LG G2We're still a couple of weeks out from LG's New York launch event for its new G2 smartphone, but we already know quite a bit about the device, thanks to LG's teasing and a number of recent leaks. And the latest G2 leak, which came to light through a (now deleted) post on a Korean forum, shows us the the front face and back of the device.

The front is a familiar sight — all screen, with virtual home, back and menu keys. But the back shot reveals a 2610mAh battery tucked behind the phone's back cover, above the trademark rear volume rocker. How do we know its capacity? Well, like most LG batteries, it's printed right on the front.

Battery aside, the LG G2 is said to pack a massive 5.2-inch 1080p display, and run Qualcomm's speedy new Snapdragon 800 CPU, putting it clearly at the high end of the smartphone spectrum. We'll be live from NYC on Aug. 7 for the launch event, so stay tuned for more G2 news.

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Latest LG G2 leak shows 2610 mAh battery


After the DROID Maxx announcement, 2510 just seems so tiny. I'm tired of this trend towards super skinny phones. Keep them at a comfortable size with a huge battery.

I completely agree, a lack of 2 mm of thickness does absolutely nothing to make my phone more usable. However if you can get an extra 1,000 mAh out of that lost thinness I am much happier!

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well, you can pay high end price for a mid-range handset with a sealed battery. other people will pay the high end price for a high end handset and just get a second battery for $20. can't add more cores or a better screen for $20...

No need for bigger battery because it's removable. 2600 mah is fine on S4 and this one with snapdragon800 is gonna do even better. I would rather swap (or buy a huge 4000+) batteries than to be stock with one.
Maxx looks like beast performance wise so I gotta wait to see which one feels better.

Maxx looks like a beast? You realize it has last year's processor and then two little ones to handle the gimmicks that we didn't need right? Have you seen the benchmarks? 2/3 the power of current phones. The HTC Droid DNA is better in every category for $50 if you just put a big battery on it.

Idk if you saw the right benchmarks though.-Unless you are reffering to CPU. iPhone has been always below Android powerhouses there yet always handled graphics better. This time around Motorola completely changed the game with its 4 processors handling graphics resulting in 155 fps egypt 3D GPU test. I ve never seen anything like that so far (beats every phone x2l nor I'm expecting from the coming ones. Snap800 might get close but won't be better for sure.

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Enjoy your second batteries folks. I for one have seen far too many exploding batteries recently to be interested in them though.

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Honestly I ve never tried after market batteries but the one from Germany "Mugen" (4600 mah) had impressive reviews (gs3) and no explosions reported. I stick to genuine OEM spare batteries (15-20 $) and so far had no single problem. It is true that the quality built and feel is horrible compared to unibody phones but for what I do its a necessary sacrifice.

The exploding batteries are all cheap, third-party, unapproved batteries. Also, you realize a phone with a built-in battery also has... a battery in it, right?

Wait, the G2 has a removeable battery? That is one of the only things missing from my G. The other missing feature being wireless charging. If only AT&T had the NEXT plan 6 months ago.

Meh...assuming this will be the base for the N5 I'd rather it be a sealed battery, but that's one less thing for people to bitch about. Devices with non removable batteries tend to have a much better build quality.

Remember, a removable battery relates more to the phone's exterior, which is less likely to be replicated in the N5.

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The built-in battery was what gave me the most pause about buying a Nexus 4. I disagree that it has any impact on ACTUAL build quality. Perceived build quality? Sure. But I've never had to worry about any of my phones with replaceable batteries having their backs shatter when dropped.

It looks like a "rookie" version of touchwiz! Has anyone else noticed that LG has a tendency to copy others?

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I been noticed the TW similarities. But don't judge LG too quick because they all copy from eachother.

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It's kinda funny cause I have the LG OPTIMUS and after having the "stock" battery changed out for a 3500 nAh battery seems kinda pointless to get a brand new phone with a lesser battery.....just sayin

Can anyone tell if that's a microsd slot in the upper right? The one next to the battery looks to be the SIM.

The Age Old Argument.
Well.. The good thing is, there is Choice on either side of the fence.
As a Galaxy Note owner, You could not give me a phone that is sealed.. I paid too much money for this unit NOT to have access to my own damn battery for quick swaps while camping, traveling etc.. or NOT even have the option of using an SD Card to expand storage.. especially when I can take 5 minutes, root the my phone.. and now make the SD Card the Default Primary storage if I so choose..

Android is about Choice.. Why let a Manufacture limit your options?

But, for those afraid their Batteries are going to explode or feel like they are being slighted in the Build Quality Dept.. There are a plethora of Sealed devices to fit your needs as well..

I think this Phone is going to be yet another Dynamite Option for those looking to upgrade to an HD Screen or the Snapdragon 800 SoC.

The power button on the back of the phone looks like it lights up like the home button on the newer LG phones. Awesome.

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It's probably the same size as the N4, just a larger display cause of that super thin bezel. A little disappointed with the mAh but the new SnapDragon doesn't use as much juice.

I'll be tabbing down to the buy button and holding enter for 45 seconds minute it's out!

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