LG G Flex Vest

Two cases with distinct functional differences

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Accessory support for the recently-announced G Flex is a little light at the moment, but LG is at least showing off early versions of two cases for the bendy behemoth. The QuickWindow and Vest, as they're called, are similar in styling and materials but serve to distinctly different purposes.

The QuickWindow, on one hand, is much the same as we've seen for previous LG devices like the Optimus G Pro and completely covers the front and back of the G Flex. You're getting a hard outer shell with an interesting faux metal pattern on it, a nice stitched material where the front hinges on and a cutout in the screen cover portion to show you bits of information when closed.

With the Vest case, you're getting something a bit more minimalist. The basic idea is to simply protect all four corners of the G Flex against occasional bumps and scratches, while leaving most of the sides and back open to the air. Made of the same material and color as the QuickWindow, it gives a bit more visual flair with interesting cutouts along the edges and a solid portion down the middle of the back plate.

Be sure to take a closer look at the cases with our photo gallery after the break.

LG G Flex VestLG G Flex Vest

LG G Flex VestLG G Flex Vest

LG G Flex Vest case

LG G Flex QuickWindowLG G Flex QuickWindow

LG G Flex QuickWindowLG G Flex QuickWindow

LG G Flex QuickWindowLG G Flex QuickWindow

LG G Flex QuickWindow case


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LG G Flex QuickWindow and Vest cases


I agree for one of the first cases for curved phones this one looks bad I'm sire ottorbox is going to be making curved cases for future curved phones but if curved phones don't catch on.....

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Lg will secure their second place standing behind SAMSUNG on the android platform in 2014.

The REST OF ANDROID is simply a PITIFUL JOKE Plain and simple.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Proof that you are one seriously screwed up individual. All the guy you are replying to was talking about was a case, as that's what this article is about. Then you go off on this rant about how LG is "pimp slapping" all other manufacturers except for Samsung, a viewpoint you did a complete 180 on in the past couple of weeks. For god's sake you claimed the G Flex wouldn't "make it to the states with those screen specs": androidcommunity dot com/lg-g-flex-specs-and-performance-appear-in-antutu-benchmark-20131025/#comment-1096077978
What a joke.

LG can come out with cool hardware all they want, but their ability to support their current and recently released phones with software updates is a joke. Optimus G, G Pro, G2 and pretty much every phone before that is stuck somewhere in the hell of early 4.x releases if not worse.

Good luck with LG, you'll have to buy a new phone yearly to keep up with moderately current Android releases. And no, the Nexus 4/5 doesn't count.

So you're saying LG is "Pimp Slapping" Google's Nexus Line??? LOL........then I guess they're Pimp Slapping themselves!!!! lol, lol, lol....... LG has been the manufacturer for the last two Google Nexus phones....... LG made both the Nexus 4 and the latest Nexus 5. Don't get me wrong man, I really love LG and think they've come a long way. In fact I just ordered the G-Flex today (T-Mo) Looking forward to it big time...............

If you noticed there is a vest case which looks a bit weird tbh and then there is the latter quick view case which is by far the better option. As for the G-Flex itself it, s a nice idea but only has the curve to separate it from the G2 oh and the size Woops. I will and also have to be patient to see what 2015 brings.

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Why would anyone buy a case for this phone? If I understand the way the phone is designed, if you drop it, then it will shatter into hundreds of pieces. Those pieces will then melt into a sentient liquid metal and be drawn back together and then reform a solid perfectly healed phone.
Cases for this phone are just a waste of money IMHO.

I appreciate how it seems the quickwindow case won't cover the camera when flipped over so one won't look silly when snapping a pic

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