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UK supermarket Tesco has a sweet deal for anyone looking for a brand new Android tablet. The white LG G-Pad is now available for just £119, part of the supermarket's Easter Deals. That's a massive saving of £130 for an 8-inch tablet with a quad-core chip and 16GB internal storage. While it's the Wi-Fi model, we're still filing this under "awesome deals". Be quick though, it only runs until Tuesday.

Don't allow the lack of internal storage to put you off this deal as microSD support is present for expanded storage of up to 64GB. Interested in the LG G-Pad? Check out our in-depth review of the product to get an idea what your hard-earned cash will be rewarding you with.

Will you be picking one up?

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LG G-Pad 8.3 sees insane price cut at Tesco UK, now available for £119


Its better than the Hudl in every way, Processor, screen size, build quality, resolution, ppi, graphics. Its a no brainer if you was looking to buy one of the two

I really do love this tablet but i cant justify buying a tablet with lower specs then my phone! They should have waited for the snapdragon 800 to bring this out...was not so far behind. nexus 5 ftw

This offer makes the G Pad less than half the price of a Nexus 5. I think I'll suffer the pain of it being marginally less powerful than my phone.

I really like this tablet from what I've seen & read. Hopefully I can find a good deal for it one day here in the States.

Newegg.com or Verizon if you want 4G. You also have the GPe but that's the most expensive version.

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Thanks.. I just went there & saw it. Hmmm.. don't know if I can spend the $230 right now but I hope this deal is available in the near future!

I got up extra early, rang the local shop and the moment I said "LG tablet" they said "we have 25, we can't reserve them" before I even said what the model was. The moment I had one in my hands I rang some friends to see if they wanted one.
It's a lovely tablet, kind of similar to wife's Note 8 in size and weight, but nicer screen (and no pen of course).

I bought one of these a couple of months back as I wanted something bigger than the Nexus 7 but it was a waste and I returned it after a week. The screen size is good but the colours are awful with whites looking yellow, the battery life is shocking, the build quality is creaky and poor and it's uncomfortable to hold in portrait given the dimensions and weight. If I was considering a Hudl then I would probably still get the LG, but compared to anything else I just wouldn't.

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I bought one a few months ago when they dropped to £180 in Asda. It's a great tablet but I'd recommend running Nova Launcher if you want to get rid of the stuttering and lag issues. Mines runs really smooth now, too good to pass at this price.

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