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$299.99 on a two-year contract, shipping February 4

More good news this morning for folks in the U.S. interested in the LG G Flex, particularly those of an AT&T persuasion. The carrier has now made LG's 6-inch curved behemoth available to pre-order for $299.99 on a new two-year contract. It won't be in hand for a little while yet, with shipping dates currently stated as February 4. 

You can also pick up the G Flex on AT&T Next from $26.73 a month, or with no annual contract for $694.99. The G Flex is certainly an interesting device, with that huge display and very pronounced curve on the front, and the 'self-healing' back that LG was proudly showing off to the gathered masses at CES just a couple of weeks ago. With a Snapdragon 800 and 2GB of RAM inside, it packs the sort of internals we'd expect from a high-end Android smartphone, and we've been impressed with our earlier hands on time with it. 

Of course, we're more interested in getting hold of a proper, U.S. version and putting it through its paces. If you're considering picking one of these up on AT&T, be sure to check out the latest coverage maps before parting with your money. And for more on the G Flex, check out our hands on video after the break. 

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LG G Flex on AT&T now available to pre-order


At $300 for a contract, no way in this lifetime. I'll get a nexus 5 for $50 more and no contract. Or you could just get a used lg g2 on swappa and still not have a contract.

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So is the note 3 or the Nexus 5, the G2 and Sony xperia z1, moto x, but the only feature this has is a curve that makes no sense lol

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If you've ever actually touched one, you'd know it's actually quite a nice phone. Overpriced? Quite possibly, but having a phone with a 6-inch display and a curve I think makes it managable. So the curve actually can make sense. And that's after 10 minutes with one at CES :)

Yeh slight retraction in that aspect richard yes it does. And im sure its a great phone even with the 720p resolution. but im not at this point convinced the curve offers more pracricality over say the Note 3, Nexus 5 and the rest tbh lol

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The software doesn't use the curve besides the reflecting lock screen wallpaper

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or iPhone 5

I have the note 3.. It's not all that and its bloatware is crazy

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Hmmmm so how many are going to rush and by the curve? The only feature that separates it from the rest.

Its no doubt a stand out feature that I'm sure will give many some bragging rights oh look my phone has a curve and you can apply 80lb of force.

But all I have to say is big whooop lol

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If people want Android OEMs to move to stock Android, then these are the types of things you're likely to see more of.

LG did good at least trying to do something different. Sure, it's not for everyone, but at least they tried something.

As richard put it if your after a 6" phone and is managable then the G-Flex makes sense. Im not against lg or any other manufacturer I think its great that fresh ideas are brought forward and atleast lg are bringing the G-Flex to customers unlike samsung with the round, maybe a bit brave but hey go for it Lg.

Im sure this is a sign of great things to come.

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Well, in theory, you would have less need for a case for this thing, since it is somewhat crush-resistant and is made of a self-healing polymer. How that bears out in real life, though... we'll see, I guess.

I'd be all over this, but LG has burned me on 3 other devices that they have failed to release updates for. However, I do agree this phone is beastly!

I'm still floored that kitkat isn't available for it. So it's a bent G2? $300? That price will drop in less than a month as no one will buy it. This device makes no sense to me. Set it down on its back and people are going to spin it around causing the back to wear out and the device to malfunction or something stupid like that. The G2 is a phenomenal phone however this to me at least is not. #Gimmick

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A disturbingly huge phone that doesn't sit flat in your pockets.. Paired with an awful screen, no thanks. Is there any actual benefit to this device?

This is a bigger gimmick than 3D. I simply do not comprehend why anyone would want this? Won't it make a funny bump in your pocket and be hard to pull out?

When they come up with a 10 inch tablet that folds up into a little phone give me a call. Until then, flexible screens are pointless.

A bigger gimmick than 3d? You cannot be serious. Go check the phone in store instead of saying some nonsense. The curve is really great.

We got our demo model in our store today and it honestly is glorious. Very impressed with the sound quality right off the rip... while I can't stand how susceptible to fingerprints it is.
Not a big fan of the rest buttons still but I still like the phone. Will be better once it hits sub 200 on contract

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People do not rush to buy first generation lg g flex. I am waiting for second gen g flex. I am dreaming of Google play edition.

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Let's have the Nexus 5 mark 2 with a curved screen. I miss the sight curve on my old GNex. The slight curve did make it more comfortable against my face when talking on it. And it was fun to show people that the screen/front wasn't flat.

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