This one comes from Cory, who happens to be shopping for new car insurance. While deciding how much coverage he should buy, he brought up the question of other folks texting and driving. He is worried just how many people still do it, even though everyone knows they shouldn't, it's illegal damn near everywhere, and it's a good way to cause some serious harm to yourself or others. We're hoping that very few of you guys will say yes in tonight's poll -- we'll all be safer that way and Cory can save a little money.


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Late-night poll: Texting and driving


While I'm ashamed to admit that I do, I have really started using the voice commands with ICS. It works well and I can keep my eyes on the road.

There is nothing so important that anybody needs to text, or talk for that matter, while driving. Even if you are expecting a call/text you can always always always find time to pull over to check your phone. I'm disgusted at how many voted yes. May you all drive into a pothole big enough to launch your phone out your window! hahaha

Sad how there's more people voting yes than no.FOr the record my reason for haitng is you're gonna kill someone at some point. EX: i was at my friends house, we were in the front yard and some idiot came speeding around the corner,and we were standing pretty close to the street so i noticed he had a phone in his hand (iPhone to be precise), and luckily he decided to look up and notice my friends lil brother about 30 feet ahead of him, who had been scootering down the street before he had even turned the corner, and hit those damn breaks. yes we told the kid to get out the street when we noticed he wasn't paying attention but it would've been nice if he'd looked up once.

If it means that I can drive Cory's insurance rates up, then I will now start texting and driving. Aren't I a great role model?

But seriously, does texting while driving a horse and buggy count? If so, I need to stop.

Been using vlingo and voice-to-text since pretty much day 1. Either that or I just call the person I need to talk to. These situations make me miss my good ol PTT on Nextel

Then use voxer or hey tell or tikl. Whichever most of your friends already have or are willing to get. voxer works great for me and my group. It connects to fb so there's no need to find contacts. It also sends pictures and GPS coordinate which is nice.

I can't stand it when I see somebody driving like an idiot, and when I go to pass them, see them looking down in their lap and quickly back at the road. Yes I see that phone in your lap, yes I hope you hit a curb and roll your car without hurting anyone else, and yes, that the news tells everyone WHY you had this accident.

I have a dock right next to my rear-view mirror for my phone. Mostly for GPS purposes. I just use the regular android voice-message feature to send texts - and it's usually just to tell people I'm driving and I'll text them back when I park. Or sometimes I'll text them at a stoplight. Being able to see who is calling though, then answering with a push of a button and hearing it routed through my car speakers is the best part.

Never a dull moment with my phone on the road. But it has NEVER impaired my ability to drive, like the other 80% of drivers I've seen...

I will uscommands to commands to text, but usually I just wait for a red light or a stop. Sometimes I'll send a dozen or more when getting gas and then wait until I arrive at my next stop.

I personally don't think that any email nor text message is worth risking someone's life.

For those of you who do text and drive, would you mind sharing an example of a conversation that was so riveting, that you were willing to put someone else's life in danger in order to read and respond to it?

In 2011, there were 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries caused by texting and driving -- that's 18 per day.

One of those 18 people could be you or a loved one.

Either way, this poll shows that I need a hell of a lot more than insurance.

How many deaths were there from people putting on makeup and driving? What about eating breakfast/dinner/lunch while driving? How about changing the radio station or putting in a CD? What about people being poor drivers while driving? A few of the accidents I've averted lately were due to poor drivers ignoring basic traffic laws (mostly old people that over/underestimate their ability to make a right turn to merge into oncoming traffic, causing me to have to check my mirrors and either switch lanes or slam on the brakes).

Texting and driving is stupid, but it's no more stupid than things people have been doing for decades...that are still not illegal.

One thing I began noticing is that it seems just as dangerous for me to manipulate my GPS navigation as it is to press the voice action button to send a text. If I were to get into an accident and kill myself and injure somebody else, would it matter to them what the difference was?

And let's be honest, a 50:50 split is not sad. In reality I believe it is much higher than that. It seems like 1 in 4 people I pass by on the highway have their phones up to their ears talking, which is harder to hide than texting is. If people still have the balls to do that, I'm guessing they still have the balls to text.

This poll shows that Android users are just as big @$$holes as everyone else. People who text and drive should lose their license permanently.

Your comment confirms you are as big of an a-hole as those you rail against. Lost their licence permanently? If we all lost something as vital to us as driving is to most for a mistake, even as incredibly stupid as texting and driving, most of us would have nothing.

