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For a lot of people, the ability to install apps that aren't offered in the "official" Android Market is a big draw.  Android devices (for the most part) allows applications to be installed from any source, which has led to alternative marketplaces full of apps.  For the most part, they are all well done and offer a safe and convenient experience, but often lack in selection compared to Google's Market.  There's plenty of reasons people turn to places like Amazon and SlideME, and I wander and sample from markets other than Google's myself.  

This got me wondering -- how many of you guys do the same?  I'm betting a good many of us do it, especially at least once a day at Amazon for the free app.  Let us know in the poll!


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Late-night poll: Do you use a third party app store?


As far as app stores, I only use the Market. Redundancy is redundant : )
I do install non market apps though, like from XDA.

Redundancy is a good point, but at the very least there is a free app every day from amazon and there are days that the game or app is pure poo, but free is free. Amazon has offered things as expensive as 14.99. Also, in the period of about two weeks they offered all 3 of the big mobile office platforms. That's something worth checking every day.

To install amazon apstore, just Google search amazon appstore apk and you will find the amazon download link. No money needed. Just free stuff. I have I think 190 plus apps from amazon in my download cloud that I paid nothing for. Hundreds of dollars in free apps. Redundant? Maybe, but you're a fool if you pass up hundreds of dollars of free apps.

problem with Amazon, their apps hardly ever get updated and you can only update them from Amazon. Their background service is a resource hog and battery drainer. And those free apps, only work IF you keep the Amazon market installed. Not worth it, even for free apps.

I have used it since introduction. It is not perfect, but you can get some seriously nice apps for free. Plus, Amazon ties them to your account so you can install them on your other Android devices. And I will admit to buying a few apps through Amazon, to reward them for the free ones.

Plus, there are some people that would rather not give Google access to their credit card for one reason or another.

Having Amazon App Store available is a very nice alternative or addendum to the Google Market.

Why wouldn't you use Amazon's app store. They have some great paid apps for free when the free app isn't some stupid game.

That's not true. I use it regularly in Europe. I've been paying with a US card, but Amazon accepts all sorts of international payments, so I don't think that could be an issue.

Yes it can... You're paying with a US card, so as far as Amazon is concerned, you're an American citizen and are allowed to use their apps anywhere. I'm not in the US and although I can browse the Amazon app store and even click 'download' or 'purchase', when I get to the final downloading point, it checks that my account comes from a different country and it blocks it.

I don't use Amazon for several reasons.

1. Redundancy is redundant.
2. I buy the apps I need, no need to wait around, hoping it will be featured. .
3. In order to use those apps, you have to keep Amazon installed. I don't like duplicate apps, using my resources.
4. Slower to get updates.

I recently uninstalled Amazon Market because of 3 and 4. The constant notifications telling me to install apps that I "bought" but didn't download were ridiculous. So was the archaic update system. Most of the free apps aren't worthwhile anyways, and the one I did use (WiFi File Explorer) I just bought on the Android Market.

I've never had much luck with the Amazon store. Probably just glitches, but I've never gone back. It's the Market for me or... Well, like that which has already been said. XDA or other reputable geek sites. An occasional side load keeps me on an intimate basis with my phone.

I don't like going out of the Market, for reasons of both principle and practicality. I'd enumerate them, but tim pretty much covered it already.

I use amazon app store for the free stuff. I end up trying stuff I otherwise wouldnt. I don't mind paying for apps though, but android market needs a longer return window. If I find a free app in amazon that I like, I can always pay for it in the market to support the dev.

I use Amazon AppStore now. For some reason I thought I couldn't on AT&T, but I tried it again just now and everything works great.

yes, i always use the third party app, and i offer try to find the other interesting app, so if you know some interesting app, just share here.

I actually prefer the Amazon App store -- better prices on some games. I also think that having a single market will be detrimental in the long run, so as long as there isn't a big difference I use interchangeably Google's and Amazon's stores. If one of them would start to lose popularity, I'll start using it exclusively.

Ok, so far 48% don't know about the free app if the day on the amazon app store or just don't care for free stuff... And it's not useless apps, I got quick office pro gratis as well as some good games.

try and run those free apps without Amazon being installed. You can't. In order to run those free apps, Amazon runs a background process. On my phone, it killed my battery. My second reason for dumping Amazon, I also didn't like how long it took to get those "free" apps updated. Some of my apps would be 2-3 updates behind. Just wasn't worth it.

I have never had a problem with the Amazon app draining my battery or causing any other problems (and I have it loaded on two phones AND a Xoom tablet). There have been times when the updates lag behind Google Market, though.

I use the getjar app alongside amazon and the market. They offer a lot of paid apps for free as part of their gold apps.

Amazon app store but one pc removed app from phone i just download the free app a day even if ill never use it i have 269 daily free apps from Amazon

I do! Mainly because my account has fallen to the "None of your installed apps show up in the Android app store and we don't know why" bug. I've been emailing Google since October and no help in sight.

Using a third party app is the only way for me to keep my apps updated. Which is stupid, because if Appbrain can see my installed apps, why can't the Android Market?

I tried using the Amazon app store for the freebies, but turned out I can't because I'm not an US-card-holder... bummer. Sometimes I use Samsung Apps (also, for the freebies) but they take FOREVER to update (if at all...). I see the same app in the Market get update after update after update, and the Samsung Apps' copy just sits perfectly dusty (and even sometimes it just disappears from the store completely, leaving you a local copy you can't update nor restore if ever lost).

Updating apps with the Amazon app store is a HUGE pain in the rear. There is no Update All button and you have to approve the update of each app as if it were a fresh install. Screw that.

I use the Market, Amazon App Store, and GetJar. I prefer to stay away from Amazon's free app of the day because they do not pay the developers. GetJar's free apps do reimburse the developers through ad sales through sponsorships and ads on their site.

Is that even possible? I mean, the app store DOES NOT own the app... I doubt they can just go and say: hey developer! today I'm giving away your app and not paying you for any downloaded copy but I'll still take my comission for every paid app you publish here.
And if this were the case (again, I doubt it), why do developers openly advertise when their apps are in the Amazon Free App of the Day in their twitter/facebook feeds?

I prefer the Market but also use Amazon. I have gift cards that make it easy. My one beef with Amazon is the No Return policy. Not that the Market's 15 minutes is worth much but it will at least help with an accidental purchase or the immediate buyer's remorse.

I only just found out about Mikandi market, which I must say, as a market application, it is done very well. The content, of course, is for adults only.

There should have been an option for "I only use the Amazon Appstore for daily free apps," The one time I bought an app from Amazon I regretted it later, bought the same app from the Android Market, and had Amazon refund it. Now I only use the Amazon Appstore for the daily free apps.

I'm with you on the use of the Amazon Appstore for free apps. I've never bought an app from Amazon, but I'll gladly do it from the Google Market.

I have gotten some really good paid apps from the Amazon App store, FOR FREE! It is hard not to use it when they give apps away.

BTW I think Google's Market is missing gift codes... If I like an app, install it, and then want to give it to someone else, I can't! They have to download it and pay for it with their account... bummer if you have a techie friend who would love the app for his/her birthday...

I'd like the option, "When I have to." I do get the Amazon free app when it looks good, but I also have a Viewsonic Gtablet. Rooted, but there are many apps in the official market that won't install. They work just fine, but the market says it is not compatible. So I get them from Amazon, which doesn't discriminate.