LG Event

Guess that cat's out of the bag. We're at LG's event in New York City where "all will be revealed." And we're either about to get a hands-on with some sexy stilettos, or the AT&T Nitro HD. Either way, we win. Stay tuned tonight for more.

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dcreed says:

Enjoy those stilettos.

KreepyKen says:

Any sign of NFC?

kurioskurion says:

What the eff do high heels have to do with LG, AT&T, or LTE networks?? Maybe they're @theLGgirl's shoes... She seems like the type that would wear those...

Premium1 says:

so no revo 2 for verizon than tonight also?

keith2k1 says:

I don't understand the shoe thing...

icebike says:

Something for your S.O. to look at while you play with the fondle slab.