LG Englighten

The LG Enlighten is a mid-level Android smartphone that's been mentioned for weeks now, but without any official info. Looks like the unofficial promotions are continuing, however, as it's made an appearance in the upcoming Verizon catalog. To recap the specs, you're looking at a 3.2-inch slider, with four-row keyboard, Android 2.3 and an 800MHz processor. The rumored Aug. 25 launch date obviously has come and gone, but the catalog still has it as "coming soon," so that's better than nothing.

Thanks, anon!


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LG Enlighten still 'coming soon' to Verizon


The of Droid is better ... you will have the same mem problems with this as you do with the ally...good far a 12yo but not for someone who wants a full function Droid experience

I haven't been waiting on this phone, but even if I was, I wouldn't get too excited by this. If anyone remembers, the HTC Merge was featured in a number of advertisement spots, yet the phone was never made available through traditional VZW suppliers (I have yet to see it for sale at a "premium 3rd party retailer).

Personally, I'm curious about what has happened to the Samsung Stratosphere - it was rumored to launch last week, but nothing has been heard of it in a few weeks. At least it offered LTE, even if the rest of the specs were fairly disappointing.