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2100mAh battery, slightly thicker and heavier than the Galaxy Nexus

It's been a while since we've had any fresh LG Nexus 4 leaks, largely because much of the upcoming phone's hardware has already been laid bare. Nevertheless, notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks has today revealed a few minor, yet previously unknown specs, along with a new photo of the device's front face. The Twitter post also confirms earlier leaked specs, including a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 8GB and 16GB storage options.

According to the latest leak, the Nexus 4 will be slightly thicker than its predecessor, measuring 9.1mm -- though let's remember that there's no unsightly hump down below this time around. In addition, weight is reported as 139 grams, a little heavier than the GSM Gnex's 135 grams. And the internal, non-replaceable battery is said to be rated at an ample 2100mAh.

Capacity is one thing, but it'll be interesting to see if the Nexus 4 sports the same "800 charging cycles" tech that LG's been pimping with the Optimus G as an increase over the competition. We're also curious to see whether, like newer Nexus 7 models, the Nexus 4 hardware supports the new power management features of the 3.4 Linux kernel.

On software, evleaks reports Android "JellyBeanMR1" as being loaded onto the device -- that's the same numberless version we've seen floating around on other prototypes. It's widely expected that the final device will ship with Android version 4.2, which may or may not wear the Jelly Bean badge.

So the bottom line is this -- slightly thicker, a tiny bit heavier, and you shouldn't need to worry too much about battery life. Of course, we'll reserve final judgment until we get our hands on the finished product, likely at Google's "Playground" event on Oct. 29. There's a lot to talk about, so discuss it all in the LG Nexus 4 forum.

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Latest LG Nexus 4 leak provides minor new details


Pass... c'mon Sony, HTC, Samsung give us something that looks better then the same piece of plastic, look the competition please. Google I'm still hoping for Nexuses, if not I might just keep my GNex till end of 2013.

You'd think that with a non-removable battery it would have a bit more capacity. This thing is shaping up to be a bit of a disappointment to me.

There's more to a battery than just the mAh rating. LG Chem's got some tricks up its sleeve with the Optimus G's battery, which probably isn't a million miles away from what's in the N4.

Mmm, when talking capacity that's pretty much it. Nothing they've done chemically is going to make the phone use power more slowly or that power go further. Power saving features may help that, but otherwise 2100 mAH is 2100 mAH no matter how it's stored. Now it may help the battery hold up to wear better, which is nice, but then again batteries are cheap too.

SMH you really don't get it, its the engineering that goes into the processor that makes the battery last longer. Do you think the first cars had the same fuel efficiency as the ones built today?

Actually Clark is correct. If you read his comment, he acknowledges that "Power saving features may help" and "the battery hold up to wear better", but he is merely stating that mAH is a measure of electric charge, so with the same CPU and internals, a battery with twice the mAH would last twice as long.

Using your car analogy, it is similar to the number of gallons the gas tank holds. Of course todays cars can go farther on less gas, but given a particular car, if you doubled the size of the gas tank then the range would be doubled (ignoring the additional weight of the added gas).

I agree. I use the Gnex with the bigger 2100 mAH battery, and it never gets me through a whole day. Never. I have multiple charges, so I charge it all the time, but I have the original as a back up just in case, which I have had to use on multiple occasions. Having a non-removable battery that has the same mAH as my current Nexus is going backwards to me, regardless of whether or not this new LG technology is marginally better. Frankly, this is fucking outrageous. Go look at the specs of the Droid RAZR Maxx HD. As far as size and weight, it is almost identical to this phone and the Gnex, but with a 3100 mAH battery. I am not saying that the RAZR Maxx is a better phone at all. In my opinion, I would rather have a Nexus, but it seems that Motorola has this battery thing figured out a little better. There would be absolutely NO REASON for me to get rid of my rooted JB 4.1.2 Gnex for this LG Nexus. NONE. Makes no sense. Consumers can have it all if we only demand it.

3300 mAH actually*

I agree there's no reason that another company shouldn't be able to get close to the size of a Maxx HD.

I don't think Motorola has "figured" anything out. What they did was cram a bigger battery into the phone chassis. They haven't addressed the core technical and engineering issues that cause their phones to too much energy.

