LG G Flex

After a little over a week of pre-orders, AT&T's LG G Flex is available to buy online, with orders placed today due to ship tomorrow, Feb. 5. For the uninitiated, the G Flex is LG's curvy, bendable phone with a 6-inch screen and funky back-mounted buttons. Full price is a whopping $694.99, or $299.99 on a two-year plan; on AT&T's "Next" installment plan you'll pay $34.75 per month over 20 months, or $26.73 over 26 months.

Meanwhile, pre-orders placed over the past week or so should start shipping today. Next up is T-Mobile's G Flex, which arrives tomorrow.

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LG G Flex now available online from AT&T, shipping tomorrow


I guess it depends on the store. I bough a G2 from AT&T for $465 off contract on Saturday. It wasn't the only one they had in stock.

While I was in there, though, I did see a Flex. I was not impressed with the screen. Very noticeably pixelated at that size with 720p and just a tad too large. It's a cool device, but definitely not worth $700 off contract.

For $465 off contract, the G2 is a steal. I was going to buy another Nexus 5, but the screen, camera, and battery make the G2 well worth the extra $100 for me.

I Wouldn't call it a steal for that price, there are even cheaper options like swappa or ebay.

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It's much cheaper than other flagship phones with similar specs. You'd be hard pressed to find a decent smartphone with these specs for this price. The Nexus 5 is the closest and, for only about $50 less, it's got an inferior camera, battery, and screen.

I call that a steal. Especially for new. You never know what you're going to get from swappa or ebay.

Did you really just buy the LG FLEX? 720p at 245 PPI is rape. U really should look into the LG G2, NOTE 3..I mean the rest of the specs on the flex is decent but if you fully understood ppi/resolution screen size you would know a 6 inch screen at 720p/245 ppi is horribe.

6" screen + 2560x1440p resolution=489 PPI would of been a better choice but we havent gotten that far yet and even then the ppi is a bit low which is why phones will most likely push between 5.2 - 5.5 inches which will give you between 564.85 - 534.04 ppi

So pretty much to sum it up your flex wont look as clean/sharp