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It's been a hectic week for us here at Android Central. But as we get prepared to wind down the full on CES 2011 coverage, we figured we'd take the time to round up a listing of all the new forums we've put in place as the devices were announced. If you're looking to learn more or just simply chat about any device in particular be sure to check em out.

Stay tuned, we'll be adding more to the mix and If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.


Reader comments

Let's talk about all those device announcements - New device forums now open [from the forums]


My sentiments exactly lafountain.

Is there going to be show and tell for Sprint specifically at this event it has that ship already sailed? If all Sprint has to show is the Evo Shift then thats a bit of a dissapointment in my opinion.

I agree... sprint needs more android lovin' c'mon guys, we get it that the evo is the flagship and that htc is to sprint what sanyo used to be but keep it coming!

I also DISAGREE that talking about android devices on a carrier that is very much behind android DOESN'T belong on androidcentral

- just my opinion as a commenter