LG Optimus G

We've already heard rumors of a forthcoming 'superphone' from LG, and indeed the Korean OEM has recently started their own teaser campaign to carry it a little further. The so-called Optimus G is set to be a Snapdragon S4 Pro toting, 2GB of RAM housing behemoth, and the folks at AndroidMX claim to have got their hands on it. 

The LG E973 as described by its label, is a 4.7-inch device with a 1280x768 IPS display, the Adreno 320 GPU, Android 4.0.4 and yes, that 2GB of RAM and the mighty quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro. Having had the chance to play with it, the androidmx guys simply say that it "really flies." We can only imagine. It is worth noting that what we see here apparently isn't final hardware or software, so there is still a possibility LG will change it up some before release -- Jelly Bean, maybe? 

The speculation is that we will see the Optimus G unveiled officially at next weeks IFA show in Berlin, Germany. We're not so sure, however. While LG will be present at the show, they have previously informed us that they will not be showcasing any new smartphones in Berlin. Given the prototype nature of what we see here, we're likely to have to wait a little longer.

Source: AndroidMX (translated) via Pocketnow



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LG E973 Optimus G leaks out and it 'really flies'


How can you pass on such a phone? It blows every other phone out of the water. Quad-core 1.5 ghz snapdragon S4 pro, 2 gb RAM, LTE, 1280 x 768 IPS screen etc.

Like the other guy said, it will be surpassed soon enough. Not to mention LG's shoddy record with upgrades and software in general. Maybe if they release a Nexus version I will give it another look but until then...


THIS. A million times this. Never again LG. The G2X was a super phone too. Turns out, super at being a piece of crap.

Yeah, sorry, a force of habit typo there. Mobilesyrup said it because the source said it, same as I meant to type it yet managed not to :/

In almost all of LG's Android offerings to date, they still have yet to demonstrate an overwhelming USP for their devices!

More often than not they present them second or third in line so as to seem 'meh', but even when they produce a 'first' which, to give credit, they have done on quite a few occasions, they are seemingly rushed out into production without any cohesive story, other than just to tout "me first!"

Unfortunately LG, this is a case whereof, "being just good, just isn't good enough!"

Yea, I'd actually guy their products if they put more time into ergonomics and how it feels in hand. It's apparent with the Vu and how hard it is to fit in the hand. The G2x was pretty good IMO but the combination of Tegra 2 and LG not supporting updates as fast as the other G series phones did killed it.

I really hope HTC or Asus get a crack at making the next Nexus

Google needs to keep refining the software so that we don't need these specs for the OS to fly. I don't care about bragging rights, I care about a smooth experience.

2GB ram isn't a selling point to me. I think it is just to make up for the extra bloat that skins like whatever LG's skin is or something like touchwiz add. Google's reference devices for ICS and Jelly Bean only have 1GB and run flawlessly which tells me 2GB is a waste at this point in time.

I suppose maybe it could add something of value on the next version of Android that is released but really RAM isn't an issue right now and probably won't be any time soon as Google and the manufacturers are going to want the OS running well on the high selling lower end devices which are not going to be shipping with 2GB RAM anytime soon..

You're joking right? 2 GB of ram is really more like 1.6 gb or less. And it fills up fast. Many people with low ram sometimes have forced closes or other things how valuable ram is.

In the end, quad-core isn't really needed in phones as strong dual-core such as the S4 really handle the load well. If your main selling point in getting a superphone is "gaming" to the max, then get a quad-core with a strong gpu, otherwise.

In my opinion, what matters most in these personal devices, is the features (screen, camera, ease of use), battery life, and radio.

A single core processor is more than enough for me...

Who needs an HD screen, the resolution on my droid is fine...

Your reasoning is flawed, the more ram apps have to play with the more devs can do with said ram. If x was really enough then we would all still be sporting phones from two or three years ago. It will be enough till it's not.

Yes I agree but quad core and 2GB RAM should not be required for lag free scrolling and app opening. Forget page renders and all that...a dialer should open immediately whether it's already in memory or not.

Until LG gets better at deploying and supporting Android the phone specs don't matter much. I also had a G2x. Great hardware but not a great phone. LG really messed up the software.


A few generations of LG phones will pass before I even consider one of their products again. I don't care how impressive the specifications may be.