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We know what Google tells us about the number of devices on each platform.  We can also read server logs and get a pretty good idea of the versions of Android hitting the site.  But what better way to find out what versions of Android you guys are running than to ask?  We're not interested in the minor version numbers, just the platform version in general.  If you use more than one device, just answer for the one you use most to visit Android Central.  

Honeycomb is my choice.  What's yours?  Answer in the poll.



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Late night poll: What version of Android are you running?


Reeeally??? That many people here are running ICS? There's only one smartphone running ICS right now, there can't be that many on here with Galaxy Nexus.

Of course I don't have a GNex. I have an HTC Incredible (the first one). I'm running an ICS rom on it. It's beautiful.

My Nexus S automatically got OTA to ICS just before Xmas at Vodafone in Australia. So, officially 2 Handset has ICS!

nexus one does not have official ics. it will never have official ics. it will of course have custom roms if it doesnt already

Just loaded an ICS ROM on my Incredible last night. Evolvr. Its completely amazing. Google did what they set out to do. I don't want to see this tarnished with any skins. I don't even want another launcher. If people had wide access to stock ICS the competition would be in trouble.

I wasn't sure which to count, my phone or tablet. I counted the tablet (Transformer Prime) since I use it more now.

Well youd be surprised at how many users are in the gn forum. And the xoom is currently on ICS as well.

Gn and xoom both on ICS here

HTC EVO 3D on CleanRom 3.0 PREVIEW 2.3.4.... Kernel/AnthraX-Shooter

Not updating to ICS until rooted versions with Sense UI come out.
I truly need all the functionality of my phone right now. (Fast charge, Wimax, Wifi-Tether, SENSE!)

2.3.7 on my Droid X via Cyanogenmod. There are a couple of ICS ROMs our there for the X that i've seen, but they are all too unstable at this point. I expect to be on Ice Cream Sandwich within the next month, though I'm in no big hurry

Froyo (2.2.1) since AT&T / Samsung can't get their head our their asses and release 2.3 for the Infuse4g. This phone should have shipped with 2.3 from the start. Never again....

However my hacking phone runs 2.3.7 thanks to CyanogenMod so all is not lost..

I had to vote for gingerbread because the majority of my android devices are running it. Here's the rundown.

Tab 10.1 -->3.2
Micro Cruz t301-->2.2
HTC aria-->2.3.7 via CM7
Captivate-->2.3.7 via CM7
GS2 (i777)-->2.3.6

Loving my Galaxy Nexus 4.0.2 awaiting the next update to 4.0.3. Looks like Ice cream sandwich much more siccessful than people thought. Ics will rule nothing beats ICS....

As soon as ICS gets a Stable build for the Inspire 4G I will start running it. All I've seen so far is Alpha and Beta builds.

GNex on ICS, Xoom still on Honeycomb for now. Now if I throw in my wife's phone and tablet they are both on Gingerbread. The poll should have allowed for multiple options.

The poll is flawed because it only gives respondents one choice, whereas many people have more than one device (phone & tablet). I responded ICS because my Xoom is on ICS. My EVO 3D is still on Gingerbread.

From the article: "If you use more than one device, just answer for the one you use most to visit Android Central."

What's wrong with that?

Galaxy Nexus running Codename Android 1.2.0 (ICS 4.0.3)

Moto Doom running Team EOS Nightly, currently Build 55 (ICS 4.0.3)

Logitech Revue running stock Honeycomb

Captivate: Stock Android 4.0.3
Galaxy s i9000: miui Android 4.0.3
Nexus s: Android 4.0.3
Desire HD: Android 4.0.3

lol does anybody wanna buy a phone?

Acer a100 running HC Evo 3D running Gingerbread HP Touchpad running Ics Dell Streak 7 running Froyo for games changed build prop to lg p999 same screen resolution same cpu gpu so gameloft games work

The actual version I run depends on the rom I'm running 2.3.4 as I'm currently on a desensed rom, or AOSP I run 2.3.7

I know I've seen it on the android versions breakdown, but I find it really hard to believe their are people on this site with donut or lower, are those joke answers lol. If they are real I feel sorry for those users, get a new phone already :)

I'm on 2.2.1 SRF 1.2 Twilight ROM on my Epic 4G (Galaxy S). I was going to move over to Verizon to get my hands on the Galaxy Nexus and some ICS but now that I know CM9 is coming to the epic I will what to get my hand on it then. Plus I don't want to switch form unlimited data on Sprint.