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Games can be really fun to play on your Android device.  There's all sorts of them available, from ones for dedicated "gaming" hardware like the Xperia Play, to HD games optimized for tablets.  But Android is good for a lot of things besides games.  Some use their device as the web in their hands, others need a portable e-mail solution, some of us are heavy texters.  Tonight, I'm curious and want to find out just how many folks out there like to game on their Androids.  I know since I got an Android tablet, I find myself playing more games than I ever imagined myself playing.  What say you my fellow Android fans?



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Late night poll: Do you play games on your Android device?


The Nexus One is extremely outdated at this point. If you want a gaming phone, get something like the Galaxy S II or at least a Galaxy S (it should be pretty cheap at this point, and its Hummingbird GPU still works surprisingly well on most games).

N1 would probably still suit me perfectly if I didn't play many games. Once I started playing games I really enjoyed it, but quickly reached the limits of that device. Now I have a Galaxy Note which is absolutely fabulous for games, um and of course productivity also.

After buying PS3 I have no need to play games on my Android. Sometimes i do play words with friends but not other popular games.

i do now that i have a photon. didn't have the space, memory, or processing power to do it on my hero or optimus.

Yeah I play games on my Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone")... But only "casual" games.

If I want to play a REAL game, I'll whip out my Nintendo 3DS or Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Some people may like to carry on and say that smartphones are the death of portable gaming consoles, but let's be honest, smartphone gaming is nothing more than a modern version of Nokia's "Snake"... Great for when users have five minutes to spare and nothing more!

It's a too simple question or rather too few options.... I voted NO because I almost never play games, but I do it sometimes... Like 20 minutes a week, compared of using or working with "productive apps" at least 1200 minutes a week, so I guess I shouldn't vote Yes!

On a second note, does fine games look excellent on my Xperia Pro and I do not play games anywhere else... Then do I NOT like the idea of "tiny" in app buy's... But I would really like "starter" try on versions (of any kind of program) that you very easy can transform to the full version, with a ONE TIME in app buy!

And a "starter" version of a productive app, shold naturally work in every way and only be time limited!

The main advantages with this "starter" system is that you can really try the real thing, you can also try some alternative apps that might be even better and if you really like the program, would you finally gladly pay clearly more too, often twice as much as you would pay for a program you can't try first!

Which naturally would be a HUGE benefit for the one that make fine programs and dramatically encurage finer programs... And it would also be very good for parents, that not have to worry about excessive in apps micro payments!

No! I installed like 150 games from the Amazon app store free app of the day but for the life of me I just couldn't interested in playing any of them, so I finally just installed them all.

"so I finally just installed them all."

You should have started with installing them. Makes enjoying them so much easier.

I do. even though we have an Xbox 360, when I leave the country for college, my Atrix becomes my sole gaming console & its a damn good one (best part : the Atrix the have power & the storage to handle ANYTHING, even tablet only games)

Well, Thank God for THD games

Edit :
If you asked me the question about 5 months ago, I would've said No. Since my old OG Milestone didn't have the Storage to support this addiction (it had 130MB of storage+SD card, but Apps2SD didn't cut it . But with the Atrix i've 16GB interanl storage + SD card)

I think a more enlightening poll would be how often a person plays games (daily, weekly, monthly, less?) or what types (word games, platformers, war/shooter games, RPGs, etc.?) Sure, not everyone is a huge gamer, but I doubt there's many who can say they've *never* done it, especially with the casual games. (Unless their phone is one provided by their work and they're not allowed, or something like that.)

i do everything ALOT.. from gaming on My Asus tranny a couple hours each day to gaming on my kickass PS3 all day er day yo..
and NO,smartphones and tablets arnt taking away console gaming anytime soon..
im all for android and Mobile gaming, but NOTHING touches Metal gear solid 4,heavy rain,uncharted series and God of war 3 (amongst other AAA titles). :)-

Did u have to pull the Metal Gear 4 Card?
I've finished Metal Gear 1 16 times , & Metal Gear 3 4 times.( couldn't find A MGS2 version working in my PS2, unlike my cousin who got one & didn't even let me plat it)

I've switched to Xbox 360 instead of PS3, after owning 2 PS2
& 2 PS1

so , MSG4 slipped away from me

I think i hate you right now

Angry Birds - every version, Monopoly, Chuzzle, Mahjong - various versions, Peggle & UNO. Have it not played - Jenga, PacMan, PBA Bowling & Word Pops.

So as you can tell my battery life has none. And I only want a tablet just so I can play these same games on it. Nothing else.

I do not game on my phone for 2 reasons.

1) Just not that into games. Maybe words with friends, but not any serious games, or even games like angry birds for that matter.

2) Even if I did like to play more games, I would be too worried about my battery life. I can barely make it to 10PM when my phone comes off the charger at 8AM. I don't have any battery life to spare

I didn't vote because there needs to be a "a little" or "sometimes" option. I have two or three games installed on my Galaxy Nexus, but I hardly ever play them. I keep them around for those slow and boring moments.

