LG Enact

Another device with uninspired design and LTE to fill out Verizon's end-of-year lineup

Verizon and LG have had a steady relationship of releasing mid-range devices to fill out its smart phone portfolio, and it looks like the LG Enact will be the latest in the series. Following in the footsteps of devices like the Lucid, Spectrum and Revolution, the Enact (aka VS890) looks to have a moderate screen size, four capacitive buttons (yes, menu button included) and typical branding in all the right places.

The interface looks to be the same as other recent LG phones, and considering that Chrome is highlighted as an app on the home screen we're likely looking at Android 4.1 or above loaded on the Enact. Look for this one to hit Verizon by the end of the year at a low price point on-contract.

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LG Enact revealed as another mid-range LTE handset for Verizon


It's okay. Only another year or so and your legs won't hurt you anymore.

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Me too, they used to get the cream of the crop in regards to Android phones and AT&T had jack squat, not really the case any longer. Verizon still has by far the most LTE coverage here in Western Mass though, so I'm not leaving anytime soon.

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In case you guys haven't figured it out they purposely forego the best android has to offer to put their own stuff at an advantage, you think it's a coincidence the HTC One is coming out after the refreshed Droid Lineup? Obviously they couldn't do that to the GS4 because at this point Samsung has as much clout as Apple but HTC is another story all together.

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What the hell is it with these gingerbread button phones, get with it on your whole lineup and not just the top

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Same specs as moto x. Wonder which one of my tweens want this or x

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Why do they need all that fucking branding? What are they afraid you're going to forget they own you?

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They're making sure you don't forget that the phone only works on Verizon as if you could try running it on a different network.

Branding what verizon on front 4g on rear. Wow u call that over kill Omg. That is nothing. Don't want branding get a nexus. Oh wait don't do that there's a bog ass nexus logo on the back. Geezer

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Ok I know it wasn't made by LG and it wasn't even an android, but when I look at this I can't help but think of my Samsung Instinct dubbed one of the original iPhone killers. Ahh the memories.