Have you ever lit a candle or a fire in a fireplace and left the room? You should lose your house. Something could happen with that fire, burn the house down and kill someone. Have you ever tried to hit that yellow light but instead ran it while it's red? Lose your licence. Ever make a big mistake at work? Lose your ability to work anywhere ever again. You can get ridiculous fast following your lack of logic. We all make mistakes, many mistakes could, in fact, threaten lives and livelihoods. Doesn't mean that permanently losing yours is the answer.

I'm shocked that a majority of respondents text and drive. It's incredibly stupid!

I wonder how many of these are the "check a text while sitting at a stoplight" people versus "barrel down the highway tapping out a message and changing lanes" people.

And, to show that stupidity knows no limits.... I actually witnessed a BICYCLIST texting while riding opposite traffic on a busy roadway today. Dude wasn't even watching cars coming at him. No bike lane either.

I voted "No" because I don't consider stopped at a light driving. I wait until I'm not in motion, even just to read a text.

And that bicyclist is an idiot. Wow.

Guilty as charged... But its usually on my afternoon commute, which is on a farm road with very little traffic.

Side note, the Volkswagen in the picture is almost out of gas...

I am ashamed to admit that I have done so many times in the past, while knowing how wrong it was. However, I have successfully weened myself off of this bad habit and have not done so in over 8 months. I do still talk on my phone and drive occasionally.

The problem here is that so many of us suffer from that Invisible Shield Syndrome, where we think that the horror stories we hear can't possibly happen to us because we are special somehow. We have the invisible shield. All it took was a few close calls and one very close call to set my a$$ straight. Now I have been a very nagging irritating voice in my girlfriend's ear about the same thing. I think I am starting to get through.

Yes I text and drive, but let me clarify; My car allows me to speak my text and it sends it via my phone for me. Thus, in the traditional sense, I suppose I don't text and drive. Hell I don't even talk and drive without using hands-free in my car. I will say that I am extremely annoyed when I pass someone, anyone, with a phone pressed to the side of their head holding up traffic (Usually). hands free in the car seems to be the only (sane) way that most people (and not always then) can function behind the wheel in a safe manner.

I am a motorcyclist and cagers texting while driving is really a problem.... even sometimes a question of life or death.
Not sure people realize how dangerous texting can be for others.

in the past two years we've had 3 single vehicle(thank god) accidents in our area, where the driver has admitted to texting while driving(yes, unfortunately this means they didnt die, but whether they learned their lesson i don't know in two of the three cases)'s stupid, and a danger to everyone on the road...

Unfortunately, there are a lot of jerks in this world. To a lot of people, death is something that's quite easy to deserve. "You texted, you should die". WTF?

Text'n Drive? Definetly NO!

Ignoring that i have no driving license but even if i had one... No Way!

However, german car drivers... You know what a kids life is worth them when you see them driving in a 30 Km/h zone. Texting while driving seems to be their minor issue.

Could be because it has been found that it is 4 times more dangerous then drinking and driving. I would imagine they would like to curb the practice before it becomes the number one cause of traffic accidents and fatalities. Drinking and driving is stupid, texting and driving is just as stupid. There is no excuse. If what you have to say in a text is so important, then pull off the road and take care of it.

A majority of drivers – 94% – agree that texting or emailing while driving is unacceptable and 87% support laws against reading, typing or sending text messages or emails while driving, according to the AAA Foundation’s 2011 Traffic Safety Culture Index, yet more than one-third of drivers reported texting or emailing while driving in the previous month. This “do as I say, not as I do” attitude is one of the greatest obstacles preventing us from improving safety on our roads.

I've never personally been the victim of someone eating a burger and driving, and I'm not sure where this makeup and driving argument keeps coming from, but I don't see much of that myself. What I do see, are the news stories of real people, who are victims of others that - in my opinion - think their self importance is so grand that they can't pull-over or wait until they reach their final destination vs. looking down, and pecking out the words "LOL" I've lived 40 years on this earth and have never had a compelling reason or sense of urgency that required me to be so selfish.

No. Hardly use my phone while driving. Only for music, navigation and IonRoad reality app. Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous things I reckon. I see so many people with their heads down looking at their phones or whatever. Some people...

Anyone that texts while driving is a STONE COLD IDIOT, and should be charged with manslaughter if someone dies in a wreck caused by their texting actions.

let me get this straight... you're happy with them giving illegals and idiots drivers licenses, but you will stop being happy when they dont?

just like to point out silly things...