Wish the poll had more nuance than yes/no. I casually play games on my devices. I have a few short/simple games for my phone (Zoo Keeper, Robot Unicorn Attack, Bejeweled, etc) that I can pick up or put down whenever. Nice when I'm waiting somewhere.
For my tablet, I have several tower defense games like Plants Vs. Zombies and Sentinel 3. Words with Friends is on the tablet moreso because I like having the screen real estate.

I tried something more involved like Zenonia on both phone and tablet and it's just too complicated (for me) on a touchscreen.
For real gaming I need buttons. I keep losing where my fingers are/should be on something like Age of Zombies. I need that tactile feel of the buttons, I need to be able to rest my fingers on buttons without actually activating them -something you can't do on a touchscreen.
More than likely in september when it's time to get a new phone, I'll look at phone with keyboards again.

I don't understand why some people are answering "No, I don't play games, except for this one or that one" and "No, I don't play games, well, not very often anyway". If you play games, you play games. Jerry's not asking if your life revolves around the games you play on your phone.

Oh, and yes, I play games.

Due to long drive between school and home, I say I'm a pretty hardcore phone gamer... You modern combat 3 Angry Birds, Dead Space, Counter Strike Portable... The turth is, I like to use the touch screen to play games and I'm very proficient. Then again people think I'm weird still playing games on my pc...

Oh heck yeah, ever since I got the Motorola Photon 4G, I've been playing games on it non-stop...and the fact that I can use hdmi out and play Angry Birds on my flat screen is just amazing...

Really? That many people don't play games on their Android device?

I literally have ~100 games installed on my Atrix and play SOMETHING daily. More time (and battery) is spent playing games than anything else on my phone.

I have a PSP, and I mostly play old Final Fantasys on that and GTA stories. I cannot bring my self to download GTAIII for my Galaxy Nexus as I don't think touch controls can come close to my PSP controls. I will be getting a Play Station Vita, and if they get some good developmental on that I may put android on that. IMHO Dedicated controls >Touch

Are you kidding me? Xoom+usb cable+knockoff PS3 controller = all sorts of awesome.

10 inches of pretty screen combined with games like shadowgun, overkill and all the emulated games I have makes it a really nice way to kill time at the office, in the car waiting to pic the kid up, or anywhere else.

I bought some games when android market had the $.10 sale, nice deals on Super K.O., HomerunBattle3D, Need for Speed, Let's Golf 3, then got Madden when it was on sale for $.99. HomerunBattle3D is the best for sure

I've had the Optimus V since August and haven't played a single game on it. Too busy geeking in other ways, I guess. Frankly, I'm kind of wary about even trying one of those super, duper hi-intensity games for fear that I'll fall right down that rabbit hole and never come out again. Or something.

I currently have about 29 games running on my GNex for VZW: Asphalt 6 HD, 9mm HD, Back Stsb HD,Blood & Glory, Contract Killer, Dead On Arrival, Fruit Ninja (Puss-n-Boots), GT HD, Let's Golf 3 HD, Modern Combat 3 HD, Monoploy, N.O.V.A. 2 HD, Overkill, Run Like Hell, Run Like Hell Yeti Edition, Train Conductor 2, Uno, Shadowgun, Samurai II, Sentinel 3, Bow Man, Chess Free, Darts 3D, Front Line Commando, Angry Birds, Missle Defender, Osmos HD, and Tank Hero, with about 14 Gigs left of space.

An update of my suggestion above...

Then do I NOT like the idea of in app micro payments...

But I would really love a "starter version" of any kind of app, that I first can try and then continue to use, after a very easy ONE TIME in app buy or ONE YEAR in app rent!

And a "starter version" of a productive app, should naturally work in every way and only be time limited... While some games can offer the first three tracks, without any other limits...

Then can it also be a free ad option, that maybe get slightly limited functionality and some apps can even offer all three alternatives, when its time to continue...

The main advantages with this "starter version" system is that you can really try the real thing, you can also try some alternative apps that might be even better and if you really like the program, would you finally gladly pay clearly more too, often twice as much as you would pay for a program you can't try first... But the one year rent option, should naturally be clearly cheaper and anyhow be great for app creators that really believe in the apps long time value!

Which naturally would be a HUGE benefit for the creators of fine programs and dramatically encourage finer programs... And it would also be very good for parents, that not have to worry about excessive in apps micro payments!

*** If YOU like this system and know anyone that have some influence over Google Market and so on, talk with them about this possibility!!

Play SNES A.D., n64oid and FPSE (for Final Fantasy Tactics, mainly).

Outside of emulators, hands-down my favorite game is Game Dev Story. So much fun tightening up the graphics on level 3.

I'd probably play Madden 12 if it was compatible with my antiquated (/s) Galaxy S II.