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We all knew it wouldn't be long, and now the first custom Android Wear ROM is available for the LG G Watch. Because the bootloader is unlockable and the G Watch uses fastboot, developer jakeday was able to whip up the Gohma ROM instead of spending time worrying about how to unlock the device and get access to the system.

Of course, because we don't have any source code for Android Wear yet (we're hoping) it's based off the stock firmware. The developer does tout better battery life and improved performance from his ROM, though.

If you want to give the ROM a try on your new G Watch, head to the source link below and give it a good read.

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LG G Watch gets first Android Wear custom ROM


In the case of wear, I think Google may not have left them the choice.

At least that's what I'd hope!

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All custom ROM devs tout better performance and battery life. (Except maybe nightlies or betas etc.) I've found to always skip that part about the description and look for something that really peaks my interest. Sometimes the performance and battery life goes up and sometimes down. Never figured out why. Maybe the time of day. Or the location I'm flashing from. Or the phase of the moon. Or how loaded my fridge is. Or the food I ate before flashing.

Anyway, I always thank the developer whose ROM I've used, whether a good or bad experience, because after all I am using someone else's hard work.

Idk why I wrote so much about that.

Good to see this watch already under aftermarket development.
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That's a great attitude to have about using custom ROMs. Far too often I've seen people complain to developers in extremely harsh language without even paying for the ROM

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Oh I've seen that too much too. Sometimes folks just get too caught up in the moment and forget about exactly what they're doing. People tend to forget the risk and responsibility they're seeking while tinkering.

I've even donated a couple times when I had the funds. Hardly even donating, though, since you're getting so much out of it.

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Yeah, in the past I've seen projects I've been interested in fall apart because the dev just didn't want to put up with the hassle from angry commentators who usually are only complaining because they haven't followed the instructions properly.

People have an odd sense of entitlement with these things and don't realise indie devs who give their work freely owe them nothing.

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As a custom ROM developer I appreciate every thank you or good job I get. As you stated it's hard work and takes time. People who complain (or ask for ETA's) just frustrate us. Thank you for not pestering or nagging us!! It means a lot! :)

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And I know those thank yous go a long way. So thank YOU for what you've done sir:)

BTW, which Roms have you developed? Just curious:)
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Well I have ported CarbonRom to the m7vzw, m7spr and m7att. That's the HTC One for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T for the people who don't know codenames ;). I have helped with countless other ports and mods and stuff. Right now my big project is Android L for the LTE Nexus 7 2013. This is a fun one... I am still pretty new to posting my stuff to XDA. I had a bunch of in house custom Roms I built but never shared with anyone. I really respect the people who spend so much more time on their stuff then I do!
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Sounds good man! I may or may not have used carbon ROM for the m7, can't remember. Lol but I have on my note 2 and it was a great ROM! Thanks for those ports for the m7.
Are you working on an android L ROM?

And yeah there are so many super dedicated devs on XDA its crazy. But wonderful:)

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I'm just trying to port it to the LTE Nexus 7 2013 to start. I will try and add custom goodies if I can get it to work. I'm skiman10 on XDA if you wanna look me up. Have a good day man! :)

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Just loaded it up. While I obviously cant speak on battery life yet - scrolling performance is greatly improved. All jitter in transitions is now gone. Actually looks like it did in promos.

Hell, if thats the only thing it did, id be happy enough.

lol I'm still laughing at the thought of rooting and changing ROMS on a smartwatch.

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Probably won't be weird in a year, but it's just odd to be able to modify a device with such a tiny screen.

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As Leonardo DiCaprio once said in one of his better roles "shit that was fast."

Hopefully there'll be a ROM with blacked out cards soon!

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