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Spanish-language site TecnoDroidve, thanks to some "tricks and beginner's luck" apparently has stumled head-first into the phone-facing portion of how Google is expected to sell music. In a series of convincing screen shots, we get a sense of what is expected to be announced Wednesday in Los Angeles -- Android Market integration for a music-purchase service.

Graphically, things look about as you'd expect, in the vein of the Android Market and Google Music service that's been in beta for most of the year. It's not as sexy as what Microsoft's done with its Zune apps, but it does mix a fair amount of album art with easy-to-use buttons.

It also looks like there will be some free music, as well as a free song of the day, and there will be variable pricing for singles.

Couple more days to go before we find out for sure. In the meantime, hit the source link below for the entire gallery.

Source: TecnoDroidve (translated); via Android Police


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Leaked screen shots show possible look into future of Google Music


I wanna be excited about it.... The Google Music app leaves something to be desired. My music collection spans between 4 devices of various OS's. I'd like to bring it all together in one place with ease and with excellent sound quality.

Don't know if this means much, but the screenshots show both Green Day and Shakira, Warner and Sony artists respectively. Probably wishful thinking, but might be a good sign.

We'll know all on Wednesday.

Google needs to focus on bettering the Music app first. Such a great concept with such a horrible delivery. No one cares about free country music tracks, I'd like to actually listen to my iTunes on my Android device without the many bugs that the beta experiences.

Only gonna be worth my time if it matches or beats Amazon's music prices. If not, I'll keep buying from Amazon and uploading to Google Music beta. In my opinion, Google Music app is great. I love being able to pin/unpin/manage my music on my phone. No more wires.