If I see someone texting & driving I make sure they know they are wrong.. I ride a Harley Road Glide & can't tell you how many near misses I have had with assholes texting & driving.. If I am on my bike & see you texting $ driving again I will let you know & if you come within kicking distance of my bike I will kick the side of your car.. These phones are not like the old ones where you can text without looking st the phone.. It's easy to use voice to text if you have to send a text so you can still pay attention to the road.. Again, if your in my area & get your car kicked say hi.. Cuz it's me.. Just don't get out of your car mad at me cuz that's when shit will hit the fan... I only kick if you deserve it...

Go ahead and kick my car dude. I have a conceal and carry permit, I have no issues starting crap. And your definition of "deserve". What if the person is looking down and isn't txting and you kick their car?

Real men will do whatever it takes to win. Real men aren't about ego.

And PS. I'm doing Aikido so no, I really DON'T need it.

While texting and driving is wrong, if anyone kicked my vehicle they'd be getting run off the road by a lifted Bronco >:)

Kicking a car? Are you serious? I'm a life long biker myself and that just sounds childish. Either use your horn or just move on and continue to focus on defensive driving techniques.

I use Vlingo and only to respond with I'm driving call you shortly. Or I'll usually call them with my ear piece in place. People still hold their phones to their ear and talk and drive which blows my mind to this day. You will get a kick out of this one....leaving work one night last summer pull out of my job parking lot which is across the street from a police station/courthouse. An unmarked cop car pulls out just ahead of me. We get to the first traffic light and he is steady on the phone laughing and carrying on like its nothing. We get to the next light and I look at him and gesture hey what's up with the phone? He looks at me nods and pulls off. We get to the exit to the highway to my home and he's ahead of me, pull onto.the exit and I pull up next to him as the flow of traffic alllows me to. HE'S STILL ON HIS IPHONE TALKING! Seriously and we're citizens held accountable. That's not the first time I've seen an officer on the phone while driving...grinds my gears(Peter Griffith.)

I voted yes, but only because I use the Waze app while driving. Reporting road hazards is just like texting (even though you only hit a few buttons and are not typing). I really wish the Waze developers would add voice commands to the app.

Only at stoplights. My bigger issue is dealing with Google Music. It really wasn't an app that was designed to be used in the car. There is no Alphabetical scrolling. When you go back a screen is loves to go back to the top of the list, typing in search terms doesn't bring up previous search terms, but it does bring up instant results so that is a plus.

Here's an idea, instead of using Vlingo/voice commands to send your texts, why don't you put the phone away and concentrate on not killing anyone with your 4,000 pound missile?

The conversation is as distracting as the way you hold it, and you aren't that important. What you have to say can wait.

Tricky question depending on how you look at it.

I text at stop lights, but not while the vehicle is moving. Sometimes I start a text and then pause while driving to the next red light. If I'm moving, my eyes are on the road.

If I have to while moving for whatever reason (very rare cases), then I use speech to text to compose the message. Other than pressing a button to activate it (which I really don't have to look at the phone for) my eyes are on the road. Even then I don't do it in traffic or curvy roads.

For that matter I listen to a lot of music either on my phone or my iPod plugged into the radio and I don't mess with that while moving either.

I love mine. I got it when I got my Droid X and still serves me faithfully with my GNex. My only issue is that I think the phone still uses it's microphone to hear you speak for voice commands and not the speakerphone. It only uses the speakerphone mic when you are on a call.

Occasionally I physically text at red lights or when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic; while moving, I have a tasker profile that reads my text messages to me and clears the notification so I don't have that blinking light taunting me while driving. If there is an occasion I want to text back while moving, I either use ICS voice to text or just call the person. I do send my 'leaving now' and 'be home in 15 minutes' texts, but they are also sent via tasker and only take one click from my lock screen to send them.

Whoa, I'm surprised it's so evenly matched. I used to text normally, but now with voice to text functions, that's become my main mode of phone usage while I'm on the road.

I find it amazing how many people are so anti texting and driving. Not that im saying texting and driving isnt dangerous, but people will pay no attention to there driving, as long as they are not texting. I guess it shows how the media makes us care about certain things. Texting isnt even the distraction that kills the most people. Reaching and leaning is, and everyone with a phone does that, haha. Just remember not texting doesn't make you a good driver, paying attention does, just because your not texting doesn't mean you paying attention. Tho if you are texting you most certainly aernt paying attention.

You're an asshole and I hope you do your driving and texting far away from me, my family, and my friends.

I may be wrong but i guess Text'n Drive is OK for Burchamj as long as not his/her kids are being injured or killed...