I'm not an Apple fan by any means, but one thing Apple has been able to do is consistently improve battery life in their devices despite processors getting faster, screens getting bigger, and LTE being introduced. How is it possible that battery life improves for every generation of the iPhone despite these improvements?

The answer is that Apple carefully selects components (or designs them) so that they are power efficient. There is no reason why Google can't do the same at Motorola.

No they haven't figured anything out able technical and engineering issues, what they've figured out, is that given the limitations of the technical and engineering issues, there's a market segment of consumers that still care about battery life, and that they can sell a device that has a bigger battery crammed in at the expense of...gasp!... a millimeter or so of thickness.

Android phones are generally more bleeding edge, which is where battery life concerns come in.
But Android on a established radio has excellent battery life, the battery life on my GSM galaxy nexus is steller, without the compromises Apple makes, no real multitasking, no simultaneous voice and data on the CDMA version etc.

As newer LTE chipsets come out, LTE phone battery life is improving on Android devices, without making compromises like Apple does. And their really is nothing wrong with cramming a bigger battery in the phone to solve the problem, and Motorola isn't the only one to do it.
The iPad3 and iPad4 battery is 70% bigger than the iPad2 battery, their solution to it's power requirments. Shove in a bigger battery :)

Then how can you explain the fact that the iPhone 5 LTE has merely a 1440 mAH battery which is 31% smaller than a 2100 mAH battery. Granted it does have a 4-inch screen, but that's merely 17% smaller than that on a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S III.

So how is it that the iPhone 5 is able to far surpass the battery performance of phones like the Galaxy S III and the Optimus G, despite having a battery 2/3 the size, and even when taking into account the smaller screen?

The reason is that engineering has alot to do with it. Android phones suck down power. With the Nexus 7, I read that Asus was extremely meticulous in addressing heat loss and other energy-sapping causes on the circuit boards for that device. The result was extremely good battery life. Most Android phone manufacturers have addrssed the issue by simply cramming a bigger battery into the phone, without addressing other major causes from an engineering standpoint. Google needs to get serious about addressing this because I quite frankly am sick of the horrible battery life.

So more mAH doesn't necessarily mean better batter performance.

I can easily explain why the iPhone 5 is able to surpass the battery performance of phones like the Galaxy SIII and the Optimus G, despite having a battery 2/3 the size. It simply isn't true.

So you believe the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE has better battery life and is more efficient than the iPhone 5?

From what I gather from reveiws and from lots of people who own the iPhone 5, their batter life is better than the iPhone 4S, despite the added features, and they are satisfied. Meanwhile EVERY SINGLE Galaxy S III user I know complains about battery life.

I don't complain about the battery life on my GS III, so now it can every person you know minus 1

Honestly, I never believe these, "everyone I know complains about X', because that could be an exageration, you may only know 1 person, or that person may have battery draining apps.

+9000 I just switched back to my stock battery and it still lasts at least a day with me putting it through the paces. The "everyone I know complains about X" crap never holds any weight lol

Please read my comment again, I did not make any claim that comparing the mAH on two completely different phones will tell you exactly how the overall battery life compares between the two.

Yes I understand double the mAH = double the battery life if we're talking about the same phone. However, the s4 processor manages power better than A9 in the galaxy nexus so comparing battery life based on the mAH level between two phones is stupid. There are other factors to account for like the screen, processor, kernel, software etc.

mAh on their own are neither a measure of power nor energy. They are a measure of charge. One must consider the voltage of the battery in order to determine its energy content, which will generally be given in Wh (watt hours), just like a monthly bill from a power company. Two batteries can have the same charge while storing a different amount of energy. New higher voltage battery chemistry allows for greater energy storage at the same charge level.

But, most user replaceable batteries are Li-ion, this one is Li-ion Polymer, which pack more power and last longer then the regular ion batteries. This is one of reasons why Apple uses them, besides being more flexible and requiring no solid enclosure, allowing you to make things thinner and lighter.

If I were LG I think I would buy some Razr Maxx devices and tear them down and see if I couldn't figure out how to cram 3000mAh in this thing. If this device had a massive battery I think a lot of people would be excited. Instead it just seems like a lazy effort.

The optimus g which uses the exact same hardware can play video for 8h 43m and lasts for 20h on moderate usage

Stop looking at the raw specs they don't mean shit in real world usage

So only 14 hours less than the new Razr Maxx HD. That is really impressive. Thanks for the great info! I wish I knew how to quote the LG press release as well as you and simply ignore the real world tests that say that their 2100mAh still sucks ass.

