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As has been rumored recently, the LG Optimus G Pro is indeed heading to South Korea, with a 5.5-inch display in tow. The device, which first appeared in Japan with a 5.0-inch screen, was reported to be heading to LG's home market with a refreshed spec sheet in the past week -- and we'd even seen some leaked photos to back up these claims.

LG's promotional site for the G Pro doesn't reveal much beyond the screen size and resolution, so we'll have to wait on confirmation of other changes like the larger battery and microSD support. However, the device in the image above certainly looks a lot like what we saw in last week's spy shots.

As for whether the Optimus G Pro will eventually extend its reach outside of Asia, that's something we'll likely find out at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks.

Source: LG; via: UnwiredView

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return_0 says:

What is it with LG and releasing small bits of information of their phones before the full announcement?

I'm still waiting for the 4K smartphone screen ;)

flychinook says:

I recently watched "I, Robot" for the first time. I found it interesting that in 2004's vision of the future had tiny mobile phones, when in reality they're just getting larger and larger.

See, this is what LG should be focusing on, high-end phones. Not those Optimus L phones...

jboogie1289 says:

And maybe quit focusing on Sammie's phones and looks. I'm just saying.......

zachavm says:

I would love to have another option besides the Note 2 to consider on T-Mobile when their next sale rolls around. If it's as bad ass as the Nexus 4, it would be a spectacular choice. Including built in Qi wireless charging and on screen buttons would make it hard to choose the note 2.

Phonemaya says:

Swipe n Share phone were you can transfer just by swiping, and it comes for $75!

Magnus#AC says:

This is an absolute clone of the Note II. They're lucky Samsung is not Apple