I don't support banning cellular calls while driving (thank goodness it's still legal here in FL) but I strongly agree that texting while driving should be banned. IMO there's a huge difference between the two in terms of distraction from the road.

So you think simply because studies aren't 100% accurate, texting while driving is OK? Something that takes your eyes off the road, at least one hand off the steering wheel or other control surface, and keeps your mind from processing what's happening around you is OK simply because studies could be wrong? Come on man, use common sense.

I got another study for you. Jumping out of airplanes in flight without a parachute is deadly 100% of the time.

Holy crap, why are there so many "yes" responses?! As has been stated here many times, you nor your conversation is important enough to justify putting countless people's lives at risk. Put your phone down, look up at the road and keep the world a safer place.

I really wish I could give tickets and/or arrest someone as a citizen for putting my life and others lives in jeopardy. I can't imagine how much money I could make my local police department in just my 10 minute drive to work...

So what if other distractions while driving exist. Does that make texting any less of a distraction? NO! A distraction is a distraction regardless of how you look at it. You should ALWAYS try to minimize the number of distractions while driving. It just so happens that texting is a simple one to avoid since you are in 100% control if it happens or not.

I'll admit I do it on occasion when driving (I know!). Usually just those small texts that can be sent at the stoplight. Voice to text isn't perfect and I find myself having to open the keyboard to fix my text. I never text when riding my motorcycle though, that shit would be crazy lol

I used to text and drive when I was younger. I thought I was untouchable like most younger people think. Then I got older and realized that texting while driving was one of the dumbest things I've done while driving.

There is absolutely no reason why someone should be texting while driving. There isn't a message important enough to risk someone elses life. I hear stories on the news or read them online about accidents caused by texting while driving and I can't say I have any sympathy for the person that caused it. They get what they decerve.

I never touch my phone while I'm on the road.

I have a windshield mount by the left A pillar and I use voice commands. I don't think there is anything wrong with texting that way. I take my eyes off the road longer to change the radio station.
I do have to say that I give at least one person the middle finger every day for holding their damn phone in the middle of their steering wheel and trying to type out a text on a 3.5" screen while they swerve all over the road.

No I don't text while driving. I actually loathe texting, prefer the old fashion voice call where you can hear the other person's voice inflection and can communicate so much more information in a much shorter time frame. Overall though, I rarely touch the phone while driving; occasionally at a stop light or a very brief voice call. Driving is the priority, something many, many people can't do very well period even when they're not distracted by something else. There's a lot of truth in "You can't fix stupid!" :(

No ... hell NO

Texting or even talking on the phone while driving is a "Highway To Hell"

Why people can't pull over, if they need to text someone thattrying bad, its only couple of seconds !!!!! It's not gonna kill you !!!!
I have a friend who had to change the entire right side of his 2009 corolla because of the one was driving next to him was texting & got out of the lane !!!

Who gave you the power to decide that a Text is more important than a human'a life ???

The same goes for people texting on a stop light , I understand I the car is stationary, but what happens when the light turns grean while you in the middle of the text ????????
I know what's gonna happen, you gonna try to "Rabbit Jump" but instead of putting the Gear on Drive, you put on Reverse & the car behinds pay the price for your text !!!!!
My Forte didn't even reach 18000 Miles & the front bumper brackets are already broken plus it the pumper needs to be repainted because of this shit !!!!!

It gets worse when the car the texter drives is bigger, I'm not talking about SUVs (believe it or not there are bigger cars ... hell my Forte is bigger than allot of SUVs)

The same goes for people who reads Books or do make up while driving , just because its not illegal that doesn't make it alright !!!!!
A woman once almost broke my right mirror because she was busy putting make up !!!!!

Phil, Jerry, Cory, Alex : can you guys talk about this subject please ??????

It would be awesome if you guys took to the next level & made it across the entire MobileNations websites & podcasts

I don't think people understand the dangers of texting while driving !!!!!

For all the 'yes' people, do the rest of the world a favor and download "Auto SMS" from Google Play. It's free, easy to setup, comes with widgets, and you can setup an auto response message to tell people that you will contact them when you aren't driving. It takes under 2 minutes, literally.

