on 4.1.2 at least Google rolls out the fixes as soon as they are encountered my Samsung captivate had to wait months before it finally got a fix for the gps problems.

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I know someone will probably say something like research it, but what is the benefit in a nut shell, other than custom themes? I came from a Jail Broke iphone 5 and of course you pretty much had to jailbeak it do what most android devices already do. Thanks in advance.

A big part for me and I think most people is being able to remove the bloatware with root access. It's one thing to freeze it, but to be able to uninstall it is that much better.

Not just themes, nor removing bloat. If you root and want to do anything, you can. No restrictions

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Not just themes, nor removing bloat. If you root and want to do anything, you can. No restrictions

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You can not flash a ROM if the boot loader is locked. So you can't do anything you want, not even close.

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Thanks all for the replys, so I assume if the bloatware isnt bothering me, then not a reason to do it. Except the statement, "you can do whatever you want", makes me question what else can I make this G2 do that it cant now? Can I transform the rear button back to the original design? LOL.

When you have root access, like many have said, you can remove bloatware, flash custom ROMs etc.

When the Bootloader is unlocked, you can then flash custom kernals, which can dramatically increase performance, by over-clocking and other methods, battery performance, sometimes by underclocking and undervolting, changing the display's color hues and what not (see GNex screen tints).

Still with a GNex, I hate the idea of "upgrading" to anything but a Nexus device. With root access, you don't have to wait for VZW to release an update whenever they feel like it.

To me, that's the biggest reason... But I like tinkering without getting too deep into it. But the G2 is very nice... except for that back cover.

Technically that statement is incorrect. You can install custom ROMS on a bootloader that is locked by using a bootstrap method.....is it different, absolutely but it works as a work around.

Besides removing bloat and having admin control as others have stated, you can also flash custom ROMS which replace the UIs that vendors install over stock Android(e.g. TouchWiz, Sense, etc.) Custom ROMs normally provide better performance and enhanced/different UI flavors.