Although LG and T-Mobile have given us an early preview of the G-Slate at CES 2011, it still has to pass on through the FCC before we ever get to see it put to market. The above image appears to be the G-Slates FCC filing. As we know, it'll be able to run on T-Mobile's AWS frequency and will be loaded up with Honeycomb goodness. Hopefully, it now being in the FCC hands means we'll not have to wait all that long to put it in ours. [Engadget]


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LG G-Slate shows up at the FCC


Would be interesting if it is a lot cheaper than the Moto Xoom and doesn't require a contract.... HSPA+ isn't so bad.

Nothing REQUIRES a contract, right? Like, I'll be able to buy the Xoom off-contract flat our for like $500-$600 from Verizon, I'm sure...

You know what I mean though... I don't want them to claim its $700 off while $400 on... something like that.

And you're dreaming if you think $500 off contract is likely.