Think he's referring to the numbers in Engadget's review, they're exactly the same. Which does give me some hope that one reviewer saw acceptable battery life while another didn't, means to me there might still be hope. But given that one review posts the actual battery discharge chart and exact number of screen on time, I have a hard time dismissing that evidence. People's descriptions of light/moderate/heavy use are highly subjective.

And I realize I'm being a bit of a Debby Downer in my comments of this article, but truly, it's out of love, and rooting for Google/Nexus. I want to love this phone, I want there to be a phone that is everything I want it to be, I'm just getting the feeling that while a 2100mah battery in this phone might be good enough for a light user, for a heavy user like myself, it will be woefully inadequate.

As an afterthought... Remember the days we would tease an iPhone user for not being able to remove their battery or add storage? Since when does the Nexus line aspire to be an iPhone? Sacrificing usability, expand-ability, and function for thinness and form. Let the iSheep by iSheep, I don't aspire to be an aSheep!

"Remember the days we would tease an iPhone user for not being able to remove their battery or add storage? Since when does the Nexus line aspire to be an iPhone? Sacrificing usability, expand-ability, and function for thinness and form. Let the iSheep by iSheep, I don't aspire to be an aSheep"

This, times a million. First keyboards, then microSD, now removable batteries. Opening the Nexus brand up to multiple manufacturers can't happen fast enough.

I agree....if I wanted an iphone then I would get an iphone. I don't understand why Google would so easily give up such great competitive hardware advantages. The same ones that made their platform stand out.

This is the type of arrogance that made Microsoft lose its own mobile marketshare.

Very meh IMO. Was hoping for at least 2500mah. The storage is still a deal breaker for me, should offered a 32gb model

I don't think Google would charge 100$ for 8Gb of storage, not even Apple charges that much.
My guess for the pricing is:

8GB 399$
16GB 449$
32GB 499$

Hey look the battery size that should have been standard in the GNex makes its way to the LNex.

I think this size will be fine but jumping up just a little to the 2500mah range would have been nice since it's sealed. I think Motorola spoiled our expectations with their fairly thin Maxx line. No doubt 2100mah on the LNex is a much different animal than the life I get out of my 2100mah GNex.

No removable battery = pass. I kill a 2100mah battery by about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, even if it is better power management, I'm not making it from taking it off my bedside cradle in the morning and back to the bedside cradle before bed without having to be tethered to something for a midday charge. Holding out hope now for the multiple Nexus manufacturer rumors, and someone like Motorola that takes battery life seriously.

2100mAh is more than most other phones have.
considering the Snapdragon S4 is very power efficient and IPS Panels use less energy than AMOLEDS (except when showning dark images on the screen but that rarely the case) this phone should have above average battery life.

As I linked to above, in one test of an Optimus G, they only got 2.5 hours of on screen time. That's not above average to me. Hopefully stripping LG's software and running it as a pure Nexus will improve on that, but certainly dampens my enthusiasm and hope for decent battery life.

There must have been software issues with the phone they company would release a phone with only 2.5 hours of on screen time

What exactly do you all do with your phones to get this kind of battery life? My Co-worker and I both have the Gnex and before that we had the evo. (don't know why we keep buying the same phones) Anyway, he always had terrible battery life and mine has been stellar. I also noticed that he has about 18 notification icons accross the top, meaning he has installed a ton of apps that are probably draining his battery. For me, I have my work e-mail and g-mail pushed to my phone. Send about 50-100 texts a day and surf the web throughout the day for about an hour and make about 5 calls a day lasting about 10 minutes each. I get almost 2 full days on a what are you guys doing to kill your battery so fast? Plus, I'm at work most of the day, so if it does go low on me, I can charge it up quick, but I don't ever have to do that unless I'm watching a movie.

I really wanted to get this phone till I found out about the non-removal battery. I've had to do a battery pull quite a few times on my GS3 to bring it back to life so for me a removable battery is a must.

Uhm, you know you don't have to pull the battery to reboot, right? All you gotta do is hold the power button till it vibrates then let go...poof your device will reboot...

Thats not always the case. There have been several time where my Galaxy nexus locked up hard where holding the power button did zilch and the phone got real hot. Each time a battery pull was the only way to revive it.

