Apparently this is also an ad for the LG G2. But it's also a great explainer of optical image stabilization. 

With a chicken.


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LG explains OIS with a man cave, a football helmet and a chicken


A thousand times better, and a million times cheaper then the new HTC RDJ commercials.

that might be the best commercial I've seen in years. I'm going to sell my note 2 and buy a G2. I'm going to begin raising chickens and speaking with am Australian accent.

I couldn't believe it when he put the camera on the chicken. Amazing and hilarious with a touch of genius. Nexus 5 coming this way. Fingers crossed

Don't expect this camera on the nexus5. You'll b lucky if they give u a 8mp camera.

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I need to know if the LG G2 really comes with the chicken wallpaper it showed toward the end of the video (2:19). If so, this may be my next phone soley for that wallpaper.

No it doesn't, but I asked about it being released/posted on LG USA Mobile's Facebook page and they liked the comment so maybe they will.

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What a great way to showcase the feature... Funny ad but it suceeded in explaining the users about what the feature is about. Just Awesome

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