One of the many reasons I still drive a truck with a heavy metal bumper in the back is because of the texters in the Dallas metroplex. I see them every day on the highway, regardless of what time of day it is and even in construction zones. I've been hit in the back twice by idiots who were texting and they were both driving small cars. My truck wasn't damaged either time(other than a bumper mount being bent) while the idiots needed new hoods, front fenders, grilles, and one needed a new radiator and support brackets. If another SUV hits me while texting, I know that I won't be so lucky. I'm sure that I'm not the only one that wishes these people would end up backing into a tree or damaging their vehicle in some way to wake them up and pay attention to the road instead of their phone. "OMG, did u c what happened on Idol last night?" can wait for a response until you stop.

If it were up to me, texting accidents would automatically suspend your license for 5 years. And after that 5 years of taking a bus/cab/bumming rides from friends, I bet that person would think twice about texting while driving. If they were dumb enough to do it again, license suspended for life in that state.

I voted yes. I'd be lying if I said I never text and drive. I don't do it a lot. Hell I don't even like talking on the phone in the car unless I have my earbuds with built in mic. No I don't do it often but on occasion, I do text and drive.

I'm a paraplegic, hit by a driver who was texting. Broke my back in three places. I now drive with hand controls, and I'm full time in a wheelchair. Everywhere I look, I see drivers who are texting, and or talking on their phones. It scares me to think how easy they can become distracted and someone else can end up like I did. I have a sign at the back of my van that says texting is illegal. Many times, I look into my rear view mirror, and some person almost rear ends me because they are on the phone. The laws are out there, but not really enforced and people know they can get away with it. Use a headset, or a car bluetooth kit, buy it at the Androidcentral store. Take the phone off of your face and drive the car people. You may think it will never happen to me, until you become the victim or you hurt someone else.

It really depends on what you define as "texting and driving". I will read/write a text while stopped at a red light, or type out "I'm a block away" message in advance and then hit the send button when I actually get a block away. With my old phone I was used to the screen size/keyboard layout enough that I could almost type out a whole test without looking away from the road (no more dangerous then eating or drinking something while driving). With the new phone it actually can run the voice to text software so if I really need I can dictate a text message.

How did I know who did the poll before I scrolled to the bottom? I find that funny, I already memorized his favorite saying "damn near everywhere". Hahaha Jerry...

Yes I text and drive. But I pay more attention to the driving then the texting.
Texting is no more dangerous then playing with the radio, putting in a cd, eating, kids in the back seat, reading a map, playing with a GPS, putting on makeup, all while driving
Any and all distractions in a car are dangerous if you let your attention span on the distraction take over.
But yet, no one wants to ban the other forms of distractions!!!!

Lets build a car where the driver is isolated and alone. Cant talk on the phone, talk to passengers, no radio, cup holders and his or her hands are locked to the steering wheel. Sounds just as stupid to me.

Just remember if your driving, most of your attention should be to the driving with all other second.... No need to ban anything. IMHO

I agree with no banning of anything because in general people should use common sense. Although that rarely happens.

However, I have to disagree that texting is no more dangerous than eating. If you have done both you know that texting requires more focused attention. Your eyes are trained on the phone, the keyboard and the text. People don't text without taking your eyes off the road. There are the exception for people who hold the phone and text with one hand without looking at the screen to review their text. But those are very very rare instances. Safe to say that 99% of the texter will read what they text before sending.

Eating doesn't require your body to be focused in that way. But I also don't like the idea of people eating in cars and driving however it is not nearly as dangerous as texting unless the person is carving a turkey while they are diving. Most people are grabbing finer food without taking their eyes off the road and popping the food in their mouth. Its a much quicker set of action than texting.

Yes, folks putting on make up is bad and they should be slapped. Map readers are probably bad too but.

People should be held accountable for their actions though. If they cause serious accidents because of distraction they should have to pay a stiffer price. Longer jail time, sued etc. If you are willing to take the risk then you should be aware of the consequences.

Sorry. I just don't think texting is all that important while you are driving. I have not seen a single idiot on the highway who texts AND can drive carefully. You can always spot the fools on the road on the phone. They brake a lot and nobody is in front of them. They drift ever so slowly off their lane.

Worse part is when you go around them and flip them off they're not paying attention to you. ;b

I don't know that voice activation is good enough because in many cases, people still have to unlock their phone or do something to activate it that requires interaction with the phone.

I don't even like talking on my phone in the car even though its deeply integrated with my car. I almost always send it to voicemail. If its someone I am meeting I will answer the call but its never to chit chat.

I use Vlingo, StartTalking and other largely insufficient speech-to-text interfaces to text while I drive, because for the next few years it's going to be illegal. I also eat and drink while driving, which is not illegal and sometimes requires two hands, unlike texting, and I was doing that 15 years before I got my first SMS-capable phone. I also change the music I'm listening to, whether by tuning my radio or hitting a button on my CD player, neither of which is illegal because people are used to it, or by swiping my finger across my phone on the dash, which is illegal because people are idiots.

