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The Google Chrome Beta for Android has once again been updated, this time with a singular but interesting change. The new version 25.0.1364.47 enables access to chrome://flags, a hidden menu page that allows all sorts of experimental, work-in-progress features to be switched on (at your own risk).

Among these, as Googler Brandon Jones points out on Google+, is support for WebGL, a JavaScript API for rendering accelerated graphics. Many of the features on the list aren't supported on the Android branch yet, but there are quite a few that may be of interest to web developers and the hacking/tweaking crowd.

If you're already running Chrome Beta, you can grab the latest version from the Play Store app. If not, you can find it at the Google Play link above.

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Latest Chrome Beta allows tinkering with experimental features


hmmm... this is one of the features I was very disappointed was not in chrome for android, glad to see its coming!

Yeah, this is *THE* feature that would make me use the beta. Until then, I'm seriously not interested. And it can't be that hard to do, right? All other browsers have a full-screen implementation, right?

Has anyone running cyanogenmod 10 been able to run chrome beta? It won't do anything for me on my Galaxy S III, and I notice a lot of the 1 star reviews state they're running CM 10.