You might have heard that Google has a new consolidated privacy policy coming in March.  All the cool kids are talking about it, and even Microsoft has had a little to say to help you decide how you feel about it.  On one side, you have folks who aren't concerned or say it's a good thing, and on the other you have those who say Google's new policy is horrible for us, the users.  (We're ignoring the folks who claim it will hasten the zombie apocalypse or cause biblical repercussions of any form).  Tonight, we just want to know how many of you guys have even bothered to read it?

Let us know in the poll, and when you're done, have a read if you haven't already. 


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Late night poll: Have you read Google's new privacy policy?


Read as in slowly read and thought through and completely understood? No.

Skimmed through and got a general idea and really didn't think about it that much?

My Google overlords already own me, so they know that I will not be leaving.
One must trust and have faith in one's "Deity".
Especially when the Deity is up front with the requirements for receiving it's blessings.
Google, for you we have (googol)s and (googol)s of faith.

Maybe that's why (Micro)soft has so few market shares.

No, I didn't read it. I assume if there is anything wrong with it someone will make noise. If 1 in 4 read it, that's plenty :)

Have jerry or phil read it? If so would love your opinion on it. I'm sure your interpretation will be more beneficial than if we read it for ourselves

I read it after voting "No" in the poll. Why can't all EULAs and ToS be so comprehensible?

And I found nothing objectionable or even remotely frightening in them, and I cannot understand what all of the hullabaloo on various sites is about.

I couldn't care less about their privacy policy. As long as they're not giving out my phone number or address, it's all good.

I didn't read the old one, I didn't read the new one. As far as I'm concerned information I put online can end up anywhere. So long as they're not giving out my credit card numbers or things like that, I'm pretty desensitized.

Pretty straight forward, doesn't seem like they are trying to sneak anything in, as far as ToS goes this is probably the easiest to read over especially with all the services it covers.

While I didn't see anything overtly malicious in there, I have seen a lot of hypocrisy as of late from Google in actually enforcing these terms. The biggest case in my mind was how they handled the whole "MegaUpload song" debacle. They're supposed to have proper DMCA takedown procedures for any copyright infringement complaints. How the heck can a label have a "special arrangement" with Google that bypasses these procedures and gives them carte blanche to takedown anything they please, whether they own the rights to the alleged content or otherwise. Doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of the DMCA and set up a one rule of law for Big Content and another for the rest of us? Google has yet to explain their actions for this one and who knows how many more under-the-table deals they have with other orgs.

Personally? I'll be using Google regardless, unless they start using us as material for Soylent Green. So I haven't bothered to read the new policy.

From what I've read _about_ the policy, there's nothing scary in it that wasn't there before, except now it is centralized in one place. Really? How is that scary - that it is easier to understand what Google does with your data than it was before, should you care to know?

Does ANYONE read those things? No. Unless you are the guys like Phil and Jerry who are responsible enough to read it so they can report on it to us lemmings. Or you are the legal folks that like to get your knickers in a wad and b#%ch about everything under the sun.

You know, i'm going to use my Google. It's not as though i can call em up and say "guys i have a problem with page 3 line 14, about yadda yadda" and they would seriously consider changing it. I have no choice. Use Google with new privacy, or don't. Those are my options.

Now when Skynet.....Er, Google becomes self aware and uses all this knowledge it has collected to destroy us, im sure someone will say, "Wow, Microsoft was telling the truth?" and we'll bash him for being a doofus as it wouldn't help us knowing after the fact.

You guys remember that mess with the 2038 cookies and the wifi sniffing? At least the are giving us the privacy policy right?

In my life I've clicked agree on thousands of "agreements" without reading them. Why would I start now?

Yup. I especially enjoyed the part where they tell people who have sunk a significant monetary cost into their Android devices and/or gotten locked into contracts with those devices how to opt out without taking a substantial hit to their pocketbooks...oh, wait.

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I answered yes because I skimmed through it, and I only did that because of all the hype about it. It doesn't look to be any different than every other privacy policy out there. But it was a more interesting read than the Twilight series>D

nah.. i know it's a bad attitude, but someone, somewhere, who reads these things would notice something wrong within one page of text and would sound the alarm. the alarm hasn't sounded yet, so i can only assume that there's nothing wrong, and google really is trying to consolidate things. besides, even if they have their own agenda, i trust google much more than apple or microsoft, and i'm not leaving the ship anytime soon.

I have read a few articles on both sides of the aisle, doomsday predictors, people defending google and a few moderates on the subject, so while I haven't read the actual text, I probably got more out of the articles, legalese is so hard to understand, and I think it's a lot of FUD, nothing seemed that out of line with what I've always assumed and heard they already did.

and Microsoft's demonetization of google is a joke, please hotmail + office live, bing, windows phone, I guarantee that microsoft does almost the same type of targeted content etc as google does. the funny thing is a few people and articles have mentioned switching to bing because of this, they are so naive if they actually think microsoft isn't doing the same thing, not that I have anything against bing, I have a windows phone for work and use a few computers that I've never changed to search provider to google and generally I'm just as happy with bing's results as googles.

Strangely enough, apple is probably the one who does the least, because they don't have interests in search and ad revenue, for them it's all about hardware/software sales. But that's not enough to make me switch to their walled garden.

After what happened to Kyle from South Park when he didn't read Apple's policy,,, you bet I did.... (yea I know, that was Apple)

If Google says it's AOK then I am with them. Google can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. They make the Mobile phone worth having, without Google we would have nothing. Take away all the great Google Apps and what does your phone have??? Nothing.
Thank You Google, Big Time Fan.


I have read some of it and I do not feel threatened in the slightest...Worst case scenario if I have too I will stop using google.

For those of you intimidated by legalese (at least one here), I urge you to take a few minutes to actually read the new Google policy. There is no legalese. They put it in an easy to understand format. Plain English. They even urge one to familiarize one's self with terminology one may not be familiar with, which only can help one understand the new policy even better.

That being said, I also have to admit I *never* read all the ToS and privacy policies for anything. Reason being I'm not an attorney (barrister to you Brits) and have a hard time wading through all the legalese myself. I hope what Google has done, with regards to their new policies, is set a precedence for other companies to follow.

I do use Google services, even ones I wasn't aware were Google owned until all this recent furor over policy change(s). Not that I'm a fanboy, but I like (heck, I even welcome) the notion of putting all the services under one umbrella with a policy that applies across all those services. In this day and age, added complications are the norm and simplification *never* happens. Google has made an exception to that, and in response I send them many thanks, props and kudos.

I just read it. Did you guys catch the small print wherein Google has the right to access any folder on your computer marked "private" and distribute any photos and videos it finds? Or the part where it can access your credit information, purchase embarrassing adult novelties and have them sent to your office? Neither did I. So, what's the uproar all about again?

The uproar is about the fact that Google admitted what most of us already knew, that they share data collected from your use across all Google services you access under your Google account. Big whoop! I like the fact that the adds I see are for things I might actually be interested in instead of some totally random thing.