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A Mobile World Congress unveiling appears likely for LG's next oversized smartphone

Mobile World Congress

LG this evening officially announced that the successor to the LG (Optimus) G Pro will be unveiled in February, and it'll be call the LG G Pro 2.

The original G Pro — seen in the image above and which launched with the "Optimus" name at Mobile World Congress 2013 — was the Korean manufacturer's first step into the oversized smartphone world. It sported a 5.5-inch IPS display and was the first non-Nexus device to have Photosphere-like capability (called VR Panorama). LG dropped the "Optimus" name from its brand in 2013.

LG has not announced any specs or availability for the G Pro 2. Mobile World Congress takes place Feb. 24-27 in Barcelona, Spain.

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LG G Pro 2 is officially coming in February


Yep! LG should be given as much of a fair chance in the U.S. as Samsung has.

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I think that they need to do it on their own though, that is really, really close to a Samsung knock off.

To be honest, at first look I thought AC messed up the photos...

Really though,...how many different ways can an S4 or Note 3, or G2 be made? At some point, I think the differences become miniscule between Samsung's flagship and LG's flagship. Huge differences won't be til next year when Samsung brings their Youm line to market.

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Yeah I know but the chrome grill, home button, camera and sensor placement... just all of it is looking like an SGS4 (3).

I am not really just talking about size and shape butt that is just stupid.

I hope the S5 has that wrap around screen they showed off a year or two ago....

Not a deciding factor between two smartphones. As of right now, I am sticking with Samsung and the *S5*.

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lol! LG is pretty good at copying their sister Korean company, although no where near as successfully. Although some cutting edge hardware, I thought I read that their phones have not really sold well. (not talking about the Nexus line).

That's a one-year-old phone; LG's newer offerings like the G2 no longer look like Samsung knock-offs, so hopefully the G Pro 2 will follow that recent trend.

Okay, good, I'm not going crazy. I thought that was the case, but I wasn't totally sure.

But honestly, both Samsung's and LG's hardware designs are dull enough in general that I don't really care if one takes cues from another.

Edit: oh jeez, it actually says that it's the original G Pro in the article. I READ REAL GOOD.

+1 to that second paragraph.

Lol at the EDIT =)

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Lg sales are comically low the Lg Gpro, Nexus 4, Lg G2 putrid sales in comparison to the Galaxy S3,Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S4.

I won't even bother to mention the Galaxy Note 3 which has already sold close to 40 million alone.

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OK. We know that. Samsung has a good name around the world.

Most people buy Samsung's and apples not necessarily because the product is they best, but because everyone has one.

LG makes some of the best products around. Even you have to admit that they at least make good products.

But when I see your profile pic I chuckle and think nothing beats Samsung T-Mobile or the GNote series. Period. Nothing. Else. Matters.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Hmmm, the manufacturer with the most market share having higher sales of devices than a manufacturer with less market share? SAY IT AIN'T SO! Thank you very much for that brilliant observation Captain Obvious. What's next? You'll start telling us the wind blows because you can see tree limbs move around a bit?
Also, not even 36 hours ago, you claimed Samsung sold "over 30million" Note 3's, and then you claim here "close to 40 million". bgr dot com/2014/01/02/global-phablet-sales-analysis/#comment-1217636987 Care to get your ridiculous, totally untrue story straight? The last reported numbers (early/mid December) were that Samsung sold 10 million Note 3's since it's release (2 months prior). That means in the 1.5 months since then, Samsung would have had to have sold 20 million. While that's not impossible, it's highly unlikely. What a joke.

All LG has to do is spend the same amount of money Samsung does on advertising.

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Samsung can give Lg the money for them to advertise and people still won't buy.

Lg is THE WORST manufacturer when it comes to what makes a BIG DIFFERENCE and that's updates to handsets.
Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

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Eh, I don't know about that. The S3 shipped with ICS in May 2012, and is now on 4.3 and is very likely to get Kit Kat in the next month and a half. Do you know any other manufacturers who are updating their two-year-old flagships? The One X is stuck on 4.2 and the Optimus G is stuck on 4.1. Even though the Moto Razr HD is on the Kit Kit update schedule, it's still on 4.1 now, isn't it?