On devices where the battery is not removable (easily), there will always be a button long-press or button combination that does a hard reboot.

Damn. With it being a non removable battery, I was really hoping for a bigger battery than that. And 16gb is just too small for memory with no memory card option. Im going to hold for now and hope for a 32gb version later and hear how good the battery life actually is. Maybe by then there will be a better phone to go for.

No removable batt ane no MicroSD/16GB largest size are disappointing specs. I really hope that new HTC Jap phone ends up being a Nexus... :)

Man, that form factor reminds me alot of the neglected and forgotten Tmobile G2X. Hopefully with it being a Nexus, the phone will actually work as it is supposed to and actually have some support given to it.

Sad thing is that I dont know if I will be interested in buying this phone. Back during my LG G2X struggles, I vowed to never own another LG Phone. So now I am torn, will it be awesome because of being a Nexus or will it be junk? Luckily for me, I wont be in the market for a new Phone till after the first of the year which should leave plenty of time for all the bugs to be discovered and hopefully dealt with.

These new/rumored phones are making my head spin. 2100 mAh seems just fine, considering the GS3 has similar capacity (then again, there's the AMOLED and the Exynos and all that stuff). If the October 29 event doesn't captivate me enough, there's always the Note2 (which has its own event... 5 days before this one...)

8/16GB and no SD card is a deal breaker.
With all the big carriers moving to TINY monthly data buckets, I don't understand how Google thinks 8GB can possibly work. You simply can't rely on streaming or cloud services on cell plans in most areas due to Carrier greed.

Then again, if their strategy is to use the Nexus line to drive more consumers to buy unlocked devices off contract and move to the smaller carriers who are still offering unlimited data, then they probably had to find every way they could to keep the cost down.

Sprint is useless at this point. All their new phones are LTE and they barely have LTE up in a running in a dozen markets. What's the point of "unlimited" if your on slow 3G?

GSM only, it won't work on Sprint. :/
T-mo is pretty much the only viable carrier and their coverage in my area just doesn't cut it.

"unsightly hump"? I love that hump. It lets me know instantly which way I'm holding it without looking at it, especially when I pick it up with the screen off.

Why are people always surprised by Nexus specs? You can expect the following from every Nexus:

- Stock Android
- No SD Card slot
- Low to Moderate Internal Storage options
- Not a cutting edge processor (except the Nexus 4 apparently)
- Sometimes new tech implementation (like wireless charging in Nexus 4 or NFC in the Nexus S).

Moving forward.. I think you can expect:
- No more Verizon LTE Versions (but expect AT&T and T-Mobile LTE versions)
- No removable battery

Then Nexi suck, and I will never be buying one again. What a shitty bunch of rules. So basically, if you want stock android, you're stuck with garbage hardware. Sucks.

Google event 29th October!

I'll reserve judgement until then and any device is officially released plus hopefully the crew at AndroidCentral will have had a play pre release.

10 days and counting

I don't see anything wrong with another company making a Nexus. Hopefully the GNex is still available at the time of launch. You'll still have a choice. The GNex is no slouch, you know, and it has NFC and a lovely AMOLED display. I bought one when they dropped it to $349 on the Play Store. I don't have any issues getting through a day on a single charge, I usually have to throw it on the charger when I get home, but who wouldn't expect that? I think 8GB is a good option, because people should be utilizing cloud storage options, or streaming services. My GNex is 16GB, and I really don't use 8GB of it, with Spotify and all of Google's cloud services. My data package with AT&T is only 3GB, too, and I never have issues there.

I wish every manufacturer had a Nexus option, so users could see what Google intended Android to be. HTC is the one that strayed off the path most, and I cannot stand using an HTC phone. After having the GNex for awhile, I look down on all other Android devices.

Battery would have been sufficient enough for me but man, I wish this had LTE. Who knows, maybe there will be LTE enabled variants later but I would have loved to buy direct from Google.

