LG Times Square Billboards

Samsung has been telling us for a couple weeks now to "be ready 4 the next Galaxy", and LG is taking advantage of the wording to upstage Samsung's own Times Square ads today. In a bit of playful advertising, LG has purchased billboard space directly above Samsung's with larger, brighter ads that claim "LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!" and "It'll take more than 4 to equal one Optimus G".

No matter where you stand on the merits of the Optimus vs. Galaxy camp, you have to admit that's some very clever and well-timed advertising by LG. We'll of course be live in New York later today -- 7 p.m. ET to be exact -- to see if what Samsung unveils will challenge LG's latest offerings.

Source: LG (BusinessWire); Via: Engadget


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LG buys well-placed Times Square ads ahead of Galaxy S4 event


LOL @ LG. Well played, LG, well played. :) Unfortunately, when my current contract is up, I've already decided on the S4. That gives them until November to shake the bugs out and get the product on VZW's shelves.

....that's ironic, considering this is a thread about the next iteration of the Samsung flagship phone (Galaxy S#) that has been in a legal battle with Apple over COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Granted, this one specifically isn't on Apple's court documents, but Samsung is NOTORIOUS for copying other companies (not just smartphones) and taking their glory.


From what I've seen both of these companies do this constantly in their native South Korea. It's clever & its well timed. Other companies, ahem HTC ahem... should take lessons.

Well done LG!

Actually i think this is a fail. Ive shown this to several people and they just dont 'see' the LG logo, they see 4 Samsungs ads. In your peripheral vision or if you just glance casually its just one big Samsung block.

At a quick glance I see 4 ads for the 'next galaxy', and if you aren't Amish you know what that means.

Honestly, not really. Sure us tech geeks know, but the term "Galaxy" isn't as ubiquitous with Samsung as the iPhone is with Apple. Samsung should have at least placed there logo somewhere on the ad.

You would be amazed at the number of people who come into the store asking for the "Galaxy Phone". They may not know who makes it, or even what it looks like, but they know the name.

Exactly....I don't think it's clever at all. By making the adds look just like the Samsung ads (especially with the 4) it just looks like the same Samsung ads that have been pushed for weeks. And if someone walking by does bother to stare at it and realize it's for LG, it still pushes the focus back on Samsung. No one knows what an Optimus G is...LG is NOT Apple.

I see "4", and there's no LG Optimus 4 NOW. And there won't be one LG Optimus 4, ever. "Galaxy" is a much more well known and stablished brand. The advertising is, in fact, reinforcing Galaxy S4 as an "optimized" Galaxy S3.

That's funny cause I just got the JB update for my Optimus G (Sprint) and the phones have only been out in NA for six months. It took Samsung WAY longer to get the JB update out to the S3s. So Samsungs record isn't any better (worse actually). I wonder how long it will take Samsung to get the next big update out for the S4?

Well played Rabbiddog! I had my GS3 for 1 month before I switch to the LGOG and LOVE IT! I find it to be a much better build and a solid device. PLUS to add more punch to your comment, the LGOG wasn't released until November in NA (Nov 2nd for AT&T and Nov 11th for Sprint) which would make it only four (4) months to receive the JB update!

Nice marketing. Poor products that's LG 4 u
Anyway galaxy series doesn't need Samsung logo to know what's coming up
But yes LG needs to tell u there is some phone of their out in the market and it some Optimus

That's not poor products, that's marketing. LG just hasn't spent a fraction of the money Samsung has on marketing. Their products are very nice. When making my decision to buy a new phone I held the S3 and The Optimus G in my hand and ended up with the Optimus G. Why, because it felt like and actual solidly built product whereas the S3 felt plasticy and like a toy in my hand. As far as hardware wise, the specs on the Optimus edge out the S3s, and functionality is the same between both. So overall, I found the LG to be a superior product over the Samsung IMHO.

S4 will probably be more powerful than optimus g but the og beats the current s3 for sure. In my opinion anyway and uve owned both.

At first glance it looks like 2 Galaxy S4 ads. With how busy people are in NYC and fast paced, I think LG just doubled Samsung's ad space for free. Very kind of you LG.

its funny to me beause its still all andriod so google winning just diffrent companies battle to each his own ...the bottom line its andriod just wait for 5.0 os

Why would they say that? Because the person is not intelligent enough to figure out what else to say. The person cannot carry on a real conversation or debate. They are probably also the type that when you say one thing against their belief they have to resort to verbally attacking the other person and/or swearing.

I'm with everyone who sees 4 ads for the 4. It took 3 looks before I realized there was an LG on the top ads.

Sorry LG, you have nothing at all on the Galaxy S4. Your phones are awful when it comes to software and your service is even worse. You can tell how stupid they are by how they don't even know if there will be a update for their shitty devices, even though they promised one. When questioned about the promised update they just say that they have no idea and that you need to ask your local region for information, it's embarrassing. LG, just stop, you can't mobile, go home.