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Everybody's favorite Googler, Ry Guy, is back in the Nexus One forums to reiterate something -- the FRF72 build of Android 2.2 for the Nexus One that popped up over the weekend is not the "official" or "final" build. But you already knew this, right? Let's think it through:

  • FRF72 wasn't actually pushed out to the public. Just like with the first build, FRF50, this one was pushed to a few phones, and the download location was discerned and then passed around. If the build is not pushed out to the masses, it's not "official" or "final," now is it?
  • FRF72 is not a full ROM -- it's a bunch of patches, really. And since FRF50 isn't an "official" or "final" build, and FRF72 is patches, then FRF72 isn't an official build, now is it?
  • It's probably pretty likely that when the "official" or "final" build of Froyo is released for the Nexus One, Google might, you know, announce it or something.

As for Ry Guy, here's what he tell us:

Hey guys,

Just dropping in to let you know that the FRF72 build that is floating around is not the official update. The Android team is feverishly working to get a final version out the door, but like passion-ate has mentioned this will only happen once a release candidate meets our quality criteria.

Since today is the Summer Solstice, we know things will be heating up a bit so hopefully Froyo will be on its way shortly. Thanks for your continued patience!

As for us, here's what we say: Have patience. We're excited for everyone to get Android 2.2. And you should be excited, too. But better to have a good update than one that's half-baked. When Froyo's ready, Google will let us all know. It won't be a secret. Trust us. [Nexus One forums via XDA Developers]


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Latest Froyo build isn't final -- but you already knew that, right?


Palm did this too. Video recording took till February... I don't expect any other company to act any differently.

Let them take their time. We don't want the crap that the iPhone users have been getting with their update to iOS 4. Google takes the time to get it right unlike Apple that just talks the talk.

Phil, how did you get Cyanogen's .34 kernel running on MoDaCo's r18? When I flash the update zip Cyanogen released that contains the .34 kernel with root when Froyo first leaked, I get tons of FC's and had to re-flash r18 to go back to stock kernel and usability. Please, enlighten me in your ways :)

You know, sometimes one wakes up from a slumber to news such as this... and just wants to be punched in the face!

Needsmoar I'll be sending you my address... Shortly.

Does anyone running FRF72 have random wifi connection issues, as in the connection not being there even when its turned on?

It's sad I'm not going to see what the final build would be like, I had hoped they'd release it before Apple. With all the digs and dirt they tossed at Apple last month, it turns out that Apple -literally- was the one to deliver. My iPhone 4 will be here tomorrow and I'll be putting my Nexus One in the shoe box of retired phones in the back of my closet.

maybe it's me, but the new Froyo build FRF72 seem's buggy. i mean it improved certain features but for the most part, it caused more problems than it solved. not to mention the poor battery quality & over heating (constantly reboot'n) sux

I don't care how long it takes, so long as it supports HTTP proxies when it comes out. I can't browse on my corporate WiFi, and am miserable.