Nexus phones are suppose to set the guide lines of the future Android phones. This is hardly the case. There are a few phones on the market currently that just put this new Nexus to shame. I do not buy into the thinking that the Nexus phones are all about the software. Software is a huge huge factor in the Nexus phone but the consumer pays for the entire package. We do not want lousy hardware. They could have done so much better then what I am seeing right now. Why the pissy 8 & 16 gb of interior storage??? Fine, no sd card, I can deal with that but holy shit give us at least 32 gb of interior storage. Anything less is just a no buy for me. I bought the Verizon version of the past Nexus because of the int storage, not because of the LTE. Everyone complained about the int storage on the past Galaxy Nexus so you would think they would listen to their customers and bump it up to at least 32 gb, no way, this is just pissing me the fuck off and I just can not understand their thinking. I will buy the best available device available that has ample storage capabilities, root it and run the latest CyanogenMod Rom. I like putting a few classic Movies on my phone to watch during my lunch break on the job site. I like being able to keep a list of music also on my phone so if I am out of Carrier range I can listen to music. Depending on the CLOUD IMO is not the answer. Try accessing your files when you are out of range, you cann't. That just sucks. I am hoping that Nexus has a choice for the storage hungry customers, I will wait until they come out, hoping like hell they wake up and give their dedicated customers what they want.

I dont understand why they change design of Optimus G, This doesn't looks like LG, but like Samsung. SO what's the point of Lg nexus. G looks better than this.

Unlike most iSheep and Fandroids, I have no allegiences. i love my Lenovo Windows laptop (I dislike McOSX), i love my iPad (think IOS is great on it, and I dislike Android tablets) and my next phone is this or an even better Nexus if any comes to be ( love Android on phones).

There are a few kicking around at the office, I don't have one personally yet though. Crack downs on leaks of any kind are at an all time high so I cant say much, but I can say I'd put down my Gnex for it in a heartbeat, and thats with only using it for a few hours.

I'll be keeping an eye on this phone closely. I passed on the Galaxy Nexus due to it's absolutely worthless camera. That is one feature on a phone that I need to work since it's my primary camera & I use it for business purposes. I'm also quite unimpressed with battery life in most Android phones too. HTC is just pathetic with battery life. But I think that largely is rectified with stock Android from everything I read.

I've got no particular love for LG, but my daughters Lucid is fine performing little phone. So there is reason to be optimistic. But I've got to have a good camera, not exceptional but at least a good camera & good battery life. Motorola as much as like what they've done with the Razr Maxx HD, is in the running here for battery life alone & the highly scaled back Blur/Non Blur treatment they have done to Android.

If this phone reviews good with the camera & battery life then it's my next phone. Otherwise it's the Razr Maxx or back to the iPhone as much as I don't want to go that route.

Make this good Google/LG!

Keep in mind this hasn't been released yet. For all we know, there will be three storage options at launch: 8, 16, and 32GB. So, let's all calm down and not count our chickens before they hatch. My prediction is this is the Nexus everyone loves to hate on and it turns out to be one bad-ass mf! Who's with me?

From the specs and looks of this phone I think it will be great. I think Google might be figuring out how to sell to the masses of it's Nexus line. Google can't sell only to the hardcore fans with the wants of 64GB storage, 3100mAh battery, microSD cards, and much more because that is a huge investment on a phone to a small percentage of the smartphone buying market.

Remember the average smartphone buyer barely understands or knows what we talk about in the forums and that is why the Iphone makes sense for them to buy over Android. Iphones are simple looking in what they do and how they work which creates a feel of comfort for buying. Google has to look at the Iphone and see its competitive advantages as a benchmark and work on ways to make the Nexus line better to the average customer for buying or else the Nexus line might go away due to low sales.

Wrong. It would not go away due to low sales. It's always been and always will be a developer minded device.

I think there should be a 16, 32, 64 GB options just like the iPhone (something Apple did right). I have an EvoLTE now (but I want to switch because I'll be on 3G for the next year I bet) and I can say from experience that non removable batteries are fine. 2000 mAh is fine on my EvoLTE so 2100 should be even better (especially if there is the new power management things like in the new Optimus). Either I'm giving LG too much credit, or you guys arent giving it enough credit because everyone on here seems so against an LG nexus. I'd be fine with any Nexus Google puts on the table.

That's about as incorrect as you could possibly be regarding the Nexus line. If you're waiting on carrier OTA's you FAIL.

**unless prohibited by a lucrative occupation. Then it's alright. You'll just have to wait a month or two longer than GSM Nexi. LTE is well worth the tradeoff to most people. You'll still have it before any non-nexi devices.