Get ready to say Hello Moto on August 8, according to this leaked commercial story board

Update: We've had to pull the leaked image. A handy Google search may help if you missed it.

The Droid Ultra, complete with a Gorilla Glass screen and Kevlar encasing, will launch August 8 according to this leaked television commercial story board that appeared in our inbox. The commercial itself will feature what sounds like a very tough phone, taking a beating and coming through without a scratch.

There's also a hint at some sort of customized voice control software, as the actor will tell the phone to play some smooth jazz tunes by saying "Hello Moto. Open Spotify. Play Coltrane mix." We've no clue if this refers to some special blend of Motorola's software, or part of Google Now's ever-increasing functionality.

What we do know is that there are a lot of people excited to see Motorola's latest come to their local Verizon store. If all goes as planned, we'll be seeing just that in about four weeks. Head into the Droid Ultra forums and join the discussion while we wait.

[LEAK] 8-8-13 at Android Central forums


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Latest Droid Ultra leak points to August 8 release date


I'm so glad we do not get the Droid branding here in the UK. I'm just not into the dark dramatics Verizon keeps pushing for that line in its adverts.

Having just bought a RAZR i as a backup phone, and been blow away by almost every aspect (build quality, Moto's smart actions, screen, camera speed and mechanical shutter release, call quality etc), they should have really pushed it hard, because even before falling to 150 UK Pounds on Three a few weeks ago, it was a steal at 295 approx.

Much better thought out than any other brand, and technically wiped the iPhone.

Motorola will return, and then some.

Update: Silly Android Central, rejecting my comment because I had a UK pound sign in the text. WTF?

You do understand how marketing works right?

Why would Verizon stop advertising 'Droid' when its so unanimous with Android smartphones?

The dark aesthetics are a direct contrast to all the light and glitz of Apple and Samsung commercials. And though I find the robotic aspects to be confusing, Droid sets itself aside as something different. And that's okay.

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The DROID marketing was/is so good that people think that all Android phones are Droids.

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While I agree with your point, I wouldn't dare use the word "good" or anything like it. Definitely effective, but that's a direct result of VZW spending millions of advertising dollars on the brand for many years now.

The marketing is definitely good/excellent. Taste and your opinion of it is very different. My parents who know nothing of smartphones or tech in general know Apple and Droid, and that's it.

Really looking forward to trying the new extended voice functions on the new Moto's.

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If this voice control thing is real... should not be "Ok Moto" instead of "Hello Moto"? It could have a serious impact in brand recognition if all of their devices (ex. glass, nexus, moto, etc) had the same phrase to interact with. You could control any of your google devices by saying "Ok Nexus", "Ok Moto", "Ok TV" or with whatever Google comes up next.

I threw the old HELLOMOTO ringtone onto my Bionic.

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Here's the question. What will Verizon ship first, the X or an Ultra?

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