Number one reason I hate Samsung galaxy lines is touchwiz and updates. I love my current phone nexus 5 and Google control updates for all current nexus lines. If you want quick updates, I advise you to buy nexus phones. All carriers phones with touchwiz ui or ect never get updates fast.

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This coming from the Samsung guy? Hour come no phones from Samsung in the us have kitkat yet? Motorola suggest has all of their 2013 models on kitkat. So does the nexus 4.
Until every recent Samsung flagship is on kitkat, updates should not be your argument.

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What LG brings to the table? Probably something that won't get a timely update

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What LG will be bringing to the table won't be overwhelming that's for sure.

They will meet specs of the Note 3 from October 2013 in late February or Late March 2014 definitely not the move.

2013 specs in the first quarter of 2014 definitely won't make this device a special purchase for to many people.

Especially when people see the Galaxy S5 top it so easily it's comical.

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They met the specs of gnote 3 with G2.

Your Point?

Also the moto x proved that specs aren't everything.

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Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

The only place to really go is a 64 bit processor (who cares) and a 305 GPU. Neither is that big a leap.

Wait, why am I arguing with Yarnell?

Currently using the G pro and loving it. To upgrade??? Hmmmm

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The pic used in this post is not the G Pro 2. They even say so in the post.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

This is 'Murica son, we don't need your fancy smancy readin' here

/read the article and missed it...

Can't wait to see if the G pro 2 will actually challenge the note 3 in the phablet space? the way the G2 was to the S4, LG has some great phones if they can keep them updated then they can really challenge Samsung at the top of Android.

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Agree. S-Pen is what difderentiates the Note, not just it's gargantuant size.

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+1 I'm actually using the S-Pen more than I thought I would.

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I am sure I told you this before (well I said it somewhere) but I made a *point* to use the S-Pen as much as possible. Kinda trained myself and now I cannot do without.

Where it really shines for me is happy hour when I am sitting at the local watering hole and a solution to a code problem pops into my head. I have written so much code on that thing it has practically paid for itself in time savings.

yeah especially since my job is an off shoot of the FCC in a way. Telephony in general went from hobby curiosity to professional need...lol

You're lucky.

When I have (and I always do) a coding problem, I cannot get it out of my head. Constantly hammering around my brain, keeps me from sleeping :)


I didn't know you wrote code!? That's awesome, man!!

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Yeah just kinda fell into it and it stuck. I am not a huge fan of code, but computers/tech in general is a love so

do what you love right?

I gotta spend more time with Android programming, I have a need coming up, and I have written a few apps, but I really feel like a geek without his pocket protector sometimes.

Who knows? Maybe they'll incorporate an active stylus this time, and maybe, unlike the intuition, it will have a built-in stylus silo.

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Everything that tries to compete with in the "Note-class" without a pen input isn't even trying.

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I was about to buy a G pro from someone today and I looked it up to see whats's the latest version of Android for it and sure enough it's still on 4.1

LG does not update their phones. I would stay away from them. They treat smartphones like feature phones.

Someone over at XDA has a petition going around to have LG update us to Kitkat. Lets see if that helps any.

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Nope. 4.1 is just so outdated and 4.3 at least brought many important security updates and enhancements to android that were very much needed. But you're on this site. You should know of a couple.

Like he said..... you're on this site.... you should know :)

Anyway, TRIM support is a must unless you want an almost-unusable brick after 8 months of heavy use..

Here are the security enhancements in Android 4.2:


And a list of security enhancements in Android 4.3:


and Android 4.4:


You're welcome

It would be nice if people actually posted what they want from an Android update when they post that they want an Android update.

Really I want at least 4.3 so I can take advantage of the improved blue tooth functionality.

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The name throws me off. It's that second "G".

Not that a name really makes or breaks a phone, I mean I did own the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic touch 4g....phew.

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Just wait until they copy Moto's budget phone and come out with the LG G Pro 2 G

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Hopefully every Android manufacturer will come out with their own version of the Moto G!

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I see this article about a phone just after watching the safest damned documentary ever.

Goodnight people.

I am excited for this phone. Will I get it? Probably Not.

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Sigh lg is so bad. You just know this phones gonna flop. No1 in the right state of mind wud choose did phone ova DA note 3...

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

That's amazing. I didn't know that you already had the pro2 and tried it out and did a comparison between that and your note 3. Thanks for the great review!

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