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There's a successor to the LG G Flex and the LG Vu 3 coming down the pike for the second half of 2014. The LG G Flex was one of the more interesting devices of 2014. It, along with the Samsung Galaxy Round, was one of the first true curved screen smartphones released, and it lived up to its name by actually being flexible. If you were wondering where LG might go with the Flex line now that they've formally unveiled the LG G3, well, we don't know that. But we can tell you that it and an LG Vu 4 are coming later this year.

While LG was mum on any other smartphones than the LG G3 in their London-based globally-broadcast unveiling yesterday, apparently their event held in Seoul was a little more forthcoming. Executives at the briefing are reported to have said that the company is projecting the second half of 2014 for the LG G Flex 2 and LG Vu 4.

Given the push that LG put behind the G Flex 2, we wouldn't be surprised to see it hitting a wide release on multiple carriers around the globe. The Vu 4, however, we would expect to be more contained to the Korean market, much like the Vu 3 of today.

So we know that the LG G Flex 2 and Vu 4 are coming later this year. What do you want to see out of them?

Source: ITToday.co.kr; Via: Phone Arena


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LG confirms 2014 release for G Flex 2 and Vu 4


I didn't know the G Flex sold well enough for a sequel. Hmm that's interesting. I've never seen one on the street.

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Even without being seen on the streets, it is still impressive enough to continue. Ehy wouldn't you get a curved phone like that? If only I had the money and loose plan needed to get the first.

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I love mine, I honestly forget how large it is until someone either mentions it or I see it next to my old Moto X or someone's iPhone.

I'm sure it has it's trade offs but when I'm doing server patching and system maintenance late at night it's nice having a 6 inch display to watch Netflix on... and the battery life oh the battery life. It's the first phone I've ever had that would actually last through the entire day without me having to be tethered to a charger.

I wouldnt describe that is "gimmicky"... the vast majority of scratches on the back of my current phone I would describe as "VERY light." Yet after a few dozen of them, it starts to detract from the asthetics.

So that said, if this tech is possible and causes no setbacks elsewhere, why wouldnt you want this on EVERY phone?! just for the sheer fact that it makes it look newer/nicer for longer...

Pretty much what I came to say. I get the flex 2 but the Vu should have been put down long before they thought of the Vu 2

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I wouldn't rock a Vu if it was given to me for free! What a hideous beast it is!

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Love my curved screen and back buttons but Seems like its not polished. 1 Example: Google Play Music doesn't even have the ability to have EQ . Could be hardware or software but so unhappy that my music sounds wack!

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Not sure about that. When I tried some separate eq app they say my device doesn't have the necessary hardware to run properly. And they all sound like sh@t! Compared to my old Galaxy Note2 on which they sound fine btw.

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My G2 won out against the G-Flex purchase.
I needed 1080p and the ability to use the phone one-handed.

The funny thing is when a G2 user meets a G-Flex user, there is nothing but RESPECT.

I think I am going to hold on to my G2 until the Flex 2 is released. I really liked the Flex but Verizon doesn't have it. Good to know they'll carry the Flex 2. Maybe The screen resolution will be higher with the same battery size.

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If they wanted to they could race against Samsung to see who could make a phone that could close or fold up I mean. That be cool to.

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The Vu line is for those who doesn't want the future support for their Vu's, like me bought the P895, and screwed up in support section for future android release, my fried have the SONY Xperia V, and he likes it because he has 4.0.4, then 4.1.2, nowadays he have 4.3, and SONY planning to 4.4, so i will dump my Vu, and will ALWAYS buy OVERPRICED high end flagships...

I've had the lg g flex since January 2014 and it is the best phone/tablet I've ever had. It manages to combine a 6 inch screen with something that is easy to hold and use one handed- and which slips easily into the pocket. The screen is stunning in doors (outdoor visibility isn't great, bit like the s4 I had last year). And the battery life on this is the best I've ever come across. I had a note 3 which I was using alongside this for a while and decided to hand in the note 3 as the flex is easier to use one handed and larger! (though the note 3 has a sharper screen and better camera- not that the flex is a slouch in either area!). I'm using this a lot more for note taking than I ever used the note 3- in part due to the curved screen which is great for writing on (stylus or finger) - either holding the phone or when I have it on a table (when the knock to wake/sleep is handy!). I get about 40% longer life on this compared to the Note 3 (in part because of the lower screen resolution I'm guessing). Audio on this is great- and the external speaker is better than the note 3. It didn't seem like LG marketed this in the UK. The scratch healing and the ability to bend the phone are, for me, irrelevant. The curve though is useful- it makes it easier to hold, and also drop it on the floor and it bounces (the screen doesn't touch the floor dropped face down and the shape seems to absorb the impact (I've dropped it on concrete). The LG vest is a great add on (light and protects the corners).It will be interesting to see the flex 2. At the moment there is no other phone I've seen or used that I would swap this for (and it's meant I don't; bother with a larger tablet most of the time either).

So you don't miss the S-Pen? I currently have an M8, but I think I'm going to be making the jump to a phablet. It's pretty much between the G Flex 2, and the Note 4. Alot of people say the Note 3 was better than the Flex, but it's usually pertaining to the S-Pen. I've never gotten to enjoy it so I'm pretty sure I could live without it.