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Just in time for the start of the regular season, the latest installment in the hugely popular Madden franchise arrives in the form of EA's Madden 12. You guys know the score -- all the official teams, over 2500 official players, this is once again being billed as the "ultimate football experience." 

It'll set you back £4.86 in the UK, which roughly translates to around $7 or $8 stateside. It only requires Android 2.1 and up, so what are you waiting for? 

Hit up the download link after the break!

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bwithey11 says:

what happened to euros?

pazzo02 says:

The UK doesn't use euros. Never has.

mufc1991 says:

who cares? throwball sucks.

mjneid says:

coming from a pansy who plays a modified version of kick ball?

PingaDulce says:

you mad?

mjneid says:

Why would i be. Soccer is sport for people who are afraid to put on some pads and knock heads together.

Although the European nations to have Rugby, and i respect that. It's a good sport to watch, but for crying out loud I'd rather watch someone cut grass then watch a soccer match. Damn that stuff is boring.

PingaDulce says:

I guess you like men in tight pants roughing you up? To each their own, huh?

mjneid says:

Better than men running around in boxers trying to steal your balls from you.

mdmitchell13 says:

throwball..... what is that some weird European name for football??? Football rocks, I wish the game wasn't so much or I would definitely by it! I also wish they had NCAA football!

mjneid says:

Yea wish they had NCAA football, i'd buy it in a heartbeat.

bumpandrun says:

So much? It's $7 for a great game!

mdmitchell13 says:

well for a phone game.... and for a poor student like me

El Jefe says:

Get a job. :-P

Dude. A browns player made the cover?

mjneid says:

If they put one of my hometown Bengals on the cover, then i'd be worried.

I would have preferred a Seahawks player. I now sit back and await the football related jibes ;-)

El Jefe says:

Yes. Peyton Hillis won the online voting contest. He beat Michael Vick in the finals by a pretty wide margin.

PastorDroid says:


jbuggydroid says:

Does it work on tegra devices like the photon?

IP IHI II IL says:

What I'd REALLY like is to have Madden '11 back. I paid $7 for it, and once I upgraded my devices, it wasn't compatible anymore... Not cool!

bambax says:

"It only requires Android 2.1 and up, so what are you waiting for?" I'm waiting for it to be released for Tegra phones too because cant download it on the G2x

allen832008 says:

Yeah what's the deal? Tegra powers all the Honeycomb tabs and we can't get it!

jbuggydroid says:

Apparently there is a person in the reviews that said it runs on his atrix

Does anyone know if this game natively supports the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone"), with its physical gaming butttons?