Verizon LG Ally (or Aloha)

Oh, you wanted to know about the LG Aloha, did you ? Sorry, alls we have here is the LG Ally -- which is what we're told the Aloha actually will be called -- and it's said to be destined for Verizon in the middle of May. Specs should still be about what we've been told for the Aloha (aka the LU2300), with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen at 480x800 pixels, QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.1, 720p video out, 5MP camera and the kinda-weird round D-pad. More or less par for the course these days. More on the Ally as we get it.


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LG Aloha will be the Ally on Verizon


Sprint let another one go by. Come on Sprint... can't you get a new phone sometime in the near future. Don't put all your eggs into the one EVO basket.

really sprint let one go by? I work for sprint and the LG rep had Sprints version (unbranded) with him! its a nice phone! It will be out around same time as eveo (june ish)

Not only is Sprint getting a version, it will be 4G, higher screen resolution. It might have a front facing camera as well. By the way, have you heard of the HTC EVO?? By years end there will be at least 3 Wimax handsets on Sprint. Sprint got the Hero before Verizon got their Version, Sprint got the Palm Pre before Verizon got their version, what do mean, "another one go by"?

uum just a news flash, if its 4g has a higher screen res and has a front facing camera then its a completely different phone...a better phone sure, but still a completely different one then the aloha/ally

Just like the EVO is a revamped HD2, the Aloha will be customized to Sprints specifications. Yes it will be different, however, it will still be from the same cloth.

ahhhh now i got what ya ment...i was confused, i thought u ment it was like the exact same phone....well yeah thanks for clearing that up

Our Sprint rep mentioned to us, there will be 3 to 4 Wimax handsets this year on Sprint, going forward all hi-end smart phones on Sprint will have the 4G radio. The EVO is first, an LG model to follow, a variant of the Aloha, and a Samsung model. There are rumblings of a Palm C40 which is supposedly Wimax as well. Dan Hesse mentioned: "Sprint will be aggressive with handsets this year."

man verizon is getting alot of phones....i was pretty sure i wanted the incredible, but i think i can wait with my eris for a little while just to see what else verizon may get in the future

This news brought to you by me. Cuz I bought an Incredible this morning, so here comes the version with the keyboard.


hey guys I talked with a verizon rep earlier after this new broke and have been told rumoured price will be between 179.99 and 199.99 with 2 year service agreement. going to found out what type of sd storage it will come with later and will post if the authors don't beat me to it.

The phone in the picture looks a bit different to the LU2900, because this one does not appear to have a large round optical trackpad on the right-hand side next to the buttons at the bottom and this phone is also curved where the bottons are, whereas the LU2900 has no curve. The screen may be larger than 3.5" too.

Just some of my observations.


So by the summer, Sprint will have four android phones (Motorola i1, Samsung Moment, HTC Hero and HTC Evo 4G) and Verizon will have five (HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Devour, Motorola Droid, Droid Incredible, LG Ally)


Verizon will also have Motorola Shadow by summers end, and possibly the Droid 2 by then end of summer if it stays on schedule.

By the end of the year Verizon will have 4 4+" android phones.

According to insiders at howardforums

This is getting closer to what I'm looking for (specs like the Incredible but with a usable QWERTY keyboard) except I'm still spooked by LG. I've owned two LG phones and both left much to be desired in the quality department. And these weren't cheap phones.

Maybe I'll wait a couple of month and then google "LG Ally keeps turning off" and see how many hits I get.