In one weekend this year the cops wrote over 800 tickets for texting while driving in my county. It's a big deal right now. And in another year or two, the populace will be on to the next thing that outrages them about new technology, perhaps camming while driving, perhaps virtual flag burning while driving, and the cops will be writing tickets for that and leaving texters alone the way they're not pulling over people cradling a phone between their ear and shoulder anymore.

The laws are the kind of knee-jerk garbage that results from the unholy matrimony of "think of the children" nanny-state Democrats and Luddite police-state Republicans. They'll go away eventually -- just as the laws requiring you to do things like get out of your car at every intersection and flag down traffic coming from the other directions before continuing went away, despite the mass hysteria and genuine moral outrage that originally swept them into existence. Even the national 55-mile-an-hour speed limit disappeared eventually, because it didn't really make the roads safer and inconvenienced a lot of people. We're still on the upswing with these laws, and I fully expect a few states to make texting penalties worse than DUI penalties before people get wise. But get wise they will.

Let me know when it's illegal to have a screaming kid in the back of the car while driving. Then we'll talk about what's right and wrong, responsible and reckless, and what's merely demagoguery.

All the excuses people posted here like "eating should be illegal but I text anyway" are just ludicrous. In my state it's called "Distracted Driving" so it covers all of the other things people do when they should be driving. This is simple. There is NO message that can't wait. Why do you have to text and say "I'm a block away"? When you are driving a weapon (Yes, cars kill people very easily) you should only be driving. It's a great responsibility and should be treated as one. Two tons of metal moving at any speed is dangerous. Remember that. Text and talk when you get where you are going. Whoever texted you first can wait. It won't kill them (but you may kill someone while answering). Off my soapbox now.

There's only one answer to this and it involves ALL activities when you are behind the wheel of 2 tons of steel travelling a football field every second. STOP whatever the EFF! you are doing that doesn't immediately involve controlling the vehicle and observing what's going on 360 degrees around you.

It's not just phones. It's eating, drinking, talking to passengers in the backseat, reading, doing makeup or hair (men and women on the hair), effing with the radio, effing with the GPS, smoking (aka dropping lit cigs in your lap, and I AM a smoker but I use an E-Cig in the car now as well as at other venues), the list goes on and on. YOU are the DRIVER! YOU are not the passenger. YOU are responsible for everything that happens to YOU, your passengers and the other unsuspecting motorists around you who falsely assume YOU have your head out of your ass while driving.

I have a few very good BlueTooth devices. I use them in a variety of settings. I will NOT answer a text or e-mail (even with voice capability) nor will I answer a phone call while I'm driving (how many times have you been talking via BlueTooth and gotten in an argument on the phone? Are you paying attention to anything else? Of course not!). I have several years of automotive racing experience and I drive a car that sports about 450HP and I respect every single one of those horses!

Every person with a license needs to get a frigging GRIP and pay attention to the job at hand. Seriously??? Over 50% admit to doing this??? IDIOTS!

As a former Army medic from the Vietnam era who treated many incendiary device victims I'm here to tell you firsthand that the most horrid injuries or death you can imagine come from being burned by fire. The biggest potential in your life to be trapped and burned would be in a motor vehicle. Think about THAT every mile you drive.

Happy texting victims!

I voted yes. I don't text while driving very often, and I never do it when there are people or other cars around. I spend a lot of time on highways at times when traffic is very light, and I do send the occasional text during those times. When I do it is because I need to get some information to someone that I cannot reach by phone at that time. I do agree that texting while driving can be very dangerous, but like many things, a little common sense can greatly decrease the level of danger. I use a third-party keyboard that allows me to tap out short messages without looking at the screen, and I will not text, or even talk on my bluetooth headset, if I am in traffic or near a residential area.

One thing that is always absent from these discussions are the facts on vehicle fatalities. Despite cell phones being nearly universal in the U.S. car-related fatalities have been on a steady decline for years. The decline is more significant for fatalities per population but even the real numbers have been in decline during the last several years. Even thought there are more drivers on the road every day, driving more miles, with more of them using cell phones for calls and texts, the number of deaths is going down. I really think that the people causing accidents while texting would still be causing accidents if you took away their cell phones. I have seen people swerving and unnecessarily braking because they were too involved in a conversation with the person in the passenger seat.